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I write fics, often late at night. Some folk like them. Also I like to use the word 'Aye' when I speak.


Equestria has changed. War threatens to tear the world apart, and Rainbow Dash finds herself caught in the center of it all, allied with the least likely of creatures.
The royal sisters have vanished, leaving Princess Twilight to take charge in their stead, bringing the eye of King Gallows of the Gryphon Kingdom. He begins wonder if Equestria has the strength needed to defend itself any longer.
The locations of the element bearers have become obscure at best, Twilight and Dash being the only two in contact with one another.
Having grown over the years, Dash has attained a greater wisdom, appreciation, and knowledge of the idea behind loyalty. This new grip on her fate allows her to channel the element in her possession as an individual, and pushes her to find her lost friends before they're lost for good, for their country may need them in this dark time. (Click 'Show More' for folk who helped and some handy info.)
This is the first in a series I plan to visit a number of times with Rainbow taking the role of our main protagonist, however as this is a large scale fantasy adventure, there will be multiple heroes with their own parts to play as well when the party splits up.

Another little tidbit that could interest you readers, is that most of the chapters of these stories will also be the titles of various songs from the power metal genre, a favored genre of mine that helped inspire and push forward this project. There will be a link to each song on the title at the beginning of the chapter if you wish to listen, but keep in mind that the story and song share little more than a title.

Great appreciation to Solidfire for editing this.

Many many thanks to SonicSketch for letting me use her wonderful art as a cover

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What, just because his name is derived off of a form of execution? Nah!

Looking Great dude, Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately, I'll keep by your side and keep editing though, keep up the great writing dude it's why your so awesome! :rainbowwild: ~Alex

Eh, no big deal. Shit comes around and we all have to deal with it. Fuck, I mean I only JUST got internet back. Glad to have you around still, hope you enjoy what I got coming.

4055940 I loved what was coming on the Gdocs, honored I can help you out bud :raritywink: ~Alex

Now I know a fic is good when my bro Solid is editing for it :rainbowlaugh: gonna see how this goes!

'He begins [to] wonder if Equestria has the strength needed to defend itself any longer.' (Description)
Hmm. Whole rainbow of tags should prove... interesting. I'll give it a shot. And based on what I've read from you before; I won't be disappointed.

I am... simply astounded by the number of downvotes this has already. I've been graced with the privilege of being an editor for this story, and so I have seen what it turns into a ways down the road. All I know is that this deserves far more love that it has gotten. I can't wait to get back to work on it. Best of luck writing the next part 4055940. Also, I put this in a bunch of groups and even promoted it in the shameless self promotion group.


It's only three, I know not everyone will like it, especially the kind that simply chose to downvote to downvote, or those that don't like any of the pairings even though none have been brought up yet. Gotta take the good with the bad, and i have more than double upvotes on it than down, so I'm optimistic.

Also, to anyone who's curious, I have a good number of chapters ready to go, but I'm still working. So in order to keep up, I'll upload a chapter only once every day or two depending on where I am along. I really hope you'll all enjoy this, I'm putting a lot of time and passion into it, and it's really fun.

Hmmm i started reading this because it sounded interesting and so-far it seems really. Good. Just checked the comments and saw solid is editing it. Well that was a shocked! Anyways i want to wish you luck with this story and to keep up with how your doing as, literacy wise, there are no errors i can see! ^.^. The only i could say is a bit more of the background. And why they are where they are would be appreciated

Well, they kinda explain why they're here in the chapter. Dash is traveling to see the world, and the dogs suggested they stop by this little town. As for description, there's more of it to come in the next chapter.

4058232 i mean the background on why they all left ponyville without twilight there and where they have gone buut still the story looks good so far!

Ah! Well that's something that will be LONG expanded upon throughout the story.

4058313 ohhhh ok then well i will keep track of this story and do my best to write a proper reveiw of each chapter! ^.^ good luck and ignore the haters that downvote just to downvote

Combat will play a large role in this.

Definitely glad that you made a blog about this, otherwise I mightn't have found it for however long. You've got me hooked so far and I'm really looking forward to more. Another like and fave from me, Sparx. Keep up the great work!

Well, you know me. :rainbowkiss:

Hum... interesting. I really like war's fanfiction, and this one seems pretty promising ;)
SpitDash ? You definitely made my day ! :D

Yup. We're starting to get into it now. :rainbowdetermined2: Buckle in.

I love more the dogs, you give them a real personnality, and I must confess I really like their manners :D
Griffon ? Grizelda ? Obvious. I look forward for it ;)

The dogs need more love.
Those are the names Lauren and the crew gave them.

