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Logan and Carol; The Wolves of Equestria - JNKing

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Date Night Pt 1

Author's Note:

I just want to say right now... I'm super nervous about this two-parter. :unsuresweetie::applecry::fluttershyouch:

This covers a part of Logan and even Carol that I have not explored before, and one that I'm pretty nervous about sharing.

Please, if there's a way for me to cover what happens in the next part a little better, I'm really open to feedback.

Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you still enjoy. :twilightsheepish:

Logan didn’t want to regret offering to make up abandoning Apple Bloom, but even he was having second thoughts when she dragged him out to a gazebo outside Sweet Apple Acres.

“So, I’m not getting this,” Logan said. “You just want me to… check something out here?”

“Yeah,” Apple Bloom insisted. “Yeah, for some reason…” she gasped, and pointed. Sitting innocently under the gazebo was a checkerboard blanket with a vase of flowers, an apple pie with heart shaped sprinkles on top, and a record player sitting nearby, playing soft music; perfect for a waltz.

“There it is,” Apple Bloom exclaimed. “The mysterious romantic picnic that keeps popping up out of nowhere!”

Logan only got a second to observe the blanket before Apple Bloom ducked away into a brush. Logan flicked his ears at her before walking over to the picnic blanket.

“Well, it can’t be that bad,” he said, sniffing around. “Looks like some pony just set this out to make making foals with their mate a lot more complicated. In fact…” His ears perked and his nostrils flared. “Smells like the ones who set this out were…”

His ears flattened. All three of the Crusaders’ scents were on this blanket. But why? Why would they set out something like this? It couldn’t be for them. But then…


Logan glanced up as Carol joined him.

“Carol,” he greeted. “What’s going on?”

“Scootaloo sent me,” Carol said. “She said that a mysterious romantic picnic sheet just kept appearing out of nowhere, and wanted me to investigate.”

Logan’s ears flattened as it clicked together in his mind.

“Apple Bloom,” he called, turning back to the bush. “Come on, guys; come out!”

The brush shifted, but the fillies stubbornly kept themselves hidden. Logan rolled his eyes while Carol looked around confused.

“Um… I’m not really understanding,” Carol noted.

Logan sighed. “They’re trying to get us together,” Logan said.

“Together?” Carol asked. “As in… OH!” Her red fur somehow got even redder, while Logan marched over to the brush and parted it. Three pairs of wide eyes stared innocently up at him.

“Oh,” Sweetie Belle said. “H-Hi, Logan.”

“Hey girls,” Logan said, his tail wagging. “You up to anything?”

“No, not really,” Sweetie Belle replied.

"Apple Bloom," Logan pressed, looking at her. "I'm pretty sure Applejack wouldn't be happy with you lying."

Apple Bloom's ears folded, as did her courage. "W-We were just thinking..." she stammered. "You and Carol would be perfect together."

The other fillies smiled hopefully up at him. Logan shut his eyes and huffed, amused.

“I appreciate the thought,” he told them. “But… Carol and I are a little different from ponies.” He glanced back at Carol, who looked away, rubbing one paw with the other. “This kind of thing? It’s nice… but it ain’t gonna work for us.”

Sweetie Belle deflated, as did the other Crusaders. “Oh,” she mumbled.

"Hey,” he said, lifting her chin up. “It’s the thought that counts.” He gave them a nod and a smile, before trekking off. He paused. “Can we take the pie?” he asked.

Apple Bloom nodded. “We had it made special for you two,” she said.

Logan walked over and snagged the pie with his teeth. “Much appreciated,” he replied, walking off with a grin.

Yet Sweetie Belle couldn’t help but notice the longing look Carol shot him before following after. Her hoof rubbed her chin again thoughtfully.


The Crusaders met back up in their clubhouse the next day, pacing fitfully.

“Maybe we just need to leave him be,” Apple Bloom suggested. “I mean, he wasn’t mean about it; maybe he and Carol just aren’t meant to be special some… wolves.”

Sweetie Belle shook her head. “No,” she insisted. “Didn’t you see Carol’s face? I think she wants to be special some wolves with Logan, but she’s just too shy to bring it up.”

“Still, we should be a little careful,” Apple Bloom insisted. “Remember what happened with my brother and Ms. Cherilee?”

“Well, we know for sure that love poisons need to be made with a pegasus feather,” Scootaloo noted, brushing her wings back. “And I’m not letting some pony take my feathers for that again.”

Sweetie Belle still brushed her chin.

“You’re right,” she admitted. “We need to make sure that whatever happens, they have a full choice in the matter.” She turned away, before her eyes brightened in inspiration.

“I got an idea,” she said.


The Crusaders found Carol outside Fluttershy’s cottage. The red wolf was passed out on the ground, soaking in the sun with a contented sigh.

Apple Bloom cautiously approached her, before gently nudging her paw. The wolf twitched, before her eyes opened blearily.

