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Logan and Carol; The Wolves of Equestria - JNKing

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Logan goes to High School Pt 2

Back in Equestria, Carol had the worse wake-up call ever. The red wolf didn’t consider herself a heavy sleeper. But one moment, she had been standing outside Fluttershy’s room, waiting for Logan to return. The sound of magic emanated, followed by an odd heavy feeling and a weird whisper of ‘sleep.' The next thing Carol knew, she was being roused by Twilight.

“Carol, you gotta get up,” she was insisting. "Please, don't be dead!"

“Mm,” Carol mumbled. “Wassa matter? Sombra back?”

“Logan’s gone! We need your help!”

That sentence was better than coffee. In seconds, Carol had outrun Twilight, following Logan's scent into the storage room, finding the mares and even the Princesses converged on the giant mirror.

“What happened?” Carol demanded. Her eyes darted around. “Where’s Logan?”

Luna instantly got between Carol and Celestia, her horn flaring in warning. However, Celestia put a hoof on her sister’s side.

“Sister, it’s alright…” Celestia said, only for the other mares to talk over her.

“Carol, this wasn’t our fault…” Twilight tried to say as she burst in after her.

“There was this weird thief…” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“And Logan just caught the crown with his head like, phew, awesome…” Pinkie cheered.

“But then…”

“The mirror, like water…”

“And then…”

Carol slammed the ground, and lightning flared up around her, silencing the mares. Thankfully, when Carol spoke, her voice was even.

“What. Happened?” she asked.

Celestia motioned for the others to stay silent, before turning back to the mirror.

“Sunset Shimmer,” she said, a hint of sadness in her voice. “A former student of mine. She began her studies with me not long before Twilight. But when she did not get what she wanted as quickly as she liked, she turned cruel and dishonest.”

“So...” Carol said, giving Fluttershy a confused look. "She's Logan if he was Twilight?"

Twilight raised a hoof in protest, before lowering it in thought. "That... isn't the worst description I've heard," Twilight admitted. Celestia herself nodded.

“Like Logan, I tried to help her,” Celestia continued. “But she eventually decided to abandon her studies and pursue her own path, just like when Logan left to find you, Carolina. Yet where Logan's path led to him co-existing... somewhat, peacefully with us, Sunset Shimmer's path has led to her attempting to steal Twilight’s crown and Element of Harmony.”

“And…” Carol muttered, the pieces coming together. “Logan… tried to stop her?”

“Indeed,” Celestia replied. “And both of them fell into this.” She indicated the mirror.

Carol took another look at the mirror. “Into this?” she asked, striding towards it. “How would…”

However, Carol soon learned the truth, and jumped back with a yelp after her paw sunk through.

“Oo, sparkly,” Pinkie commented.

“That mirror is no ordinary mirror,” Luna cautioned. “It is a gateway to another world. A gateway that opens once every thirty moons. It has always been kept in the throne room of Canterlot Castle…”

Carol glared at her. “This is Canterlot Castle?” she asked, indicating the storage room. “Forgive me, ‘Princess,’ but I remember Canterlot’s throne room being slightly bigger.”

Despite the situation, Pinkie couldn’t help cracking up at Carol’s jibe, and even Cadence managed a small smile.

“After I took over,” the pink alicorn explained. “My aunts sent it here for me to watch over.”

Celestia sighed. “I had always hoped that Sunset Shimmer would someday use it to return, to come back to Equestria seeking my guidance.”

Carol’s attitude faltered at the sad look in her eyes. “Instead, she comes back to steal from you,” Carol noted, a touch of bitterness in her own voice.

Celestia sighed again. “Yes,” she admitted.

Cadence stepped towards Twilight. “Twilight, you must use the mirror to go into this other world, and retrieve both your crown and Logan. Without the Element of Magic, the Elements of Harmony have no power, and Equestria is left without one of its most important means of defense.”

“Not only that, but Logan’s not going to be happy he got booted to yet another world,” Carol added. “It was bad enough when we got tossed here, who knows what he’ll do now that he’s got a powerful magic item with him, and a unicorn that probably shares his opinion on Celestia.”

Applejack shuddered. “I’m guessing he’ll do a lot more damage than just some biting.”

“You are correct, Lady Applejack,” Luna declared. “In either Logan or Sunset’s possession, the Element of Magic will no doubt cause chaos and disharmony to the inhabitants of this other realm.”

“Then it sounds like we have no time to waste,” Twilight said, flaring her wings. “We leave at once.”

