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Logan and Carol; The Wolves of Equestria - JNKing

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Logan Goes to High School Pt 3

Fluttershy, unfortunately, wasn’t able to accompany them. On top of the fact that Logan had now gotten into two fights in front of her - and he didn't have his wolf form to keep her from being terrified of him - she also has this ‘class’ that she needed to attend. Thus, with a rushed intro to Twilight and some equally rushed directions to Principal Celestia’s office, the yellow girl had all but fled the group, leaving Twilight, Carol and Logan to compare notes as they ascended to Celestia’s office.

“So,” Logan said in conclusion, as they stood outside the office. “That thief - Shimmer something - was pretty much Sparkles… if she saw Celestia for what she really was.”

“No,” Twilight snapped back. “She’s me if I was evil.”

“And so,” Carol continued before Logan could retort. “She came here; integrated with humans, and now she brought Twilight’s crown here… for what?”

Twilight rubbed the back of her mane – hair, Logan reminded himself – sheepishly. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I’m still figuring that part out.” She glanced at the office. “Hopefully this ‘Principal’ Celestia will have more answers.”

“More importantly, she better have the crown,” Logan said, striding for the door. “If this Shimmer girl got it because I couldn’t handle some cross-dimensional turbulence, I may just ask every Element of Harmony to kick me.”

Twilight smirked. “That could certainly be arranged,” she mumbled, before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” a voice said, eerily similar to the alicorn. Twilight opened the door...

And there she was. Logan could only shake his head. Same eyes, same hair, even her business suit matched her regalia. Twilight bowed on instinct.

“How may I help you three?” the Principal asked, casting an uneasy look at the way Twilight was bowing. Carol yanked Twilight back up.

“Um, uh…” Twilight stammered, still clearly trying to get over the fact that a human version of her lord and savior was sitting in front of her. Logan rolled his eyes and jumped in.

“We heard that you were given something that belongs to me,” he said.

“Golden tiara,” Carol added. “Purple star in the center; probably made of an amethyst?”

Celestia narrowed her eyes, staring at Logan as if she wasn’t trying to decide if he was real.

“And… Would you happen to be the one Ms. Fluttershy took to the nurse’s office?” Her eyes narrowed. “The one suffering a panic attack and screaming about how humans were a bane on Earth's existence?”

Logan grimaced, even winced when Carol and Twilight turned shocked looks to him. He steeled himself and puffed out his chest.

“That… would be me, yeah,” he said, crossing his arms.

“Well…” Celestia leaned down. The sound of a desk drawer opening emanated, and when she straightened up, she held their prize right in their hands. Twilight’s eyes glowed in yearning as Celestia set the Element down before them.

“Is this it?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” Logan said, fingers already itching towards the crown. However, before he could grab it, Celestia – who’s hands hadn’t left the crown – pulled it back.

“I see,” she said. She chuckled. “Forgive me, Mister…” she waved her hand.

“Logan,” he said.

“Logan?” she said. “But, I’m having a hard time believing that this crown really belongs to you.”

Carol’s eye twitched. “Say, what?” she asked.

“B-B-But,” Twilight stammered. “Why?” she finally squeaked out.

“You see,” Celestia explained. “During our Fall Formal, we have a Princess elected, and she is given a crown to wear.” She indicated a row of photos behind her, each showing Sunset Shimmer, her face set in different smirks of triumph with a crown on her head. “Each year, our student council goes out and buys one for that very purpose.”

She picked up the Element.

“This year,” she concluded. “They chose this one.”

“When?” Logan asked. Before Celestia could answer, he added. “Last night? Because all I know is that girl…” he pointed at Sunset’s photo. “Snuck into our home, and stole it from us. I was able to chase her down, and then she did…” he almost indicated his body, before deciding against it. “S-Something to me. Now you guys have that crown, and I’m left wondering if you condone thievery.”

Twilight stepped on Logan's foot, but the former wolf didn't even feel it, and besides that, the damage had been done. Celestia’s glare was twice as icy as before.

“An interesting story, Mr. Logan,” Celestia said, leaning forward. “However, I know that isn’t the full story. The crown we purchased for the Fall Formal was, in actuality, stolen from us the night before Ms. Fluttershy turned this crown in to me, apparently having found it in your possession.”