“Oh,” she mumbled before yawning. “Hi, Apple Bloom.”

“Hey, Carol,” Apple Bloom said. She looked around. “Where’s Logan?”

“Oh,” Carol stretched, still half-asleep. “He’s helping Fluttershy catch fish.” Her gaze became dreamy. “Always so kind… who am I to deserve him…” Her eyes started to slide shut, but Apple Bloom caught the last part.

“So, you do want to be his special somebody?” she asked.

Carol tilted her head. “His special… what?” she asked.

“You know,” Sweetie Belle insisted. “You… like him.”

“What?!” Carol’s eyes shot open, and she rose up. “W-Well…” she mumbled. “I mean, of course I like him; he’s my pack mate. But I… well, um…” she started to turn away, only to nearly run into Scootaloo. “I mean, I’m not… I can’t possibly…”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Apple Bloom insisted.

“You two are perfect for each other,” Sweetie Belle added.

Carol stared down at them. “You… think so?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” Sweetie Belle insisted. “You’re the only two wolves on Equestria.”

“We almost never see you two apart,” Apple Bloom added.

“And he constantly talked about you when you weren’t here!” Scootaloo said.

“He’s gotta like you back,” Sweetie Belle insisted. “If you give him just the right nudge, he’d probably be more than happy to be your special somebody.”

Carol looked down. “Well…” she mumbled. “I don’t know…”

“We can help you out,” Scootaloo promised.

“As long as yer comfortable with it,” Apple Bloom added with a nervous look at the others. “We don’t wanna force ya into something you don’t wanna do.”

Carol looked up, and gave the girls a warm smile.

“Girls,” she assured them. “Logan was easily the first friend I ever really had before you guys came along. If he wants to be with me, then I’d be all for it.” She shivered. “I just don’t want to mess things up with him. He trusted me… made me feel wanted… even when he probably shouldn’t have.” She looked out towards the forest. “And if I somehow screw up with him… it’ll be even worse here, because we’re the only wolves. I’d… I…”

Sweetie Belle took her paw in her hooves. “Then let us help you,” she asked.

Carol’s paw still trembled, but her eyes narrowed in determination.


The next evening, everything was set up again. The flowers, the picnic table, even the recorder. All of them were in place. Carol herself was sprawled out on the picnic blanket, the picture of an attractive wolf.

“Now, yer sure this is how wolves show they want to be special somebodies?” Apple Bloom asked.

“I’m very sure,” Carol replied. She adjusted herself slightly and motioned for Apple Bloom to hide. “Now go; I can smell him coming.

Apple Bloom yelped and ducked out of sight, while Carol tried to make herself look appealing. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle glanced at each other as the she-wolf started repeatedly baring and hiding her teeth, looking more and more frustrated with each attempt.

“Are you sure that she knows what she’s doing?” Apple Bloom asked.

“She said this was how wolves show they love each other,” Sweetie Belle replied. “Logan never covered this side of wolves, remember?”

“Yeah.” Apple Bloom mumbled. “Really wish he could have given us pointers in his lecture,” she added, as the male wolf appeared again. "Though, that probably might've sounded wierd..."

"Sh, he's coming," Sweetie Belle hissed.

“Carol?” he asked, finding her laid out on the picnic blanket. His ears flattened. “What are the Crusaders doing now?”

“No crusaders this time, Logan,” Carol replied. “Just… you and me.” She bared her teeth again, and this time, it was a little clearer she was trying to smile.

Logan settled himself next to her, and she nuzzled up to him, a soft whistling noise escaping her snout. Logan gave her a confused look, before she watched the sunset.

"Passions of youth, huh?" she asked. "Us being together. Who would've thought?"

"Who indeed," Logan replied with a chuckle.

Carol stared at him, but he didn't seem as confused or aggravated about the idea as she felt.

"Like we need to be that close, right?" Carol asked.

Logan turned to her with a worried expression. "You know you don't have to conform to their views all the time, right?" he asked. "We're fine the way we are."

"Uh, sure... yeah, right," she said with a frantic nod. "Great just the way we are."

Logan's ears flattened, and he took a step back from Carol. Carol looked away, flashing a ‘Good Gods above help me!’ look at the Crusaders. They shook their heads in confusion, before ducking back down as Logan spoke.

“Carol," he said, sounding incredibly nervous. "You don't... really think that way about me, do you?"

"Wh-who, me?" Carol almost sounded hysterical. "No, of course not! Like I'd ever imagine having pups with you, who would... I mean, it's not that you're not..." Carol wilted as she gave up, hanging her head. Logan's ears flattened.

"Oh, heck..." Logan sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Carol..."

"It's fine, Logan," she said, turning away. "W-We're fine the way we are."

Logan narrowed his eyes. "I'm not sure I believe that," he said.

Apple Bloom tilted her head as she noticed Carol pull an odd flask from behind the recorder.

