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Saiyan of the North Star


Jotaro Kujo send his daughter, Jolyne Cujo to Canterlot High to see Rainbow Dash of what she's cable of. The two will clash like their a one-man army and see which of them will walk out of the battle victorious and the other laying in bed for a while. The rainbow vs The strings! A sports girl vs a delinquent girl! Magic of the element of Loyalty vs Stand Power! Will Jolyne sees Rainbow Dash and her friends as threat to humanity or powerful allies to fight against the forces of darkness.

Time set a few weeks after the Friendship Games movie.

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The person on the left of the picture is female, right?

7375851 KO yes, she's Jolyne Cujo, daughter of Jotaro Kujo and main character of part 6 of Jojo's bizarre adventure, Stone Ocean.

7375851 The one on the left is Dashie

7376589 KO yes the one and only sports master and colorful speeder, Rainbow Dash. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

I just realized that Jolyne is channeling her great grand-father, Joseph.

7907799 KO not sure what you mean but glad you like my story as you add it to your favorites and hope you'll read the new Dojo's Bizarre Adventure! :pinkiehappy:(x40):rainbowdetermined2:(x30)

7908016 You’re the guy who wrote Dojo’s Bizzare Adventure?

KO yep that’s me and my newest story: Saiyans of Canterlot High. Why?

8847635 I keep on seeing DBA on my feed, being on the featured box at one point. I don’t think I’ve read it yet.

KO well, I hope you enjoy reading it and comment on what you think!

Why the hell do you write 'KO' before each comment? It gives me a damn anyuerism.

KO it’s a catchphrase I do whenever I text or comment.

Pretty crazy battle.
Wonder how will the Principles react to the soccer field getting wrecked like that?

Wonder if we will see Spike(be human-world or Equestrian) do something in one of the Jojo fics
(Yeah.. sorry if I keep mentioning/asking about Spike a lot.)

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