Logan’s eyes widened, and he stepped forward. “You calling me a thief?” he growled, as Twilight grabbed him by the strap of his jacket.

“I’m giving you the facts,” Celestia replied. “What you would want with a five-dollar crown or why you’d run off with it, only to suffer a mental breakdown outside our property is beyond me, but the fact remains that this crown was purchased for the Fall Formal, it was stolen the night before, and Ms. Fluttershy found it in your possession.” She leaned back. “Given the circumstances, you should find it understandable why I question your interest in it.”

“Five-dollar crown?” Logan demanded.

Carol pointed at the star in the center. “Tell me that’s not an amethyst in the center. That’s worth way more than five dollars.”

But this Celestia seemed to be far more stubborn than her equine counterpart. “And why should I trust the word of three students – ones that I’ve never seen before - that may or may not have tried to steal it?”

“B-But Prince-I mean-Principal Celestia,” Twilight tried to protest. “You see… the truth is, I…” The two wolves watched Twilight, but she faltered under all three gazes.

“You should be questioning Sunset Shimmer,” Carol said, trying to cover for her. “She’s rude; she's a bully, and she's the one who stole the crown in the first place.”

“Sunset Shimmer is a model student, and the three-time winner of our pageants,” Celestia dismissed, once again indicating the photos as if that was all the evidence they needed.

Twilight had to stop Carol from snatching at the Element, while holding Logan back from attacking Celestia. Celestia herself seemed to notice the malice radiating from both of them, so she took the Element off the desk and put it back in her drawer, Carol’s eyes narrowing as she took note of the drawer Celestia put it in.

“Now, then,” Celestia concluded. “I believe this game has gone on long enough; if you are students, then I suggest you get to class. If you are not…” she shot a particularly beady look at Logan. “Then I suggest you vacate the premises. I have difficulty believing that three at the very least new students, especially ones that have not even been here a day, need this crown when I can account for where it was at all times. I was with my students when they bought from the thrift shop two doors down. And now that it’s safely back in my possession, I’m not letting it go again. Now, if that is all…” she motioned them towards the door.

Logan and Carol looked ready to charge the principal, but Twilight had a firm grip on both of them. With a nervous chuckle, she backed out, pulling them out and nudging the door closed with her foot. Logan nearly lost it right then and there, but then they heard Luna’s footsteps echoing towards the office. The three dashed to the nearest corner, and waited until Luna had walked in. That’s when Logan finally lost his patience.

“What was that about?!” Logan snarled. “Where was the backup?”

“Backup?” Twilight shrilled back. “What backup; you mean me holding her down while you beat her up?”

“A simple ‘the crown is mine,’ would have sufficed,” Carol snapped at her. “She had more reason to believe you than us.”

"Why would she believe me? Because I'm already a princess in Equestria? Imagine if one of them showed up in Equestria saying they came from a place filled with tall, fleshy, two-legged creatures with these?” Twilight indicated her hands and fingers.

“That’s exactly what I did,” Logan snapped right back. “You said you had human visitors!”

“And I still thought you, and every single human visitor that came through, was crazy!” Twilight snapped back.

She briefly went silent when the sound of an office door bashed open. Luna stormed out, looking ready for war. The three wisely waited until she had disappeared around a corridor, and even then, they kept their voices low.

“And as if we needed more problems,” Twilight moaned, glaring at Carol. “You didn’t tell her about that mess you made with Sunset. Now they’ll be even more angry at us!”

Carol huffed and looked away. “Like I was going to let some disgrace to she-dogs like her smack my pack mate around,” Carol replied haughtily.

“Look, fact remains,” Logan said, eager not to mention that Sunset had slapped him and gotten away with it. “If Luna wasn’t pulling your leg, we’ve got two days to get that Element back! Are we going to get it back, or do you want to waste time?”

“I’m going to get it back,” Twilight said. “Without fighting everything that looks at me wrong.” She jabbed a finger at her hornless head. “No magic, remember!” she hissed.

Logan crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. “Like that stopped me,” he growled.

