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Logan and Carol; The Wolves of Equestria - JNKing

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Meeting Discord Pt 1

Author's Note:

Hello again everybody.

Sorry I've been quiet for a while, but Logan is back.

I do want to mention that this is more of an anthology rather than a straight narrative. I will have a small framing device, and there will be moments from season finales or fights with major antagonists, but for the most part, this will have no particular order to Logan and Carol's adventures in Ponyville.

I'm also going to try and add some other stories while working on this one, so don't get nervous if I don't update for a while; I will return eventually.

And one final note for this chapter: what do you think about High Logan? Please let me know if he's funny or not.

Thank you guys again for reading, and I hope your days go great. :twilightsmile:

Even though the mares had told Logan and Carol that Ponyville was one of the safest places to be, it didn’t stop the town from being incredibly annoying from time to time. Example? Logan could easily start with the fact that a cloud had turned pink, and was now floating around the forest, having taken a vested interest in Carol.

“Why is this rain BROWN?!” Carol screeched, the cloud dumping thick, gloopy raindrops on her as it tried to make its way through the canopy of trees, cotton candy breaking off and sticking to the leaves.

“Hang on, I got it,” Logan replied, firing a bolt at the cloud. He had managed to knock away clouds with this before. But this time, the bolt bounced off the cloud and hit the ground, shattering into brightly colored balls that instantly slid under Logan’s paws and sent him to his back. Fighting the mountain of sweet smelling balls, he made his way over to Carol, and the two stood back to back under the cotton candy cloud.

“Well, how do you suppose Celestia is trying to ruin our day now?” Logan pondered.
A cawing, hacking laugh suddenly sounded around them. Carol flinched, crouching down while Logan bared his teeth.

“You think that dear old Tia is behind this one?” the voice asked. It sighed. “Oh, you certainly are the most interesting of specimens. I think even someone like myself could learn quite a bit from you.”

Logan and Carol spun around, searching for the voice, yet it sounded like it was right between them or behind them.

“You see anything?” Logan asked.

“I don’t, I…” Carol stammered. She was quivering; her fur was on end. Logan glanced at her worried.

“Carol?” he asked. “What is it?”

“I…” Carol shook her head. “No, it can’t be… not…”

She was crouching down even further, her fur standing unevenly as the oddly sweet smelling brown rain continued to drench them both. Logan turned around with a glare, trying not to stumble over the uneven balls and make a fool of himself.

“Where are you?” he snapped. “Show yourself, coward!”

The disembodied voice laughed uproariously. “So much spunk. So much spirit! I may just make you my personal court jester when I take over Equestria again.”

Logan spun, clawing the air the voice had been at, only to nearly hit Carol instead.

“Damnit, when I get you…” Logan snarled.

“Oh, feisty!”

A flash of light appeared behind them, and the wolves whirled around as a tree turned into balloons and floated away from them.

“Really, all that stress,” the voice said in mock concern. “Look at you; already white as a snowflake.”

Logan gasped as snowflakes actually drifted down from his fur. He snapped wildly, their cold getting into his fur.

“And how old are you really?” the voice asked. “Hmm? Far too young to look so old, don’t you think?”

“Get out here!” Logan dared. “I haven’t had chicken in some time now. I’d like to remember the taste.”

“Oh-ho, chicken, you say?”

“Or maybe cow? For coward?” Logan snapped. “Take your pick and get out here so I can EAT you!”

“Logan…” Carol hissed, but the voice just continued to laugh.

“Eat me? Hmm,” the voice lectured. “Well, how do you like the taste of goat…” A goat head appeared in front of them. “And chicken.” A chicken leg appeared with a snap of its talons. “And donkey; and dragon; and a bit of snake; oh, and how about some pegasus…”

Bit by bit, he named various animals, and bit by bit he appeared; a limb here, a tail there, an arm up there, a horn here… until finally, their tormentor appeared, reclining on the lowered cotton candy cloud without a care in the world.

Logan’s eyes widened, and an old conversation came back to him.

“Did you know Celestia chained the spirit of chaos?”

The griffons had called him that, and yet…

“Discord,” Logan growled, a smirk replacing his snarl. “So, you’re the chaos spirit Celestia chained up?” Before he could even grin, Logan crossed his arms. “And you show chaos… how? With balloons and clouds?” He scoffed. “Lame.”

“Y-Yeah,” Carol said, standing alongside Logan. “O-Our Chaos spirit tries to wipe out humanity on a daily basis.” She glanced at Logan, who nodded approvingly. “Beat that!”

