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After losing his last relative, Will is stuck in despair and sadness, only wishing to have a new family. And he's getting one, one that will never leave him.
His wish granted and ready for a new start, Will is purged from the sadness of his old life by accepting to lose some of his memories and is no longer human, in a strange new land with two brothers that will never leave him alone. Literally.

Death Tag for the prologue.

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If this isn't a Godzilla crossover, then why is the cover art a silhouette of King Gidorath?

While I do like king Gidorath and it definitely had some influence over the writing, it wasn't exactly the point. I've made this picture a while ago and I need to update it to add the forelegs.

Have to ask, do you have a set upload schedule for this story?

Sadly I don't have one yet. I used my last days of holidays to write so it will be slower now but the next chapter will be twice as long and is almost complete, I will probably publish it tomorrow or the day after. I hope to be able to publish one chapter a week but it will depend of my free time.

I know some authors will write a few chapters ahead and do weekly updates... an example would be, doing 6 chapters then posting 1 or 2 a week giving you 3-6 weeks of freedom to write. Still I'm loving the premise of the story so far.

I wonder if you are going to make more

This chapter was so adorable I can't wait to see what the princess is think of them

I found this chapter to be very touching especially when two of the heads are crying looking for Fluttershy great work keep it up I can't wait to read the next chapter

Nice mate good work I wonder what will happen next? Can't wait

This strikes great!

awesome chapter dude, keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot, it took me longer than I though to get it out.

Very good work I like the chapter and I wonder what we'll find out in the next one

Ok so Unified is basically a mini King Ghidorah just without the homicidal and genocidal urges

I wonder if you are going to do a nightmare night special

Love what your doing here and can't wait for the next chapter do you think you will add any other Kaiju to this story ?

Hi, thanks for the comment. I'm 100% sure that there will be no other kaiju. It's indeed inspired by King Ghidorah but the story is more about Sage and his brothers and his life in Equestria so he will be the only Kaiju.

Maybe but in that case it will come a bit later. The story is between at the very beginning of Season 2 so Nightmare night will happened but there are some chapters that will come first. I have maybe the next 3-4 chapters already planned in my head but I don't really have an ending yet. I honestly don't know how the story will end, just the path that Sage, Skaly and Rex will take to go there.

Interesting, please do continue.

Great story I love what you did

awesome chapter dude, keep up the good work and i wonder how the dragons in the dragon lands will react to unified?

There will be a chapter on this at one point but I fear it will not come anytime soon. I haven't started the next chapter yet because of my assessments and exams, I think I will have more time once November is over so there might be no chapter for a little while as much as I would like to write more.

Amazing story so far keep up the great work

"Maybe I should do that more often" Said the taxi driver looking at the now empty backseats, restarting his engine before driving away under the rain.

Bitch did you just make an origin story for the fucking merchant?

"It's obvious isn't it? I'm the one in charge" Said the middle head as the wings and legs started to move with difficulty, visibly not really used to move his body.

now that I give this thought that would really suck I mean they can see talk hear and they all feel each others pain but the outer heads are just there they can't really do anything

Another point she tried to figure out was why he had three heads. She couldn't imagine a dragon and an hydra conceiving a egg, they were far too different and from what she read, dragons would probably be far too proud to go for an hydra.

on the opposite end of the spectrum they are also very lazy and if a pent up Male dragon saw a female hydra in heat there's a strong likelihood of the dragon shrugging and saying "Eh, that'll work"

It did inspired me but I honestly didn't thought it could be a potential origin for him. It's actually funny to think about

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor 👍:)

Tis kinda the same for the hydra. Middle controls movements while the rest protect the middle in some way.

Loving this story it’s unique as all hell we’ve never had a story were the MC is close to a hydra that I know of so this is amazing an fun and thus I can’t wait to see more!

Another point she tried to figure out was why he had three heads. She couldn't imagine a dragon and an hydra conceiving a egg, they were far too different and from what she read, dragons would probably be far too proud to go for an hydra.

Yes and people have tried to fuck actual horses. I don't see your point

The story seems alright so far, but I feel like you could use an editor/pre-reader. There's quite a few errors scattered about.

I'm sure I should. I tried my best to remove and correct as many mistakes as possible but english isn't my native language. I'll take some time to re-read this chapter and the other ones and try to polish everything a bit but not right now.

Comment posted by Lord Nightstalker deleted Dec 24th, 2021

Yeah I inspired myself from Ghidorah. It's not him though, just a dragon similar in the fact that he does have three heads

The seller of dreams, he once received. I like it.

Very interesting, I think I will follow this one

Some grammar (I think that's the right term) issues I think, but good overall.

Been a awesome read so far, can't wait for more

I know that it's been way too long since the last update but the next chapter will come soon. I hope.
I have a few ideas for the next chapters: SPOILERS The CMC, princess Celestia, a bit of betrayal at some point, Discord and all of that should lead toward the dragon lands.
The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how it's going to end.

Anyway, time to go sleep. Thanks again for the comments!

Ok I’m loving this already

So Sage is basically Ichi, Skaly is Ni, and Rex is San/Kevin?

This is awesome

Also, just realized that their initials from right to left are SSR

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