Dash raised her hoof and brought a wing around to unhook it. She was shocked to see the blade spring out and point beyond her hoof. “No way! Lyra I could kiss you! This is incredible!”

Ooh Dashie got herself some hidden blades! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Rainbow87dash deleted Mar 14th, 2014

This fic is awesome!
I love the way you write Rainbow, and the fact that this fic is spitdash doesn't hurt! XD I love their relationship! <3

Designing weapons made for hooves is one of the smaller reasons I took on this project, but a fun one nonetheless. :pinkiesmile:

The Spitdash romance is a concept that I will always return to, it's what got me started in the fanfic-ing business, and it's something that pulled me into the fandom deeper. It'll only be explored upon more and built stronger as we go on.
Also this is the way I really enjoy seeing Rainbow portrayed, still cocky and tomboyish, but also matured by the years and wiser from it.


Lyra, The Song
at least for this fic I mean.

Yes, but for now they've been happening out of the scene, but there will be more seafaring chapters.

Alea iacta est, my friend! The die has been cast!

Grizelda is obviously Gilda:rainbowlaugh:

'Twas Lauren's original name for her.

Having finally clicked on the first chapter, this story looks really promising, and I foresee myself enjoying it greatly.

You can't have a good fic without SpitDash.

I can certainly say I hope you do. :twilightsmile:
That's my motto! :rainbowwild:

The dragon's group intrigues me. Will they be a recurring event? It seems to be interesting.

While it is common for females to take on more docile rolls than the males

I believe that the word you are looking for is "roles".

There are times that they will pop in, but not often.

Thank you for catching that.

Not to mention it burns as well, and Joker got dibs on watching the world burn.

I freaking love your actions scenes, just want to put it out there.
Great chapter, we finally meet Applejack in this future verse! Can't wait until she gets some actual screen time!

where the hell was she a few minutes ago?! i'm glad she showed up when she did, but there better be a back story or something next chapter.


Well, she's not a wizard, but same deal. Does she really need a reason though? She didn't know anyone was here and she wasn't involved. She happened to be walking around and saw a goblin about to brutally murder a dog, and stepped in.


The action scenes are some of my favorite to write, especially trying to figure out everypony's individual fighting style based on their abilities or gear.

4129313 fucking brilliant response! i'll never doubt you again!

damn, big macintosh, what the heck is wrong with you?! lucky bastard.....

It's comic canon. i'll be loosely using the comics for background. loosely mind you, there is still the AU tag up there (preemptive flame shield).

So we have our next destination! Also, why are there four to collect?
There should be four including AJ. Because Twilight is in Canterlot.
Just a nitpick. Keep up the worlding! Great read.

:derpyderp2: Looks like you caught me failing at maths. I thought it sounded off. Forgive me though, I posted this when I woke up, not functioning at full capacity in the mornings. :derpytongue2: You're right though, and holy crap! Someone's actually bothering to read the AN. Kickass!

Indeed they do. They're getting even better to write as well!

So Gilda is finally "introduced", as well as "the storm" which I am going to take no guesses as to what it is *cough*Sombra*cough*, closes in on the crew as the trek after Fluttershy.
So, with how this journey is going, Fluttershy is either going to be a doctor (there's a secret college in the middle of Reject's Garden, where she's getting her PHD) or another badass warrior.
So I'm guessing Gilda is going to be joining us for our trek into the Garden?
Or is she just gonna be a fodder character introduced only to be tragically killed to show the danger of what is to come?
The Griffin/Pony/Changeling/Dragon group still intrigues me, though. They seem like a nice bunch, if totally badass.

Nice guesses all. As far as Gilda, she is now a member of the party, but she won't be going into Reject's Garden, and I will neither confirm nor deny her death. The other party are another group of adventurers that are leaving as well. This may be the last time we see them in THIS submission, but I gave them names so I may have to do more with them.

Exact reaction I intended y'all to have. :pinkiehappy:

holy beast core! sombra really or at least his horn I mean really he obviously was sent to hell so his horn with it's magic sought out a new weilder. Anyone else starting to get a symbiote vibe here. Anyway good story. Wait zombie dragons... oh crescent hunter the dragon part of the garden is actually skeletal dragons. Where on the world did you decide to create a place like that. As to that 'master' of a main villain here I wonder if you read my mind because that sounds a lot like my darkness void character. Wait why didn't you have rainbow warn that griffin with the dragon, pony and changeling of the war. Really if they been traveling for a while than that griffin must not have heard.

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