Sadly, Carol’s attempt at a burn only got the chaos spirit’s attention. He eyed Carol with interest, and laughed again.

“Oh, dearie,” he said cheekily, snapping his fingers and causing Carol’s doe bumps to enlarge into antlers. “I know about dear sweet Myst. You know, I’ve talked to her before.”

Logan and Carol ceased trying to pull Carol’s antlers off to stare at him. “You… met her?”

“Spending an eternity in stone can get one a little antsy if you’d believe. I couldn’t do much in this dimension, oh no…” his grin widened evilly. “But it couldn’t stop me from exploring other dimensions. Or at least talking to other beings from other dimensions.”

He conjured bars around him and adopted a dramatically tragic pose.

“Oh, how they made my stay in torment so much easier,” he declared.

“How’d you get out?” Logan asked. “You should still be a statue.”

“Oh?” Discord asked. He indicated his cage, as a piñata of Celestia came forward with a key. “Why, Celestia freed me, of course.” He bounded out of his cage with a cackle while Logan’s jaw dropped.

“She did WHAT?!” he bellowed.

“Oh, you’ll be able to ask Twilight and her little friends all about it,” Discord said dismissively, checking a pocket watch. “They should be along any minute now.” He then leered towards Carol again, who was backing up at a very quick pace. “But not before you and I have a little time to talk about old… ‘friends.’”

Discord chuckled darkly, and Logan sprang to action. Not even bothering with a threat, he lunged for Discord, snapping up his snake like body in his jaws. Rather… too snake like.

Logan let out a muffled yelp as an actual snake suddenly hissed at him, rather miffed at him for biting it. Logan threw the snake aside, but it was undeterred, lunging at him for a bite of its own. Logan dodged and caught its head, crushing it with a powerful bite.

Canned applause erupted around him, and Logan whirled around. Carol was now sitting next to Discord in some sort of stand for crowds, and Discord was clapping wildly, soda and popcorn next to him.

“Encore!” Discord cheered. “More! Bravo!”

“How did I get up here!” Carol demanded, before a zipper appeared over her mouth, silencing her.

“Sh-sh-sh,” Discord chastised her. “The real fun’s about to begin.”

“The heck are you talking about?” Logan demanded, already looking around for what else he was going to sic on him.

But nothing appeared. The only sound was Discord’s laughter. Which was sounding… odd. There was a reverberating hum to his voice now. Heck, to all sounds around Logan.

“My dear boy,” Discord chastised. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that there are certain animals you don’t want to lick? Or bite in this case?”

Logan whirled at him, and then at the snake. A dull chill settled over him as he noticed the snake’s unique color pattern; black with orange and white stripes.

“Wait,” Logan mumbled, the snake's colors changing before his eyes. “Was that snake… did it…?”

“Some are rather poisonous; not things you’d want to sink your teeth into,” Discord noted with a nod. “But, I’m in a generous mood right now, so I let you have one with more… entertaining results.”

“Enter…wah…” Logan slurred. He kept trying to glare at Discord’s self-satisfied face, but his left eye kept sliding out of focus. His mouth was starting to twitch.

Discord’s grin widened. “Have fun,” he said with a cheeky wave. Then, with a poof, he and Carol vanished… quickly being replaced by the pounding of six hoof steps.

“I saw cotton candy over here!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, before appearing in front of Logan. Logan took a tipsy step back, struggling to keep his balance. “Logan, did you…?” she paused. “Why are your eyes blue?”

Logan shook his head and blinked, trying to put her into focus. Twilight was next into his vision. And her head was oddly shiny. Heck, all the mares were shiny; Logan wasn’t sure how much of it had to do with the necklaces they were wearing. Or in Twilight’s case, a crown.

“Logan,” she said. “Discord! He got loose from us! Did you see him? Where’s Carol? Why are your eyes blue? Why is there a dead snake over there?” she gasped. “Is that a Tigrinus snake? Did it feed recently?”

She was firing off questions with the speed of a machine gun, and Logan was barely able to keep up.

“I’m seeing blue,” he mumbled. “Pie’s blue for some reason.” He looked up. “And Dash is white.” He squinted. “Did you go super mode, Dash?”

“I will when I get my hooves on Discord; the jerk,” Rainbow Dash grumbled. “What was Celestia thinking; making us let him loose?”

“Tell me about it,” Logan slurred, nearly tripping again. “He took my legs; left me with disagreeable ones.” He sat down and frowned at his paws. “Very demanding too. Shut up, legs; you will bear my weight and like it!”

