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Being convicted of a crime she did not commit, Sunset Shimmer finds herself living with a family friend in Canterlot. Having to go through a year-long probation, she suddenly finds herself on a new path. When those with wicked desires cause trouble in her new home, Sunset and her new friends must dedicate themselves to putting a stop to the deception and hypocrisy all around them.

"We're here to take your heart!"

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Just looking at the Tags without reading, Sci-Twi is obviously Futaba, Dash is Ryuji, Spike is gonna be freakin "Go to Bed" Morganna, Rarity is probably gonna be Yusuke as that is the only match I can think of for him. Can't figure out who the rest would be. Wanna say Fluttershy for Ann because of the modeling, but I doubt it and wanna lean more towards Haru for her. Trixie, or maybe Starlight Glimmer are going to be Akechi... and thats all I got.

Finally, a Persona 5 story that revolves around characters I actually care about. This took way to long to happen so kudos for this.

You're very welcome. I hope you enjoy!

Well it's a good story pisses me of Shining and Luna treat her the way they did. They didn't even bother to get the full story I bet as well.
I'm really hoping it comes to bite them back in the ass big time.

So far i like it, and sunset is the main character love that.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

KO great story, liking the start with Sunset being the Trickster as she’ll meet her future friends and a dangerous journey. Is Flash Sentry gonna be in this story?

8773454 Knowing the fandom’s opinion of Flash, he could be Akechi’s stand-in. Also, Rainbow’s best Chariot.

Man, Cadence is so much nicer than Sojiro.

KO I hope if Flash does end up like that he’ll be a little nicer and kinder with himself and others, and have romance feelings for Sunset until he confessed his feelings at the end before he sacrificed himself. Or something like that.

But does Cadence give Coffee Trivia? I think not.

8775734 Cadence may not give Sunset coffee facts, but she’ll prolly enourage Sunset to become a Pimpmaster or something.

Nice. I like this. Now. Will this be like a normal kind of story (game) go through. Or will you try to get each Confidant maxed out?

Oh you have got to be kidding me! You turned Flash Sentry, one of the nicest guys in the series, into the first villain?! Thanks a lot! You could have used a real asshole to fill the role like Timber Spruce or anyone, but you had to go with the worst choice for a villain. This losses major points from me, and it was starting off so well.

KO awesome chapter, cool that Sunset awakened her Persona but I HATE it when you turned Flash Sentry into the first villain. I had hope he would become a good guy. He’s my favorite character! This is not what I’d hope if he was going to be in this story. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

A little surprised on who you chose. But then again, it’s not bad due to we never know the real person inside our hearts.

Oh calm down! Jeeze I know Flash is a great guy and all. But honestly, the nice guy bit gets old.
If you prefer him a hero look up that fic where his ancestor stopped Adagio plans long ago.seems be a Flash centric story or the one with the dragon Maid story.

He so super NICE he gets a harem.:twilightoops:

The entire point of the Persona series is discovering who the characters really are past their facade or "Persona". The Author has free rain of what they want this version of Flash should be. In my opinion, Flash being a Kamoshida type does make a little bit of sense. Especially because he seems a little too much of a "Nice Guy" to not have something fishy going on with him.

To put it in perspective, let's compare it to another character from the series. Yosuke from Persona 4 acts like a carefree guy, someone that'd be hard to get down. Yosuke expresses concerns about the Inaba murders, trying to act like a hero. That's just a facade he puts up. The more we learn about Yosuke, the more we find out about his insecurities and the main reason why he wanted to go into the tv world in the first place.

Flash (In this story) could most certainly be the same. He appears to be a genuine guy, one that would be nice to be around and to talk to. Our Author has a point of view that Flash, deep down, is actually an arrogant dickwad. The Author sees Flash as someone who thinks that they're top dog around the school, that they rule over the place. Without Flash, they're nothing. Flash uses his power in malicious ways, and the faculty can't do a thing about him because of what he represents to the school.

Whether or not you like the Authors choice is up to you, but complaining that it's a dumb idea is not a fair piece of criticism. You being in denial in the first place about Flash being an asshole is what the series is all about. "There's no way that this guy is like this!" That's the entire point, Flash is only letting people see a side of him that paints him positively.

Anyway, That's how I feel about this situation. Author, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Nice choice on the first boss. I like it.

Some people are gonna hafta fill the villain slots, right?

Pretty good though using flash will attract alot of hate especially with characters like blueblood or tenderhoof who could fill the role better. The fact that he preys on Fluttershy is kind of an odd choice as well.

Thinking about it there are characters like hoops or dumbbell which would work better with Fluttershy as the victim. Maybe even iron will.

It just occurred to me that Flash would have been a great stand in for Akechi.

I have two problems with Flash being the villain.

Firstly, I am bothered that you didn't even use his personality flaw he has. And I know he is known as the "nice guy". But he does have ego over his own music. This can be seen Rainbow Rock (he was under the control Sirens), but also in the A Banner Day special for the Friendship Games. In it he is one of 3 people picked to design the banners for the contest and the first thing he thinks up is music sheet of his own song.

Secondly, I feel as if you are just repeating what the actual game did with it's first villain, making Flash feel a cheap knockoff. I mean get creative.

Like you could make some sort of talent show, where Flash get's hostile over others due to his ego and then his villain personality could be of a famous rock star. That way you have time limit of sorts with the talent show.

But yeah, I am bit disappointed at this point. I hope this get better :L

It should be interesting to see how you'll make a dark concept like Persona 5's work in Equestria's relatively idyllic setting. Liked and followed!

Well this is a surprise using Sunset Shimmer's demon form as her persona that's a really clever idea. If I'm correct on the description that is.

Worth the wait, can’t wait to see what happens next.

I like it. Looks like your going for a 'similar premise, different story' approach to this.I prefer these kind of crossovers. If I wanted to see a beat by beat retelling of Persona 5, I would play the game again, or watch the anime, so I'm glad with the path you decided to go on.

My one complaint is that you should of replaced Igor with Discord. Since everyone else is from the MLP:EQG universe, he feels out of place, and Discord would have been a near perfect replacement.

Nice! This was worth it man. Keep up the good work.

Spike feels a little too much like Morgana, and not like cannon Spike. That is a little worrying.

Methinks Spike shouldn’t be a carbon copy of Morgana.

Rainbow began climbing, but then turned to Sunset. “Um, maybe you should go first.”


“Well,” Rainbow began, “because ‘A’, you’re wearing pants. and ‘B’, we just met, and I don’t know if you’re some kind of pervert wanting to look up my skirt.”

Guess Rainbow doesn't wear shorts under her skirt in this universe.

Good start, would love to see more.

I just hate that he got used as one of the Palace owners. And as Kamoshida at that.

Man this story was so cool! If only it would continue.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Considering what this is trying to do, you'd be better of just playing Persona 5.

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