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CONTENT WARNINGS: Xenomorphs, facehuggers, mentions of invasive face-hugging, identity crisis, general emotional distress

The following story contains no named character deaths, and no scenes of chestbursting. This story is intended to be a more light-hearted AU. Proceed with caution.


A creature designed by nature for one thing: Hunting.

A creature meant to adapt to its host, infiltrate under cover of darkness, replicate and breed and swarm, until a planet is no more. The perfect organism.

Yet... what would happen if one were to experience independent thought, empathy, and self doubt?

What if indeed.

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This is interesting, both in concept and in trying to piece together the history of this AU.

Twilight isn't ascended, and is living in Golden Oaks with Chryssalis. The Element bearers are still a group, but they seem older and their personalities are different, especially Fluttershy (Canon Flutters would never wear leather). Also the world in general seems more rugged and adventurous, what with the scars mentions of temple diving.


Thank you, that's exactly what I'm going for! :D

What's the slice of life tag?

Ahh, I figured that would fit the more mundane aspects of the story- Scratch learning to eat, cook, etc, as well as the more ground level interactions like making friends and such u vu

This seems pretty cool so far. Chrissy is a thing and a much less dark story then other xenomorph stories

I must say that this is one of those crossovers that I could never expect that it could end well.
it always seemed to me that the Mlp universe is practically defenseless against aggressive creatures or warlike civilizations from other franchises.
if there were no such omnipotent beings as Discord or alicorns capable of moving celestial bodies, then one more or less powerful hit would be enough to exterminate half of the population of this world.
And creatures from the "Alien" universe, theoretically, may well arrange an apocalypse. Who would have thought that in even one story, "friendship magic" would work effectively against them?
if possible, then I would like a more detailed explanation of how magic affected aliens.
I liked the comparison and parallels between Alien and Changeling. :)

Ahh, thank you! Don't worry, there'll be more explanations of how things work as the story goes on :)

Hello… world.

A natural programmer. *wipes tear*

the third chapter raises even more questions.
Is there a Spike in this universe?
Where is the Chrysalis swarm located? does she have a hive?
Where did Rarity's scars come from? (For some reason, the presence of Fluttershy's scars did not even bother me, given her more fighting appearance and the habit of walking in the ever-growing forest.)
how much is this universe different from the canon?

although on reflection I have a theory that answers the first two questions. According to her, the Twilight entrance exam had a Chrysalis egg instead of Spike's egg. Thus Chrysalis was raised and raised to become Twilight's assistant, taking Spike's place.
There is really one fact that does not give me confidence in this theory. This is the high rise of Chrysalis. If they were at least one height, then I would be sure that this theory is 100% correct.

P.S. sorry for my English.

interesting thus far, but i'm not too sure about the hints of shipping
also, sidenote, but i keep imagining my OC getting his own friendly Xenomorph

Every mane six gets a xenopony and they become the new elements. That's my guess.

All in all. Nice

A fic about a Xenomorph gaining self awareness in mlp? I'm interested. Curious to see if you'll be referencing any of the comics too.

Now there's an alternate universe setting I've never heard. I like it.

This is an interesting take on the Xenomorph in MLP route then I am used to. I quite enjoyed it so far.

Now there are a few things, this is very different from any Xeno story I've read before, and that's a great many. I suggest reading some of the comics and stories where they had a Xeno that acted differently then others.

Thing's are going to get awkward when Scratch starts building her own Hive

there is no confirmation yet and everything that I have composed can easily be refuted in the next chapter, and this story in its concept will be close to the blog "Fluffle Puff"

The premise is interesting, but its the worldbuilding that has given this story something truly interesting, and worth sticking around to get a better look at.

Keep it up freindo.

I can agree with all this.
What the hell am I reading?
That said I'm enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would.

On one hand, it's a clever idea to show a new AU through the eyes of a new creature such as Scratch, who has the same experience as the reader of this new AU. On the other hand, it's maybe too much to handle, it may sink the character development. Of course, it's only my opinion, as long as it will not come to "Oh btw I'm this" or "Oh btw I did that" in the middle of the story I'm fine with it.

I just saw this and Jesus Christ an Alicorn Xenomorph? Thank god Twilight isn't an Alicorn because one that has magic is bad enough.