“Heck yeah,” Rainbow Dash declared. “Off on another adventure.”

“So nervicited!” Pinkie cheered.

“That’s not a real word,” Applejack deadpanned.

But before the mares could converge on the portal, Celestia stopped them.

“I’m afraid I cannot let you all go.”

“What?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Why not?”

“Sending all of you could upset the balance of this alternate world, creating havoc that would make it impossible for Twilight to get the crown and Logan back. This is something Princess Twilight must do…”

“Alone?” Carol growled before shaking her head. “Sorry, Princess; no dice. Logan’s my pack mate, and we’re already not from this dimension. I’m going with Twilight.”

Rainbow Dash crossed her forelegs with a huff, while Luna looked ready to argue. But Carol’s glare dissuaded conversation. She silently said, ‘You try to stop me, and I’ll rush that portal myself.’

Realizing there was little point in dissuading the red wolf, Celestia sighed.

“Be warned,” Luna advised Twilight and Carol. “Time is of the essence. On the third day, when the moon reaches its peak in the night sky, the gateway will close. And once it does, it will be another thirty moons before you will be able to use it to return.”

Carol and Twilight looked at each other, nervousness etched on their faces. But then Carol glared at the portal, and she took a breath. She turned back to Spike, who was fidgeting behind the mares nervously.

“I’ll keep Twilight safe, Spike,” she assured him. “And we’ll get the crown back.”

Spike’s fidgeting dwindled by a fraction, and he gave a sad nod. “Good luck,” he whispered.

But Carol didn’t hear his wish, as she and Twilight jumped through, hoping against hope that Logan would be nearby.


“Um… sir?”

Logan groaned, his eyes staring blankly at the human Fluttershy. She had managed to carry him to a nurse's station - he could tell by the stink of disinfectant - where a human nurse that looked disturbingly familiar to another mare Logan had seen around town checked on him. His forehead was beaded with moisture. His heart felt like it was trying to break his rib cage.

I’m back, his thoughts whimpered. I’m back among humans. He could already feel the images coming back. The humans beating him. Whipping him. Trying to run him over.

He remembered the attack on his home. His father…

“Nurse Redheart,” Fluttershy whimpered. “What happened to him?”

“Aside from some nicks and scratches,” Redheart mumbled, her head shaking worriedly. “His heart rate is off the charts. It looks like he’s having a panic attack.” She motioned for Fluttershy to leave, but…

“NO!” Logan lunged forward and grabbed Fluttershy. The girl yelped and nearly pulled away, but Logan’s hands tightened around hers. “Don’t leave,” he whimpered. “Please… don’t leave.”

I don’t care if you’re human or not, his thoughts begged. You’re the only familiar one. Please, share some of your pony counterpart’s kindness.

To his immense relief, Redheart motioned for Fluttershy to stay.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Fluttershy,” she said, “But… maybe you should stay.”

Fluttershy gave a nervous nod, and sat down next to Logan, his grip on her hand still iron tight. Her eyes lit up with pity, and she awkwardly stroked his shoulder.

“Um… don’t worry… Mr. Scary… Biker Man. I-It’s alright…”

“Logan,” Logan shivered.


“My name’s Logan,” he whimpered.

"Oh, uh... okay... Logan," Fluttershy squeaked. She was tense as a board, and looked more than ready to bolt from him the minute he let go.

This was all wrong. Fluttershy was great with animals. She had been the one mare that Logan could count on.

But I’m not an animal now, his thoughts bemoaned. I’m one of them! I’m a human! His panting increased to hyperventilating. This couldn’t be happening!

“Easy now, easy,” Redheart said, taking his other hand. “Now just breathe. Breathe.” Her voice soothing but firm. “It’ll help. Breathe in.” She breathed, and some part of Logan got him to copy her. “Breathe out.” She blew, and so did Logan. With each breath, his heart rate lowered. His grip on Fluttershy loosened.

“Okay… good,” Redheart said. “Now… what happened?”

Focus, Applejack’s voice whispered in Logan’s mind. Find something that keeps ya going. And stick to it. That had been her advice when his mother died. Throw himself into something until the pain got easier to carry.

Back then, Logan had tried finding a way home. But this time… this time he had something he needed to bring back first.

“The crown…” he said, his voice steadying. “My friend… was robbed.”

“Robbed?” Fluttershy and Redheart looked at each other.

“Yeah,” Logan said, letting them go. “This… gold crown. Had a purple star in the center. Someone stole it… and I was chasing them.”