“Oh, no,” Fluttershy squeaked. She swam into his vision, holding his head up. “What was in that snake, Logan?”

“Snake?” Logan asked. “You mean Discord.” He pointed at the snake proudly, which was oddly starting to resemble a beaten Discord. “I bit him! To save Carol.”

The frazzled fuses of his mind connected, and he shot up.

“CAROL!” he bellowed, making Fluttershy jump back. “Where’s Carol? Is she alright? I saw her with Discord. He had plans! Don’t you dare tell me he had no plans; I seen his eyes. One was bigger than the other! I don’t know why that’s a thing!”

The ponies were all staring at Logan now, but he didn’t care. He was being filled with a maniac energy, all of it focused on figuring out Carol, and not at all focused-on Twilight. Even as she scanned the dead snake – DISCORD! – with her magic and then looked at Logan in horror.

“Logan?” Applejack asked. “Are you… feeling alright?”

“Me? I’m fine… no, I’m not fine! Where’s Carol! I’m not fine as long as she’s gone. We need to get help. We need to call the pack!” Logan turned and started to howl before his brain fused again. “Oh, wait… they’re all dead.” He paused. “I’m even worse than I was before!” he sobbed.

“Hey, take it easy,” Fluttershy tried to say, but Logan whirled around on her, feeling utterly possessed.

“NO!” he roared, making her jump. “I can’t take it easy! Hell, no! I have the power of God!!” He flexed his claws, and lightning danced wild and free across them. “I could take on Discord, man! Or mare, I don’t care! We’re gonna save Carol!” He whirled around, spotting a tree that looked like a dancing Discord. With a roar, he bashed into the tree, leaving an ashen crater on it. He whooped in glee, even as Rainbow Dash tried to grab his tail. He made his tail dance around her hooves, playing keep away with itself.

“Logan, calm down!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Twilight, is this normal? What did he eat?”

“Discord made him bite a toxic snake,” Twilight said. “But this isn’t at all what the poison in it should be…”

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Logan howled. “I HAVE THE POWER OF MOON AND TIA ON MY SIDE!” With a roar and a lightning enshrouded slash, he sliced the discord tree down, and bounded away for another target. “HERE I COME, CAROL! YOUR SWASH BUCKLE KNIGHT HERO THING IS ON HIS WAY!”

Logan didn’t hear Twilight or the others staring at each other. Nor did he care. Carol was in danger, and he was the only one that could save her.

Discord appeared again. Logan slashed his head off.

“Ha-HA!” he cried… only to discover it was another tree. “Ha-NAH!” he roared, before spinning again. He swore he could hear Discord’s maniac laughter from above. He slashed upward, a lightning bolt sending sparrows scattering from the trees.

“What are you doing?!” Rainbow Dash yelled. “You’re destroying the forest.”

“Hell, no!” Logan proclaimed. “I’m fighting Discord!” He slashed at a tree. “Give me back my pack mate, you hybrid result of an animal orgy!”

“Logan, please calm down!” Twilight – or Fluttershy – begged.

“I think it’s a little too late for that,” Pinkie said worriedly.

“Take THAT!” Logan yelled. He heaved himself at another tree, knocking it right down a hill. It came to rest in a lake, and Logan grinned maniacally as he saw a horde of angry ducks quack up at him.

“FOOLS!” Logan cried. “You mess with the PRINCE OF THE JUNGLE! I CAN SMELL THE COSMOS! It smells like…” He gave a giant sniff. “Flipping STRAWBERRIES!”

“Logan, no, Logan-LOGAN!” Fluttershy screamed as Logan prepared to jump.

“TO THE MOON!” Logan proclaimed, jumping off the edge of the hill.

He hit the ground head first.


“Ain’t ever seen nothing like it,” Applejack’s voice swam into Logan’s recovering consciousness. “Not even from Pinkie Pie.”

“Too bizarre for me.” Rainbow Dash’s voice added.

“Is he gonna stay like this forever?” Pinkie asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Discord said dismissively. “My magic isn’t permanent. Where’s the fun in a wolf that’s been permanently altered?”

“It’s a good thing, too,” Carol growled. “Or I’d put your face where your tail would be.”

“So, violent,” Discord dismissed. “Come now, show of hooves; who thought our dear wolf was more fun like this?”

Logan opened his eyes with a groan. He was laying on a table in Fluttershy’s cottage, the Mane Six and Carol all around him. Discord floated daintily in the background, watching like it was an unusual TV show and he was a bored human.

