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Just a fan, writing for fun. what else would anypony need to know?


I wanted a normal day of having fun at a con. Obviously that's not gonna happen. So now i'm stuck in Equestria as a custom-typed Absol. This can only go well.

My own take on the whole Displaced whatever the hell. Tempted to open up for crossovers, but not guaranteed.

Edit: tweaking the tags slightly to better envelope what this story will become.

Also, somepony mentioned something about pairings. If you REALLY want to know in advance, let me know and I'll just PM you, not sticking it on the front page cause why spoil?

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Had me with Absol.

It seems like a good story.

How can a Pokémon be "custom-typed"?

I think the author means its based on an Absol, but custom made or changed, kind of like a fakemon. According the story, its a ghost and psychic.

PREEEcisely. ghost cause of the pallet swap and psychic cause of the lack of sight.

I absolutely love this.

Author, while I like the story, why do you have Every Red tag? Especially right now on the First chapter, you can always add them later

why did he have to do without eyes?

did you read the whole chapter? it's kinda explained. the horn has a second part that has overgrown their eyes so that they can't actually see. they still HAVE eyes.

ok, well, first off, it's not every red tag.

and second, it just tells me what i can get away with/reminds me of a plan i had for the future. purely for my own benefit, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Well that's true it's not every red tag but right now personally I say it's unnecessary for them all, and later on you plan for, let's see, suicide and/or self harm, and death, you could always add those tags and when a friend of mine asked for link he saw the tags and he said it's a turn off for him so there's that.

Note I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I actually like the story so far good bit

guess i'll just write down a list or something. thanks!

oh yes, like a very long fringe

....kinda. i guess i didnt explain it very well. it's why i called it a mask pre-equestria, cause the absol horn grows up and curves as a crescent on the SIDE of the head instead of direct center like a unicorn, the 'mask' grows from the same place that the horn transitions from normal into a crescent.

The same way an OC Earth Pony can become an Alicorn, Fanfiction magic!

It honestly look nice, im looking forward to more chapters.


Like the look of things so far.:pinkiesmile: Personally i am a fan of absol.:pinkiehappy: There my favorite Pokemon.:twilightsmile:
Just to make sure.:rainbowhuh: The horn is like a normal absol's for the most part but a second part grew from the bottom,:applejackconfused: curved over the eyes and made a true crescent moon shape,:applejackunsure: instead of the usual sickle shape.:rainbowhuh:

Also i need to ask/suggest.:twilightsheepish: In another fanfiction there are special absol's known as chance dancers.:pinkiesmile: Thees are absol who's power to predict disaster is so strong they can predict there opponents next move in the middle of a fight.:rainbowdetermined2: It's through the horn that a absol senses disaster.:pinkiecrazy: Braig's/your oc absol has an unique large horn and is a psychic type.:pinkiesmile: Would his now her senses be strong enough for her to be a chance dancer?:duck::applejackunsure:

I am not legally obligated to answer that question. :trollestia:

And yes, that is exactly how the horn looks.


Thank you for the confirmation.:pinkiesmile:
I have to say, that is i good way of dodging the question.:unsuresweetie::twilightsmile: Well done.:rainbowdetermined2:

Loved this chapter, can't wait for more

Well I'm definitely interested to see more of this AWESOME story! Xd

So two things, why have his horns like that if he cant see? I get the looking cool part but is he gonna be blind for the whole story?

The other thing is why cant he feel pain? I dont recall the reason for that being brought up.

All shall be explained in time. I can PM if you want the deets early though :P

Thank you for the offer, but I can wait for the reveal. Xd

I hope there more on the way because its good

Well, colour me intrigued. I'll await it's continuation.

Hey are you going to continue this?

yep, next chapters is WiP

Cool, thanks bud

cant wait to read more

Ok I want more

It's... it's on its way! Slowly! God I always underestimate how long this takes...

Then what is the time it normally takes on average?

Somewhere in the realm of FAR TOO LONG. i kinda just made this a hobby, and then people liked it, and then i kept doing it and i really like this story and i really want it to do well and i'm rambling so i'm going to shut up now.

You have caught my attention.

I can’t wait for the next chapter

I like this.

Ah, a Displaced fic? Sounds like fine.
His Tulpa at least seems nice.
Keep going! ;)

Funny is all I have to say

Yay, new chapter.

Fav Pokemon? Check
Displaced Story? Check
Does it have Romance,Adventure,Death and Gore? Double Check

Will follow this Story hyped to see where it goes!

Good to see a new chapter out.
By the way what's the pairing for this story it doesn't say.

I was suprise to see there was another chapter it good to

"Could I study you and your abilities?! With the things we could discover, I could change the outlook on magic in all of Equestria!"

Just say no
It's just talk and selfish lie, it doesn't bring anything to magic.
All that will be left are papers full of useless information and wasted time

Hey we're back!
Interesting reaction to the magic scan, wonder what it means?
Already seeing visions eh?
Perhaps the mask is actually a sense organ! Which explains the sensitivity. Wonder what it can be based.
Keep going! ;)

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