Redheart sat back with a hum. “Well,” she said. “I can see how that would cause quite a bit of stress.”

“Oh… m-my,” Fluttershy whimpered, suddenly looking very nervous.

Logan tilted his head at her, before realization hit him. He looked down at his hands, then pat the pockets on his jacket.

The crown was gone!

“I-I just had it,” Logan whispered. “I had it and…” His fists clenched. And I let it go when I realized I was human. He growled. “Ugh… IDIOT!”

He hit the bed, causing Redheart and Fluttershy to bounce up.

“Easy now,” Redheart said firmly. “Now what’s wrong?”

“I had it,” Logan bemoaned. “I managed to get it back, and then…” He held his head in his hands. “And then I let it go.”

After Fluttershy… FLUTTERSHY!

He looked up at Fluttershy. “Wait,” he said. “You were there. You saw…”

“I, uh…” Fluttershy backed up, fear flashing across her face. It took every instinct and memory Logan had of Fluttershy to force himself to sit back down and calm himself.

“Did you see what happened to the crown I was holding,” he said. “Same description; gold with a purple star.”

“Y-Yes,” Fluttershy said. “You dropped it after you started… screaming.”

Logan rubbed at his throat, which he realized felt sore.

“I wasn’t sure what it was, or how you got it, but I didn’t want anything to happen to it. So… I gave it to Principal Celestia.”

Celestia? Despite the rage that name normally brought, Logan felt a sigh of relief escape him. Celestia has it. Not the thief. That’s good.

Unless Celestia is connected to the thief.

Don’t be an idiot; Celestia’s manipulative, but why would she steal a crown she gave Twilight in the first place…?

Wait… “Principal?” he asked out loud.

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes, Principal Celestia,” she repeated. “She makes the rules here at Canterlot High. Her and Vice Principal Luna.”

“Wouldn’t you know that?” Redheart asked, peering at Logan. “Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. Did you transfer to Canterlot High from another school?”

“I don’t go to school,” Logan replied.

Redheart sighed, while Fluttershy looked awed.

“I knew it,” she mumbled. “That’s just what this town needs; another ignoramus…”

Logan glared at her, but Redheart was already turning back to a desk, and filling something out. She tore a piece of yellow paper and handed it to Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy, be a dear,” Redheart said. “Get this… Logan… to Principal Celestia, and see about him either getting enrolled or back to wherever his home is.” She then gave him another cautious look, as he tried to keep his heart rate from climbing up again.

“But… class starts…” Fluttershy tried to protest.

“And if he starts having another panic attack, bring him back here,” Redheart continued, helping Logan up, and pushing him onto Fluttershy.

“W-Well, I suppose he could use the help,” Fluttershy said meekly, before Redheart ushered them both out the door.

Logan glared back at the nurse as she returned to her desk, before giving Fluttershy a piteous look.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“Oh, it’s alright,” she said, chancing a fearful glance at Nurse Redheart. “I still have some time before class anyway. I-I can show you to Principal Celestia’s office.”

Logan grinned. “Thanks.”

Maybe things could still be alright; he knew where Fluttershy had taken the crown. All he had to do was find this ‘Principal’ Celestia, get the crown back, and then… head home.

Logan sighed. The crown part would be easy, but the getting home part... And here he thought one journey around the world would be enough.

But, no, apparently, now he had to start from complete scratch! This Fluttershy didn’t know who he was! She didn’t even seem to trust him the way her original form had trusted his wolf form. Sure, she was helping him, but that had to just be because kindness transcends dimensions. Even now, she still looked miserable next to him, as if being around him was a chore. He wished his ears could flatten in sympathy for the poor girl.

“By the way,” he added. “Sorry for that… interesting introduction.”

“Oh?” Fluttershy asked. “Oh, um… it’s nothing…” she mumbled. She looked like she wanted to ask how he knew her, but her shyness was getting in the way.

Logan tilted his head again, wishing he could whimper; trigger that nurturing instinct she always had for… animals!

That’s it! He thought with glee.

“So… how about animals, eh?” he asked. “Wonderful little things, aren’t they?”

That was the trick. She stopped hiding in her hair, and a hopeful grin spread across her face.

“You like animals?” She asked. “Oh, that’s wonderful! I almost never meet anybody around here who cares enough beyond finding them cute!” She blushed and kicked at the floor as they walked down the oddly metal-walled hallway. “Um… what’s your favorite animal?”