“Look, alright, let’s hear her out,” Carol offered, stepping between them. “Tell us, ‘Princess,’ how are you going to get your Element back in two days?”

Twilight looked back at the office, and then at the banners that the three hadn’t noticed beforehand.

‘Canterlot High Fall Formal; Coming Soon’ the banners screamed in wide golden letters.

A grin spread across her face. “Looks like if I want my crown back without hurting anyone, I’ll have to become Princess of the Canterlot High Fall Formal!” She pumped her arms in victory. “So that is what I’m gonna do!”

She glanced at Logan and Carol, both of whom looked completely unimpressed.

“Okay,” Carol said. “And how are you going to do that?”

Twilight paused. “I have no idea,” she admitted.

“Bye,” Logan declared, going for Celestia’s office. Carol just watched, amused as Twilight briefly grabbed for Logan’s non-existent tail, before jumping in his way, keeping him from bursting inside Celestia’s office again and just stealing the crown.

“Logan, no! Wait!” she insisted.

“You’re asking me to think you can win some sort of formal fall thing when none of us know how it even works?!” Logan demanded. “Screw that; we don’t even know when this thing is happening!” He pointed at his body. “I want out of this disgusting ape body pronto! Don’t force me to wait while you figure out how this thing works, because I don’t even want to know!”

Twilight paused, before a smirk creased her face. “You may not know,” she admitted. “But I think you know someone who does.”

If Logan still had his wolf ears, they would have pricked up in interest.


It took them a while to find Fluttershy again. Not only due to them having to avoid Luna, who was prowling around in what looked like a towering temper, but because Logan had no experience with public schools. Thankfully, Carol had toured a public school during her time with humans, and Twilight had spent some time in public establishments before moving to Ponyville, and one thing that thankfully stayed consistent between dimensions was that, for whatever reasons, there was a ‘lunch time’ where students gathered at a place called the ‘cafeteria’ for food and snacks. Everyone at the school could be found during lunch time there. And sure enough, the three foreigners found Fluttershy there. Even if she had a less than enthusiastic grin when she saw Logan heading for her.

“Oh, hello Logan,” Fluttershy said, unknowingly tearing his heart with her hesitant look. “Was Principal Celestia… did she go easy on you?”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Logan replied, before indicating Twilight. “Listen, you remember Sparkles? The girl that kept Carol from…”

“Oh, yes,” Fluttershy said, eagerly turning to the purple girl. “Hello again.”

“Hi,” Twilight greeted. “I know we just met, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something.”

“Oh, of course,” Fluttershy replied, leading Twilight into the lunch line. Twilight shot a victorious look at Logan, who just grinned before motioning for her to continue.

“You see,” Twilight began. “I decided to run for Princess of the Fall Formal, and…”


Logan backed into Carol, who backed into another student. Fluttershy had dropped a bowl of fruit, and the contents splattered against Twilight. Before Logan could even step forward, Fluttershy was rapidly trying to scrub the juice off with a napkin.

“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry,” Fluttershy whimpered. “It’s just… oh, running for Fall Formal Princess is a really bad idea.”

“Why?” Carol asked.

“Sunset Shimmer wants to be Fall Formal Princess,” Fluttershy explained. “And when she wants something, she gets it! She makes life awful for anyone who stands in her way. Just ask the girl who ran against her for Princess of the Spring Fling.”

Carol glanced around at the crowd of students as Fluttershy led them to a table. “Uh… who would that be?”

“She’s not here,” Fluttershy went on. “She’s not even allowed in the lunch room anymore!”

Carol’s eyebrows knit. “Well, why tell us to ask someone if we can’t…?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Twilight insisted. “I have to try!”

“It’s not gonna be pretty if she doesn’t,” Logan admitted.

“B-But I don’t think you understand,” Fluttershy insisted. “You’d have to convince everyone here to vote for you instead of her. And even if you weren’t associated with…” she gave a sad look at Logan, who tilted his head at her before hearing the murmurs directed towards them.

“Aren’t those the guys that attacked Sunset Shimmer?”

“Guy’s certainly buff enough to be a thug.”

“Keep your distance; I heard the girl’s a little on the psychotic side. Tried to rip Sunset Shimmer’s head off.”

