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This story is a sequel to Rewritable

Important: This is one of my early stories, when I was not very experienced as a writer.

FYI - reading the prequel is mandatory to understand what is going on.

My name is Starry Night, and my life has never exactly been normal. Living around Twilight Sparkle ensures that. But that is not normally the cause of my problems. Trouble finds me just fine.

You see, banishment is always temporary.

I found where the Nightmare resides. It is a place very far away. But that gives me little comfort. Because the Elements never destroy. It is against their nature. The Elements can be separated. But the Nightmare never gives up.
With it alive, Equestria is always in danger. And I can't allow that to happen.

Sequel: (Deleted - it was terrible)

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 7 )

Please, fix the italic marker in this chapter. Like half the chapter was written in italic, it's kind of hard on the eyes after a while.

And a small tips between writers, after having written a chapter,take a look at it outside of editor view to make sure it's all clear before uploading. Will save you from mismanaging links and italics like this.

"What do you look like without your armor? I mean, we've only seen you with it on, before."

That's not quite right, is it? He first met them all without the armor, and then activated it in front of them!

6590283 But you see, Silver Star assumed that whatever disguise enchantment was still on. He was wearing the torc part, and since he looks so much like the new standard, she made a few assumptions.

You're right, the armor part of the enchantment was activated later. But since he had the only physical part of it on at all times, she noticed that. Understandably, she assumed that he wanted to get them used to his new form.

And FYI, just because I gave her a name doesn't make her a main character; I'm actually going to give every single guard a name and personality.
I just think they deserve that.

6590260 Yes, I missed a bracket, probably due to editing after I had applied the italics. I will definitely take your suggestion. Thanks for pointing it out.

Great stories.
Would love to read a sequel to it. Was the deleted one really that bad?

Yes. Yes it was. I was extremely new to writing in general, and when I looked back at it, I couldn't even think of a way to rewrite it properly. While I have already forgotten what it was about, I do know that despite my Author's Note, he was already a bit of a Stu. Things were going too well for him, and then the alicorn bit afterwards.

I might have tried again, but right now, I'm working on several stories at once, none of which I want to drop to work on something new.

I'm glad you liked this though, and sorry it had to end on a cliffhanger like this.

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