The story was good till this chapter. You made changes, some very big changes without explanation at this time minus AU tag.

You need more world building to justify the changes a simple slap of an AU tag is not enough. You hot to sell why they are different then canon.

Besides that Scratch is very interesting.

Or any creature that live in Equestria.

“Prep the lab! F-full quarantine, now! I… I need to… I…”

Good one (good reaction)

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Dude, combine your observations into a single comment for a single chapter.

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Sways, and collapses again, leg kicking weakly. She cannot live up to her purpose. She cannot hunt. Scratch is flawed. Purposeless. Better off dead.

Emotions are developed , need food

Hello, I'm glad you like my story! But if possible, could you please try and put your thoughts into one comment? You're spamming a little and it can be hard to read with all your thoughts so spaced out :'D

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“It’s possible you may not even be terrestrial!” Twilight giggled gleefully, clapping her hooves. “This is fascinating! Okay, hm… So…” She begins to pace in circles around Scratch. Scratch’s tail flicks nervously, the mare unsure of what Twilight’s intentions are.


Heh, experiencing complex thought and immediately demanding it be shut off. Congratulations Scratch, you're officially a person.

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Figured that would be the best way to humanise her ;D
... horse-ize? Equanise? Whatever term works.

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“Hhee… Heeehhlllooohh.” Scratch hisses. Her voice is… unused, faintly cracking like dried stone. But the more she uses it, the more comfortable speaking becomes. “Heellloooh. Heellooh. Hhh…” Scratch feels an odd contraction in her chest, and she coughs suddenly, doubling over. Twilight yelps. “O-oh, sorry! Please, don’t push yourself!” She rests a hoof on Scratch’s upper back, rubbing it. Scratch freezes, unused to the contact, and sits up.

Xenomorph managedto talk not via telepathy but actualy with mought

“How polite! My, where did you find her?” Rarity asks.

“Growing inside my ribcage.” Twilight replies, smiling weakly. Rarity nods sagely, not listening as she pulls a measuring tape from inside her scarf.
“Ah yes, just like my last g- excuse me, say again?” She stops, saving Scratch from being measured a second time.

I need to know how that sentence was supposed to end

“... Your species is very drippy, I take it.” She murmurs, levitating a rag over and wiping the window clean.

At least not acidic spit

That is going to e a big one , ALL THOUGHTS Fro readin now in 1 package . I was comenting while was reading .

“Prep the lab! F-full quarantine, now! I… I need to… I…”

(Good one(good reaction Twiligh Sparkle))
Similiarity getting from the dna it got from the host

It does not know how it knows this word, but it knows this word is correct. This pony is the creature’s host. It can feel it, it knows, deep down. Yet the pony is alive. How…

Knows from provably the implantd basic describtion of the host

(survived the host because opertion see up )

The lavender one’s eyes widen near-to-beyond their limits, a giddy, gleeful giggle escaping her. “Chryssie, do you know what this means?! I’ve discovered a new species! A sapient, intelligent species! All birthed from eggs, and… And their lifecycle appears to be parasitic, growing within the host, then…” She freezes, and pats her chest, looking down. “... Ah, I don’t think her removal in that particular fashion was… expected.” She looks at the creature again.

But THE HOST AND THE CrEATURE(Xenomorph) are both live . from the surgery who saved the impregnated host from Host's death

Think? Why think? No think. Prey think. Not prey. Prey… scared…

(Uh..that is under question . What is withough thinkng = Plant/cabbage , mindless hungry thing with primal brain functoning like a animal(

But it cannot stop, nor can it notice another build up of energy. There is another, violent lurch, and then… Light, agonisingly bright, painful lights. The creature, fully exposed, writhes and screams, baring its teeth. It thrashes and bashes against its cage; there is a flash of pain as its own tail whips it, leaving a wicked scar on its face.

Observation is the xEnomorph generaly WEAK TO LIGH , Or is wekened to magic . it is incoclusive answer
( do not if it repeats)

The lavender one bounces excitedly. “Yes! It wasn’t a fluke!” The lavender one quickly skitters away to a workbench, horn alighting with magic as she lifts a book over, quickly beginning to write hurried notes within. The other pony slowly approaches the cage, leaning down to stare closely at Scratch. “... My kind have never even heard of a creature such as you, yet you bear… similarities to us. Intriguing.” She murmurs. “I am Chrysalis. That, is Twilight Sparkle.” She gestures to the lavender one. “Can you speak?” She asks.

