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I love to create stories.


You're currently on a plane headed from Manehattan to Canterlot, long after a tragedy that befell you and your family and put you in an orphanage for years. Soon you'll have a new start and begin your education at a new school. But not everything is peaceful in Canterlot.

Magic, monsters, and everything in between have been rumored to happen, but you've yet to see it, but you'd call yourself a hypocrite if you said that it wasn't believable. A whole other world is hidden within the one you reside in; when the clock strikes midnight, a realm of nightmarish proportions reveals itself, but you always believed you were the only one who could see it, you call it, "The Nightmare Realm."

With new friends and adventures on the horizon, you and those around you will be thrust into a great mystery that only you can solve, the mystery of the existence of the Nightmare Realm.

Also, what is the "Velvet Room"?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

At least you read the contract.

This is really good kept up the good work!!!:twilightsmile:

I may actually read this even though I hate EQG. Question.....which persona you basing this off of?

7584271 Ah...if I did something like this I may go the P2 route. Ever played P2?

7623247 I would suggest it. Especially P2:EP for gameplay. I think you would love IS's story though.

Oh this is good! Love Persona fics, and your doing a great job so far with it! Keep up the good work!

Also; calling it now at least one of the Shadowblots defects to our side!

Oi. I followed. Please don't make me wait years, ok?

If you want to give it up, tho, I'd be glad to take it.

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