Logan held his head up with pride. “The wild wolf,” he said. “Master of the forest.” He tilted his head. “And ponies are pretty cool too.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Fluttershy squealed in delight. “Wolves are so magnificent. P-Personally, I’m a fan of their domestic cousin the dog as well. And there is something just majestic about ponies, don’t you agree?”

“Completely,” Logan replied with a nod.

Fluttershy then got an oddly crafty look in her eye; the kind where Logan knew she was going to use her innocent look to get something.

“You know,” she said, pulling a piece of paper from her backpack. “I was actually out by the statue this morning passing out fliers.”


“For the animal shelter I volunteer at,” Fluttershy continued, showing him one.

“Animal… shelter?” Logan asked, getting very bad flashbacks of the last ‘animal shelter’ he had gone too. The flier looked nice; it had happy looking animals, and photos of wide open spaces. Yet photos could only show so much.

“They need volunteers helping to save poor animals from unfortunate fates, like mean owners or being left on the streets.” She looked up with an innocent light. “Could I count on you to help me this Saturday?”

This Saturday? But what if it interferes in me getting the Element back?

Fluttershy saw Logan’s face fall, and hers fell in turn.

“Oh, wait, that’s right,” she mumbled. “The Fall Formal is this Saturday. You’re probably going to that, aren’t you?”

“I… don’t even know what that is, honestly,” he admitted. Before Fluttershy could shoot him a quizzical look, he shrugged. “I don’t go to school, remember?”

“Oh,” Fluttershy mumbled. “Right, it’s just… it’s all anybody will talk about for the past month. Unless you just moved to town…” she blushed and hid in her hair again. “N-Not that I’m accusing you of anything, it’s just…”

“It’s okay,” Logan replied. “Like I mentioned, a pretty close…” He sighed and went for the plunge. “A friend of mine lost her crown, and I came through here hoping to get it back.”

“W-Well, I really hope that the crown I found you with has a double,” Fluttershy said. “Because I could have sworn…”


Fluttershy winced at the noise, while Logan whirled towards the source with his teeth bared, even though he knew his teeth were useless now.

His eyes widened. The thief he had tasseled with was stomping towards them. Her cyan eyes widened, and she briefly halted when she saw Logan, but her eyes focused on Fluttershy, and rage battled against worry. He could still see the black eye he gave her, hidden under some skin colored makeup.

“Get out of my way,” the thief snarled at Logan. “I got some things to discuss with the girl behind you.”

Logan stretched his – thankfully buff – arms in preparation for another fight.

“Not happening,” he growled.

Fluttershy herself backed up, watching the sight in awe. Logan wasn’t sure why Fluttershy was so shocked, but he couldn’t afford to think on that right now. The thief’s eyes were boring into him, so he bore right back as if both of them could melt each other with their stares alone.

“I said,” the thief snarled, her voice having enough ice to freeze over Somnambula, “Get out. Of my way.”

“And I said,” Logan snarled, his voice holding enough venom for five hundred snakes. “Not. Happening.”

Fire blazed in her cyan eyes.

“Do you have any idea who I am, you little punk?”

His hands lashed out and shoved against her shoulders, knocking her back.

“Broken is what you’re gonna be if you don’t back off,” Logan snarled.

Fear briefly flashed through the thief’s eyes. No doubt she remembered their last tussle. But she tried to cover it with a snarl.

“Logan,” Fluttershy hissed behind him. “Don’t; you’re gonna get in trouble.”

The thief smirked, and Logan was tempted to just head butt her. His teeth may be useless in this world, but his head still felt sturdy enough. And who knew; maybe a good smack on the head would reveal that he wasn’t actually human after all.

“Listen to your friend, ‘Low-gam,’” the thief drawled, closing the distance he put between them, and poking a finger into his chest. “You may be new here, but get this through your thick head: I rule this school. And you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.” She turned her sights on Fluttershy, who whimpered under her gaze. “Now, I’m going to talk to her, and you’re not gonna give me any more trouble. Right?”

“Wrong,” Logan snarled, shoving the thief back. The thief came right back, fire really blazing in her eyes now. But before she could rush Logan, Fluttershy raced up to him.

“Sunset, I’m sorry,” Fluttershy stammered from behind Logan, her words pouring out. “I’m sorry I took the crown to Principal Celestia-I didn’t think it was yours-I just…!”

“What?” Logan asked, turning to her. Big mistake, as this ‘Sunset’ thief barreled past Logan and rounded on Fluttershy.

“It wasn’t yours, you little moron!” Sunset shrieked at her. “I was there; he was stealing it from me, and you…!”