Simliarity getting from the dna it got from the host
“Okay… Is your species hostile to ponies?” She asks. Scratch simply nods; while this entire thing may be unexpected, their initial goal was domination, feeding, preying. She cannot deny that. Twilight winces.
“... Are you hostile to me?
(unfourtunatly by nature yes)

Scratch hesitates this time. She feels she should nod, but… Something deep within her, an odd warmth, a comfortable feeling, causes her to shake her head. Twilight raises an eyebrow, tilting her head to the side.
“Do you know why?”

1(Scrach des not know ore lie a animal than inteligent being with developing personality)

2( Food , More Xenomorphs)

Twilight taps her chin.
“Hmm… The creature that… erm… infected me was like an arachnid. The eggs were almost like leathery bird eggs. Or bug eggs. Erm, no offense, Chryssie.” Twilight giggles at the huff from the other pony. Scratch remains stationary, watching Twilight closely.
“... Despite that, you are quadrupedal. Well, you started more snakelike. Then grew legs, and now…” She taps her chin for a moment, deep in thought, before suddenly looking up.
“Are… you supposed to look like this?” She asks. Her horn glows, and a mirror appears next to her, allowing Scratch to properly see herself.
(this time took the charecteristics of the host)
and the host was 4 legged spectaular magician Twilight SparKle , took after her in DNA


She has a black, chitinous body, with a long, extended head crest. A sharp spike of bone and chitin sticks out of her forehead; a horn, much like Twilight’s. Lavender energy sacs cling to the underside of her crest, and thin vents of lavender light run along the top of it. She has chitinous shoulder extensions, and her belly is ridged with more lavender sacs. Her body is slender, and long, with a thick tail curled behind her.

Teaching Xenomorph to speak with voice . usually they do with mind link telepathy/hive mind suspected to be use

Scratch opens her mouth, looking at her sharp teeth and second, smaller mouth. A wicked scar on her left cheek reminds her of her name. Scratch… Am Scratch. I… I am Scratch.

She realises Twilight has asked a question, and gives a nervous shrug. She does not know what her species is meant to look like. Twilight lets out a soft ‘hrm’.

“Hmm… Slightly taller than average ponies. Tail is… Three feet long, wow… Your horn is, hm… Also larger than an average unicorn’s. Um, could you…” Twilight steps in front of Scratch, tilting her head.
“Um… Hm.” Twilight opens her mouth, pointing to her tongue.
“Cou’ yo-” She closes her mouth, then continues, “Could you show me your erm… Second mouth?” Twilight asks. Scratch carefully obliges, letting her inner mouth show at its full length, its tiny teeth clacking together as drool pools on the floor beneath Scratch’s hooves. Twilight, either not noticing or not caring, takes some measurements, then gestures for Scratch to close.
“Good thing Rarity taught me how to take my dress measurements. Gosh, never thought that would come in handy for a situation like this.”

Twilight turns to Chrysalis.
“Okay, that should be all. Erm-” She turns to face Scratch, blushing a little.
“I… probably should have asked if I could take your measurements first. Sorry, this is very exciting!” She bounces in place a little, giggling to herself.
“What if your species are infiltrators? Or well… Creatures designed to adapt? Is that true? Do your kind adapt to their hosts?” She asks. Scratch doesn’t even need to think; deep, instinctual truths tell her this is so. Her kind are meant to hunt, to devour, to breed, and to do that they must be ready for whatever planet they are seeded onto. She nods.

(if it is species infiltrator , it should be carnivore , unless omnivore
Scrach is realy hungry)
what Xenomorphs are better/meant to do

Scratch doesn’t even need to think; deep, instinctual truths tell her this is so. Her kind are meant to hunt, to devour, to breed, and to do that they must be ready for whatever planet they are seeded onto. She nods.
Twilight is considerably more excited now, and she pats her chest.
“I’ve got it. If you adapt by taking on aspects of your hosts… You must have picked up Friendship! The magic of Friendship has saved the world so many times, and it seems it’s done so again, just… Not in the way I would have expected. This is… extraordinary.”