But Logan didn’t care about that. Carol was there. She was okay!

“Carol!” he croaked. She gasped and raced over as he reached out his claws. They embraced.

“Logan,” Carol cried, nuzzling into him. “Are you okay?”

Logan reached for the nearest thing - which sadly was Fluttershy’s lamp – and chucked it at Discord as hard as he could. Discord caught the lamp in mid-air, and changed it to a lamp figurine of himself.

“No,” Logan grumped.

Carol chuckled and helped him to a sitting position, even as Fluttershy fussed over them.

“Easy,” she chastised. “You were really badly poisoned.”

“How long?” Logan grumped.

“Just a few hours,” Twilight said. “You shouldn’t have any more ill effects from Discord’s magic.” She shot a glare up at Discord that screamed, “Or else!”

“What do you remember?” Carol asked.

Logan’s ears flattened. “Everything up to me jumping after those ducks,” he admitted grouchily. His ears wiggled. “Did I…?”

“Not too much after that,” Twilight said. “You were still trying to fight the ducks, so I put you under a sleeping spell; both to let Fluttershy treat your concussion… and to keep you from embarrassing yourself further.”

Logan nodded. “Thanks,” he mumbled, holding his head in his claws.

“So…” Pinkie asked cautiously. “Did you think you were going to find Carol on the moon? Because you'd probably only find Princess Luna there.” She jumped back as Logan’s head whipped up.

“That was not me!” he barked. “That was Discord and his magic toxic snake crap!”

“Oh, come now, you had fun,” Discord dismissed. “I saw that smile while you were waging war on White Tail Wood.”

The stare Logan shot him had everything but a smile on it. He looked at Twilight.

“Why is he here?” he demanded.

“Believe me, Logan; I did not agree with any of it,” Twilight assured him, giving her own glare up at Discord. “But Princess Celestia believes that Discord can be reformed, and his magic can be used to serve good instead of evil.”

Logan’s glare turned doubly bitter. He gazed up at Discord.

“So, not only did she free you,” he noted. “But she wants to put you on a leash instead of in a cage?” He glared at Twilight. “This is Connors all over again!”

“Connors?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, I remember,” Discord cut in. “That irksome God of Order from your world; who wanted everyone to walk around, nodding and smiling at everything he said was okay to nod and smile about.” He nudged Twilight with a wink. “Big fan of your precious princess, he is,” he added, before beaming at Logan. “At least someone sees how awful that would be,” he noted. Lashes and chains began to appear around him as he lamented. “Chained; restrained; tamed into a creature of… not chaos!” He shot a grin at Logan. “Surely you can relate; you went through the same thing. As did dear little Princess Lulu after she tried to take more than her big sister…”

Logan’s ears flattened, and his fur bristled. “I’m not tame!” he snarled. He tried to avoid looking at Fluttershy. “These guys may have good reasons for me to avoid hurting them, but that doesn’t mean they control me.”

Discord just smirked. He didn’t believe a word Logan said. Logan knew the best course of action would be to prove his words and storm out.

But that meant leaving Fluttershy and Twilight and all the others alone with this chaotic monster, he realized.

Before he could stop himself, he shot Fluttershy a nervous look, but she smiled softly at him.

“It’s okay, Logan,” she said. “You and Carol should get some space from here. We can deal with Discord.”

Discord guffawed even louder than before. “Oh, how precious,” he mocked. “Not tamed, eh?” He morphed his face into a version of Logan’s. “When do I get my treat, Master Fluttershy-san?” He made an awful dopey panting face that Logan would never have made in ten lifetimes, and threw sparkles over both Logan and Fluttershy.

Logan nearly lunged at Discord again, only for Carol to hold him back.

“Let’s go,” she growled, pulling Logan out from the cottage. As Carol got Logan – trembling with rage – out, she turned back to Twilight.

“I don’t care what Celestia believes,” she said. “The best course of action with him would be to put him in stone again, and then smash the stone.”

“We’ll definitely consider it,” Rainbow Dash replied, glaring at Discord, before noticing what she said. “I-I mean the stone thing… not the smashing part. Maybe.” Six pairs of eyes glared at her. “Guys, for Pete’s Sake, it’s Discord! He…”

While Rainbow Dash went off on a tirade about what exactly Discord had done, Carol shoved an irate Logan out of the cottage, and got him as far from the cottage as possible, even as Discord’s laughter rang out all the louder.

Logan was so consumed with rage, he didn’t even notice the worried look Carol shot someone from the forest, who ducked away into the shadows before Logan could hope to recover.