“I’m sorry,” Fluttershy squeaked. “It looked like…”

“You’re the one who stole it!” Logan snapped, grabbing Sunset.


Everything happened in a matter of seconds: Sunset whirled back towards him, her hand an amber blur. Logan’s head jerked to the side, a stinging sensation along his cheek. He caught a glimpse of a flash of red, then Fluttershy screamed. Along with another voice Logan recognized.

“Carol, wait! NO, CAROL!”


Logan whipped around. Sunset was on the ground, a hissing, snarling ball of bright green and blood red on top of her. It was almost impossible to recognize if Carol had turned human or had stayed wolf, since she attacked Sunset with such rage. Limbs and hair flew wildly; shrieks of anger, pain and fear echoed down the hall. Then a flash of purple raced in, and Logan recognized a human Twilight, struggling to pry a livid Carol off the struggling and kicking thief.

“Carol, stop!” Twilight exclaimed, before looking at a dumbfounded Logan. “L-Logan, help me!”

Logan was tempted to help Carol with this thief, but then he noticed Carol beginning to whirl on Twilight. He jumped in, pulling Carol back as Sunset kicked at her legs and scrambled to safety.

“Kill…” Carol was hissing, froth flying from her mouth. “Kill you… little b…”

“Carolina, for goodness sake!” Twilight screamed, pulling her towards Logan, who cupped her head in his hands.

“Carol, it’s me,” he yelled when she punched at him. “It’s Logan, we’re fine.”

“Fine?” Carol whispered, finally locking eyes with Logan. It was almost eerie how much of her wolf self he could see trapped in her human form. Her snout was now just a nose and mouth, of course, as were her ears. Her skin was a shade of red like her fur, and a brighter, messily cut mane of the stuff hung over her face. Her armor was changed to a cyan tank top and a pair of black jeans complete with boots. But those same ice green eyes shined out from her face, even including the same three-clawed scar. And she had the same look of relief as she caught sight of Logan, and embraced him.

“Logan…” she whispered. “It’s really you…”

“What on Earth possessed you two?” another voice boomed. “Fighting on school grounds? Explain yourselves!”

Twilight, Logan and Carol backed up, finding themselves being loomed over by what could only be Luna’s human equivalent. Same dark blue skin and same sparkling blue hair. She wore a black and white business suit that matched her normal regalia. Behind her, the thief pulled herself up, nursing several cuts along her cheek.

“They jumped me,” the thief snapped. “I was trying to ask Fluttershy about the Fall Formal, and these delinquents jumped me.”

“You’re so full of crap,” Logan barked. “You were harassing…”

“Enough!” Luna boomed. She pointed at both Carol and Logan. “Both of you. Office. Now!”

Fluttershy squeaked from her place at the walls, as if they had been given the death sentence. Twilight glared at the thief, who was smirking in triumph.

“B-But what about her?” Twilight asked, pointing at Sunset. “She was fighting too.”

Luna glared at the thief, her eyes instantly tracking to the marks and cuts the wolves had left on her.

“Nurse’s office,” she declared in a softer voice. She beckoned to the thief. “Come.” She glared at the wolves. “And if you’re not in the Principal’s office by the time I get back, I’ll drag you there myself.”

The thief followed behind, shooting Logan a triumphant smirk. Logan spat at her, while Carol was blocked from rushing her again by Twilight. Fluttershy trembled in the corner when Logan glanced her way.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Fluttershy whispered. “No one stands up to Sunset Shimmer. Especially not... like that.”

“Sunset Shimmer?” Logan asked. “That’s that thief’s name?”

“She’s a former student of Celestia,” Twilight explained. Logan shot her a look of confusion, but she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it’s me, Logan. Carolina and I followed you through.”

Logan’s face brightened before he could stop it, so he tried to focus it on Carol, who gave him a similar bright grin.

“So, you guys are here to help?” Logan asked.

“Trying to,” Twilight glanced at Fluttershy. “First, let’s compare notes,” she said. “I want to know just what kind of mess we’ve walked into.”

Author's Note:

So... can you guys guess why Logan never went to school? :raritywink:

Also, while Logan and Sunset don't exactly interact with each other in the way Celestia and the others are afraid of, that's mostly going to be because right now, Logan and Sunset just see each other as enemies. I will cover Rainbow Rocks, and that's where Sunset and Logan will get more of a chance to share their backstories and how they view Celestia, once they've gotten past the whole 'Logan tries to fight Sunset every time she pops up' phase.