1( Actually got magic , but ignorance should help in the personality developing)
2(Cute typical purpe smart researcher SHCOLAR)
She can feel a tingle of cool energy flowing up and down her body, the spines on her tail quivering with energy. Friendship…? (MAGIC)
(Trying Magic)
Dilema of predatour meat eater to he beings it befriended , it does not wanrt 6o just folw it's instincts
personality developining unfourunatly went with nightmares wishing what des not want to do directed by primal brain of beast , begining of humanity/personality , friendship and compassion

Prey…? Scratch wonders. It would be too easy. Leap forward, puncture them both with her tail. Consume, feed, serve the hive. But… The thought of hurting either of the two ponies brings a sense of… disgust, of revulsion to the creature, to whom disgust is an unexplainable concept. Scratch is meant to revel in gore and gristle, seek out bloodshed and hunt down her meals with no discrimination or hesitation. Yet…

Not… prey. Friend...s…?

“You have not attempted to harm either of us, although you did appear to be having a nightmare…” The tall pony smirks lowly, the ridges of her horn alighting with a warm green glow.
“Although I do not know many ponies who would have a nightmare about love.”

Scratch listens to Chrysalis as she carefully pulls her body out of the tangled bedsheets covering her. Love? Dreams? These ideas are even more unknowable confusions to her. She can understand the words, knows their innate meaning, but cannot explain them to herself.
Magic iherited from host Ywiligt sparkle

She’d dwelt on friendship, and had simply let the magic well up inside her, and…

Scratch lowers her head slightly, a light slowly collecting around the base of her horn. She feels a sac within her crest surge with power as she taps into the friendship within her, the friendship she learnt from her host.
A gentle, pastel, lavender light. Scratch focuses, carefully, lifting the tape; Twilight and Chrysalis have stopped speaking, but she tries not to think about it as the measuring tape approaches Scratch, hovering in front of her face.

“She’s… using telekinesis… And she’s never had a single lesson!” Twilight hisses. The sound is enough to distract Scratch, and the measuring tape falls to the ground. Scratch staggers a bit, shaking her head as dizziness overwhelms her. Using such power is… expected of her species, but the source of the power, this ‘friendship’, is… difficult to comprehend.

“You’re xenobiological, and taking on the form of a pony… Xenopony? No, that rolls off the tongue weirdly… Ponalien? No, no…” Twilight stops in front of Scratch, tilting her head.
“I’ve got it! Xenoquine!” She says, eyes wide with excitement as she levitates her notebook over, scrabbling “XENO” into the blank space in front of “Biology”, and adding “XENOQUINES” as a heading above the subtitle.(XENOMORPH)

teaching to speak

“Try this. Hhhhh.” Twilight opens her mouth, pushing air out of herself. Scratch mimics the gesture, opening her mouth and hissing, spittle dropping from the jaws of her second mouth. Twilight, barely hiding her fascination, continues.
“That’s… a start. Now, try to make this noise. Ehhhh. Eeeehhhhh.”

Scratch listens closely, tilting her head to the side, noticing the way Twilight’s throat shifts as she makes the noise. Scratch attempts to mimic the sound, focusing on keeping her inner jaw from getting in the way.

“Hhhhh… eeeeehhhh…” She manages. Twilight’s glee is barely disguised now as she leans in, bouncing on her hooves.
“Okay, okay! Next sounds! Two to go, let’s see if you can do them together! First, Leh. Leeeeh.” She says, mouth open wide for Scratch to see the pony’s tongue shifting to make the noise. It’s a strange motion; Scratch, tongueless, isn’t sure how she’ll make that noise, but allows Twilight continue.
“And then finally… Ooohhh. Ohhhh. Try that!” She says, practically indenting the rug and wood beneath her with how hard her forehooves are pressing into the ground, excitement barely contained.
Scratch frowns for a moment, feeling the inside of her mouth. Her inner jaw, when properly focused on, seems more… malleable than it should be. Nowhere near as flexible as Twilight’s tongue, but nonetheless moveable more than her species’ inner jaws should be able to.