“Vice Principal Luna said to let her know if we see them. Should we tell her?”

“No way! I’m not risking that guy coming after my head!”

Logan just rolled his eyes at the chatter, and motioned for Fluttershy to continue.

“W-Well,” Fluttershy stammered. “The only thing all these students have in common is that they know Sunset Shimmer is gonna rule the school until we graduate.”

Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Then maybe it’s time for a change in rulers,” he declared.

“For once, you and I are in agreement,” Twilight replied, snapping up an apple she had grabbed from the lunch line… without hands. Fluttershy gave her a very odd look, and for a moment, Twilight almost spat the apple back out into her hand. Carol, however stopped her.

“Eccentricity, Twilight,” she encouraged. “People love uniqueness.”

“Not… that unique,” Fluttershy mumbled.

Logan rolled his eyes, yanking the apple from Twilight’s mouth and firmly placing it in her hand. Twilight chuckled nervously. “So…” she said quickly. “Where would I find whoever’s planning this Fall Formal?”

Fluttershy’s eyebrows knit in – Logan was shocked by this – a glare. If he still had his tail, he would have tucked it; something was very wrong with the glare Fluttershy gave.


The ‘gymnasium,’ according to Fluttershy, was a place where students got exercise and could go wild. Even if the place wasn’t enclosed by wood and concrete, Logan doubted anyone could exercise without risking injury, due to the streamers and balloons that were littered all over the place.

“You said she’d be in here?” Logan asked, dragging a very reluctant Fluttershy in with him.

“Yes,” Fluttershy said, yearning for the door. “D-Did I have to come with?”

“With that glower, you had?” Logan asked. “Definitely.”

Fluttershy moaned, hiding her face behind her hair.

“Still, where is…” Carol started to ask, before her question got answered for her.

“INCOMING!” a familiar voice shrieked, before confetti and streamers fell towards the three girls and guy. A human girl with pink skin and a darker pink poof ball of hair bounced towards them, blowing up balloons. Logan rose, a rare grin forming on his face.

“Pinkie Pie,” he said before he could think.

The girl gasped, the balloon she was blowing up deflating in her face. She charged over to Logan, knocking him onto his back.

“Are you psychic?” she demanded. Logan, however, couldn’t keep himself from grinning.

“Maybe I am,” he said mysteriously. “You’d never know.”

“Um…” Twilight interjected. “Is that something you can do here?”

Pinkie glanced up at her. “Not usually,” she admitted. “But, wait… if you are psychic…” she put her head closer to Logan’s. “What am I thinking?”

Logan tilted his head, and scratched his chin.

“You’re thinking, ‘this is the new kid who stood up to Sunset Shimmer.’” He grinned as Pinkie’s eyes widened. “You assumed that I had to be the new one because you talk to everyone, and I do mean everyone around here, and everyone knows that Sunset Shimmer has probably not taken well to the fact that some thug and his girlfriend stood up to her, and everyone said it was a new kid with a leather jacket and a rabid girlfriend, along with another girl whom may or may not be the twin sister of a girl living further away, who owns a purple and green pet. And since you didn’t recognize me or my friends, you assumed I was the new kid, leading to you thinking to yourself, ‘this is the new kid who stood up to Sunset Shimmer.’” He crossed his arms with a smirk. “Was I warm or was I hot?”

Pinkie shot up, her hands over her mouth.

“Oh, my gosh,” she whispered to Carol. “He is psychic!”

“That, or he’s heard this routine more than a few times,” Carol grumbled.

It was true; ever since Carol's time with the Royal Science Divsion, a couple of upper class unicorns had come through Ponyville hoping to question Carol further on her lecture. Instead, they got accosted by Pinkie's enthusiastic greetings. Logan actually had to admit that the unicorns had some clout, even if it meant he had heard Pinkie's speech about new people enough times. But, this wasn't the same Pinkie, and Twilight jumped in between before Pinkie could process that.

“Listen, we’re getting off track,” she insisted. “Fluttershy said…”


Logan’s heart stopped. Normally, Pinkie was one of the happiest mares around. Even Logan would admit one of his bigger regrets was making her sad. Even if she had it coming. But when she and Fluttershy locked eyes… Logan flinched down as he saw a miniscule hint of what Pinkie Pie became when she was angry. It was even worse on a human’s face; Logan had seen the angry human face a dozen times before he got to Equestria, and seeing Pinkie’s insanity plastered across this angry human mug almost made him whimper.