"It was stupid of me to even think about," Carol insisted, nudging the flask closer to him. "Please... let me make it up to you."

Logan tilted his head as she nudged the flask closer.

“I found out about this… ‘punch’ stuff that ponies drink," she continued.

Logan scoffed. “Probably full of sugar,” he noted.

“It really is, yeah,” she admitted. "But it's a good kind. It's almost like eating berries... if they were already chewed up."

Scootaloo’s ears flattened as Carol nudged the flask closer.

“Is that…?” Sweetie Belle asked in horror.

"Humans do this thing where they toast to resolve conflicts," Carol plowed on. "Maybe... I know you hate humans... and I do too. But... well..."
Logan took a step back as she tried to uncork the flask.
“Carol?” he asked, backing up further. “You're honestly starting to freak me out. Is there something in that stuff?"

"NO!" Carol barked. "No, there's not!" she insisted.

She's an even worse liar than Applejack!” Apple Bloom thought in horror.

“Please, it's fine; I'm fine!” Carol whimpered, though her ears were flat and her whole body was trembling. “I’m, uh… I’m…”

Her paw knocked the flask over and Apple Bloom saw something spill out. Something bright pink with bubble shaped hearts.

“CAROL!” Scootaloo screamed. “NO!!”

Carol shrieked, thunder cracking the air before lightning flashed from her. The flask exploded, drenching both of the wolves in bright pink liquid. Logan barely noticed, spinning around with a snarl before registering the three fillies running up to him.

“Girls?” he demanded. “What’s…?”


Logan, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and even Scootaloo all stared in stunned silence as Carol fell into a fetal position and sobbed. Love potion dripped from her fur and onto the ground. No one noticed a bit of the potion dripple down Logan’s snout and into his gaping muzzle.

Yet Logan's expression of horror, anger and confusion didn't change.

“Carol…” he whispered. “You… what?!”

“Yeah, seriously, what?” Apple Bloom asked. “What love potion did you even use?”

“You didn’t use the one from the Hearts and Hooves day book, did you?” Sweetie Belle asked.

"No," Carol admitted. "No, I tried to make one on my own."

But Logan didn't have time for Carol's explanation. He whirled on the fillies, betrayal joining the war of emotions on his face.

“You guys were in on this, too?” he demanded.

“No, Logan, please,” Carol whimpered, pulling herself up. “Don’t blame them.”

Logan looked between the four of them, before sighing. Wiping the love potion from his fur, he sat down and motioned for them to sit in front of him.

“Explain,” he growled. “Now.”


A few minutes later, the Crusaders had explained the whole thing; how they had noticed Carol’s look towards Logan, and had convinced her to try and give him a chance.

“But… I was so worried you were going to reject me,” Carol whimpered, not meeting Logan’s eyes. “It was one thing when we were back on Gaia; I’d… probably find the right wolf somewhere else. But here…” She looked up at him. “We’re the only two left.”

“So, you decide to use a love potion on me?” Logan demanded. “You didn’t trust that I could come to my own conclusion about you?”

“It was a stupid choice,” Carol whimpered. “I couldn’t think.” She noticed the flask and kicked it away. “I just…” she looked up tearfully at Logan. “You did so much for me… and I don’t know if I deserve you or not.” She sighed. “Not like it matters,” she added, indicating the bit of pink next to his lip. “I clearly messed up in making it.”

Logan’s face warred with pity and disappointment. He pulled himself up, and shook the last of the potion off himself.

“Carol,” he said softly.

She didn’t look at him.

“Carol,” he said more firmly.

Reluctantly, she looked up at him.

“You deserve more than you give yourself credit for,” he said. “But I’m not interested in you that way.”

Carol bowed her head with a nod. He then turned to the Crusaders.

“I’m not interested in anyone that way,” he told them. “So, the next time you guys get some idea about me suddenly getting romantic feelings for someone… don't. Even. Try. It was bad enough when the Changelings tried it, and they tried to pair me with my own mother!”

The girls bent their own heads and nodded. Logan shook his head.

“You guys…” he mumbled, looking away. "I expect this sort of thing from Pinkie or Rarity... but you guys?" He shook his head, radiating disappointment.

“Logan, it wasn’t about that,” Apple Bloom insisted. “Carol just looked so sad. Like she wanted to tell you how she felt, but didn’t know how. She… Logan?”

Logan hadn’t responded to her. His eyes stared straight ahead; his tail and ears pointed up. Apple Bloom tilted her head at him, confused, before a voice called to her.

“Apple Bloom!”

She followed Logan’s gaze. It was Big Mac, striding up the hill towards them.

“It’s almost bed…” Big Mac paused, his green eyes locking on Logan as well.

That’s when Apple Bloom noticed pink rings, slowly extending from Logan’s pupils across the rest of his eyes. His face slowly split into a wide, lusty grin.

Apple Bloom gaped in horror. “No way…” she whimpered.

That’s when Logan lunged for Big Mac.