Another part of being Pony? Or caused by… magic…?
(also with no hans the mought developed dexterity of a hand)


“Hhhh. Eehhh… Lu-ohhhh.” She manages, inner jaw shifting slowly and sluggishly in her mouth. Twilight squeals with excitement, clapping her hooves together. Not wanting to disappoint her host, Scratch tries again. She knows the word she’s trying to say; the sounds combine in her mind as a greeting, a response to meeting someone, the opener to a conversation. She knows this word. She just has to try and say it… Speech is important, she knows this, too.

“Hhee… Heeehhlllooohh.” Scratch hisses. Her voice is… unused, faintly cracking like dried stone. But the more she uses it, the more comfortable speaking becomes.
“Heellloooh. Heellooh. Hhh…” Scratch feels an odd contraction in her chest, and she coughs suddenly, doubling over. Twilight yelps.

Xenomorph managedto talk not via telepathy but actualy with mought
When The Xenomorph spitted/drooled thank god it was not acidic

Brief Describtion

“A new species. Discovered, erm- yesterday. She’s parasitic. Grows extremely fast. Adapts to her host… and apparently isn’t meant to be this friendly.” Twilight explains. Rarity nods, listening closely. Scratch is slightly taken aback; the other mare seems to be taking the situation seriously, despite her earlier… oddness.

Rarity nods slowly.
“So, you wished to summon us all to get our thoughts on her, hmm? Well, she can speak, that chitin is simply goooorgeous, and my, that tail! I can think of such ways to accessorise it.” She laughs airily, running a hoof through her mane.
“So, how did you find her?” She asks. Twilight looks at Scratch, tilting her head.
“That’s… a long story. Scratch, why don’t you go get breakfast while I fill Rarity in?” She offers. Scratch’s belly rumbles at the thought of food, and she nods, turning and leaving through the door Twilight entered through.

The kitchen smells strongly of deliciousness. Scratch feels her mouth watering as she enters, tail flicking impatiently behind her. Chrysalis is standing by what Scratch vaguely recognises as a stove, wearing a pink apron. She turns, and smirks.
“Ah, our… xenoquine wishes to eat. Very well.” The tall mare gestures to a table off to the side. There’s three chairs there. Scratch nods, skittering over and sitting down, looking around the wooden kitchen.

There’s a window next to the table; she peers through it, looking out at the morning crowds milling about. She counts almost thirty ponies, trying not to think about how numbers and counting work. They’re all milling about, purchasing things at market stalls. The concept of “purchasing” and “market” are still vague unknowables to Scratch, but she tries not to think about it, turning as Chrysalis places a plate before her. Fried eggs.

Scratch leans down, sniffing them carefully. They smell of salt, and… and-

The xenoquine almost falls out of her chair as she sneezes, mucus and spittle spraying the window next to her. Chrysalis sighs lowly.

“... Your species is very drippy, I take it.” She murmurs, levitating a rag over and wiping the window clean

Inherited memory

There’s another mare here now. A yellow one, and… This one has wings. Peg… pega… pegasus? Scratch’s stolen memories drift to the forefront, telling her what she needs to know.

The mare is a yellow pegasus, with a pastel pink mane, cut short. She’s wearing a brown leather jacket, scratched and scuffed; as scratched and scuffed as the rest of her body, scars strewn all across her messy, slightly dirty fur. She’s sitting next to Rarity, the mares talking quickly.

My last though so far

Heh, experiencing complex thought and immediately demanding it be shut off. Congratulations Scratch, you're officially a person.

Figured that would be the best way to humanise her ;D
... horse-ize? Equanise? Whatever term works.

(And yes , I think humanise is more used to be use) Humanise

What if in sparin Scarch acidently hurt her new friends with her Tail spear or impegnate withtheseecond mought and discover what Scrach eats beside Eggs . She was NEARLY StarvED TO DEATH/Exaustion

Okay, you need, NEED, to do more world-building to set up this alternate universe you have going. Also please explain to me the logic of how Twilight got face hugged, survived, brought Scratch into the world, the first Xenomorph with a conscience, and now suddenly is all on board with making more of her?

Now, we pray this wasn't a clutch seeded for hunting. Predators know little of friendship.

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