Fluttershy was no different; the glare she shot Pinkie was two degrees short of a full-blown Stare. Logan had only been subjected to the Stare once in his life, and it was a side of the normally kind yellow mare that he’d rather not see again.

“Fluttershy, huh?” Pinkie growled, before glancing at Twilight. “Don’t let the ‘shy’ thing fool you. She can be a real meanie.”

“You could try saying that to my face,” Fluttershy said before glancing at Carol. “Don’t listen to anything she says! She doesn’t take anything seriously.”

Pinkie scoffed. “Yeah, don’t play innocent with me, Flutter-cruel! You’re the one that’s awful to everyone!”

“I’m awful to animal-haters that can’t recognize ‘somber’ and ‘dignified’ if it came up and slapped them in their stupid pink faces!” Fluttershy snapped back, in a surprising bit of aggression.

Before Pinkie could retort, Logan shot up between them.

“Alright, hang on,” he barked. “None of this is right.” He looked between the two of them. “What. The Heck. Happened to you guys?”

The two tried to speak at once, but Logan raised his paws, and a growl bubbled up from his throat, quickly cutting them off. He glanced at Fluttershy.

“I’ve known you longer, Fluttershy,” he said, sparing a glance at Pinkie as she fumed. “And I can hear what you’re thinking, Pinkie; I would never do that with a cake.” Pinkie backed up, clutching at her head in shock, while Logan turned back to Fluttershy. “Now, what happened between you two?”

Fluttershy looked down. “I was going to put on a silent auction for the animal shelter a few weeks ago.” She glared at Pinkie Pie. “And Pinkie Pie ruined it by bringing fireworks and noisemakers. It was supposed to be a serious event, and Pinkie…”

“Time!” Logan barked. Fluttershy flinched down, already knowing what he could do when mad. Logan turned back to Pinkie.

“Pinkie, if you can refrain from saying those things you were thinking about me and cupcakes,” he said, cracking another grin at Pinkie’s gasp. “Tell me – or rather, Carol and Sparkle - your side.”

“Well,” Pinkie said, glancing at Carol and Twilight. “Since you have an audience that’d like to know… I got a text saying that Fluttershy didn’t want a silent auction. She wanted a big party!”

“What?” Fluttershy asked. “But I never sent you a text!”

"You didn’t?”

Their glares had gone from angry to confused. Fluttershy shook her head no, and Pinkie’s anger deflated like one of her balloons.

“But then…” Pinkie stammered. “Who did?”

Logan grinned. “Someone who wants to ruin your reputation for being the friendliest girl in school,” he replied. Noticing Carol’s confused glance, he shrugged. “Seriously, she managed to make friends with a rabid wolf who hated her!”

“I did? Pinkie yelped, tapping her chin in awe of herself. “W-Well,” she said. “I do take pride in being friends with everyone.” She gave a small grin to Fluttershy, who smiled meekly back. “But… if I’m friends with so many people… who would want to soil my good name?!”

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “I’ve got a good idea who,” she said. “And if we’re going to make her stop trying to break friends up, we need to beat her at her own game.” She stood up straighter and indicated herself. “Pinkie Pie, say hello to your new Princess of the Fall Formal!”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes, while Carol threw some confetti with a whistle. Pinkie tapped her chin.

“So… Sunset Shimmer’s the one that tried to break us up…” Pinkie pieced together. “And you’re gonna make her pay… by taking her crown?”

“In essence,” Logan replied. His smile only widened as Pinkie shrugged.

“I can buy that,” she replied, yanking a clipboard and pen from her hair. “Just fill this out, and you’ll be officially up for the coveted Princess of the Fall Formal Crown.”

On instinct, Twilight took the pen in her mouth. She briefly faltered, only for Carol to zip up next to her.

“It’s Pinkie,” Carol whispered. “She won’t mind.”

Shrugging at that, Twilight got her name down on the clipboard. Pinkie didn’t even bat an eye.

