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Went to BABScon · 4:31pm April 24th

It was my first convention. Pretty great. Definitely the most fun I've had for a long time.

Also my first time buying any sort of merchandise (since I don't really like most Hasbro products, and conventions are the only place to really sell fan creations.) The most relevant information is that one of the artists (I don't remember how his fan name was spelled) finally found a decent puzzle manufacturer

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Breaking Dawn chapter soonish! · 4:18am Nov 29th, 2018

I really had no excuse for letting it sit for so long. But I've gotten the next chapter about halfway done.

I'm making a blog post to keep myself accountable.

There's been a lot of sickness (the chronic type) and depression, but both are getting better as I'm finding success at fixing some of my health problems. Drive to write is returning, and I need to form good habits. (As in, stop using Youtube a lot and actually get off my butt.)

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Ponyvania is now a full game! · 11:19pm Jul 31st, 2018

I had almost given up on this gem of a fan game, but apparently, they were hard at work all along.

Now we have a full version (Though apparently, the two-player mode is still a bit buggy, and will be patched soon.)

I just found this out today, by dumb luck, as I had lost my old version on my harddrive. And it just got released eight days ago.

Anyway, ZiggyLung (the developer) is now on GameJolt, and here's the page you're looking for: https://gamejolt.com/games/ponyvania/232954

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For all the aspiring writers out there... · 8:39pm Jul 31st, 2018

This video is about Harry Potter, but it's more about writing in general. It also helps you from writing yourself into corners, and emphasizes the importance of the original idea the story is based off of.

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Breaking Dawn chapter coming soonish · 9:01pm Jul 11th, 2018

I'm telling everyone to keep myself accountable. I've been sick a lot recently, which means I was kinda depressed and not "feeling like" writing anything.

Which means I have some bad habits to break.


If any of you play Minecraft.... · 2:23pm Jul 8th, 2018

Sorry for the blatant promotion, but I realized that my server needs the advertisement, and you guys might actually enjoy it.

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No longer procrastinating, so next chapter should be out soonish. · 1:09am May 20th, 2018

It might still be a few days, but the next chapter of Breaking Dawn should come fairly soon, as the content seems to be flowing fairly naturally.

There are a few status quo changes that desperately needed to happen, some more character involvement from ponies that really needed it, and the start of a real plot.

I'm somewhat embarrassed it took me this long to get that.

Anyway, expect it in a few days or so.

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Sorry about the general lack of chapter updates. · 11:29pm Apr 24th, 2018

I've been wasting my life with this really addicting pony game: foe.ucoz.org/pfe.swf I never thought a flash game could be so long, detailed, and visually engaging. (I'd start on Easy or Super-Easy if you want to play it yourself, though. It is not an easy game in general.)

I promise to reduce my procrastinating by at least 50 percent, though. :facehoof:

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Breaking Dawn is no longer On Hiatus. · 5:47pm Apr 8th, 2018

Breaking Dawn if officially off hiatus!


Now, you'll still have to wait a bit for me to actually write the chapter, but still.

And for those who were worried it was dead, I never leave stories to die. The only situation that could happen is if I actually grow to hate a story. Which is not a chance with Aurora.

Why do you think I still have her as my avatar? :twilightsmile:

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Is it just me..? · 3:58am Dec 25th, 2017

Or are there a ton of new stories with changelings in them?

Not that I'm complaining or anything. And I just released one revolving around changelings as well. But I started writing that ages ago, so it doesn't count...

I love changelings, anyway.

Speaking of changelings, I wanted to talk about the canon change thing. With Thorax.

Story-wise, I loved that episode.

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