“Neat handwriting,” she noted, taking the pen back. “You really perfected that trick, didn’t ya?”

Twilight laughed nervously. “Well, I am a m-girl of many talents,” she said meekly.

“Like being annoying?” Logan added with a grin.

“Shut up,” Twilight replied, before a door opened. And a familiar cowgirl walked in.

“Somebody order a dozen cases of fizzy apple cider?”

Pinkie cheered, while the cowgirl was accompanied by a familiar looking farm boy carrying several crates of honey-colored liquid. Logan avoided looking at the human version of Big Mac, focusing on human equivalent of Applejack, as she turned familiar apple-green eyes on him.

“Hey, I know you three,” she noted.

“Yeah?” Logan replied.

“Sure. Yer the new kids that gave Sunset Shimmer the what-for today.” She bit open a bottle of cider and took a gulp before her eyes hardened. “Though I ain’t one to approve fer the flying fist technique.” She wagged a finger at Carol. “Fight fire with fire, and all yer gonna get is burned.”

“That’s probably why Twilight Sparkle here is gonna run against Sunset Shimmer for Princess of the Fall Formal,” Pinkie replied.

Applejack coughed up a bit of cider, her eyes wide. “I’d think twice about that too,” she advised, grabbing a set of balloons and scribbling an admittedly good likeness of Sunset and Twilight on them. “Oh, sure, she’ll probably approach you all friendly like, ‘I sure am looking forward to some friendly competition…’”

Carol giggled at Applejack’s impression of Sunset, only for her to reveal a needle on the back of ‘Sunset’s’ balloon.

“But then, here comes the back-stabbing,” Applejack continued, popping the Twilight balloon with a POW. Before Twilight could explain that it was either this or the ‘flying fists’ as she so eloquently put it, Applejack glared to the side. “About the only girl in this school you can trust less than Sunset Shimmer is Rainbow Dash.”

“Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, no…” Carol moaned.

“What did she do this time?” Logan said, crossing his arms. “More importantly, where do we find her?”

“Oh, she’s the captain of, like, every team at Canterlot High,” Pinkie replied. “So, I’d suggest the sports field if you wanna find her.”

“She’s also the captain of saying she’s gonna do something for ya, and then turning around and not even bothering to show up,” Applejack added bitterly.

Logan nodded before turning back to Twilight.

“Sparkles, we gotta fix this,” he whispered to her. “Human or no, I’d feel a lot better knowing we had your pack back…”

“No!” Carol clapped her hands over Logan’s mouth, but Pinkie had overheard.

“Pack back?” she giggled. “Backpack, pack back!” She danced away, singing the rhyme. Carol sighed, while Logan yanked her hands off his mouth. Twilight still nodded in understanding.

“I guess I can’t say no to having my friends back,” she admitted, straightening her blouse out. “Alright; Logan, see what you can do about whatever happened to Applejack and Rainbow Dash.”

“I’m on it,” Logan said, turning back to Applejack. “Well, Applejack, I think there’s something you need to see.” He headed for the door as Applejack coughed up another swig of cider.

“W-how’d you know my name?” she asked.

“You wanna find out?” He replied, opening the door and heading out. Applejack glared after him, before reluctantly following. Twilight nodded before turning to Carol.

"Carol, find Rarity,” Twilight ordered.

“You got it, boss,” Carol said, racing out after Applejack, while Twilight turned to Pinkie and Fluttershy.

“And you guys…” Twilight said, before seeing Pinkie Pie standing at military rest. Fluttershy was just hiding in the corner, looking like she’d rather be anywhere else.

“You’re handing out assignments like a drill sergeant,” Pinkie noted with a salute. “Well, General-Sergeant-Twilight-Ma’am? What do you need us to do?”

“Meet me in… does this place have a library?” Twilight asked.

“Canterlot Library?” Fluttershy asked. “It’s quite extensive.”

Twilight hid a moment of glee on her face. “Meet me there after classes today. We’re gonna need your help if we’re gonna beat Sunset Shimmer.”

Fluttershy gasped, while Pinkie looked more than up to the challenge.

Yet as the group dispersed, they failed to notice Sunset glowering at them through the gym door windows.