• Published 23rd Sep 2021
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A three headed family - valexto

After losing his last relative, a young man in despair wish to have a new family. And he's getting one, one that will never leave him

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3: A new life in Equestria

It has been a few days since Fluttershy picked up the red egg and nothing much happened. Twilight sent a letter to Princess Celestia and her reply was to keep an eye on the egg for now and she wouldn't come yet since there was no proof of what was inside.

The Princess also agreed with Twilight's wish to closely observe the egg and so she did. Almost everyday she came to study the red egg and all the other members of the mane six also heard about it at one point so all of them came to see it, even gathered for a tea party in Fluttershy's cottage just to speak about it.

Fluttershy was happy with it, the egg seemed to not have any problem and all her animals had almost changed their thoughts about the egg overnight. And to ease them even more, not a single trace of a dragon appeared, this little egg seemed to have been stolen by the timberwolf or abandoned by it's parents.

Twilight did a lot of research, combining them with her own experience with Spike to be prepared to raise this dragon if it was indeed one. Spike also expressed a lot of interest for the egg, impatient to learn more about his own species and even to teach it to a younger dragon.

But today was a special day.

Fluttershy was running toward Ponyville in the early morning to fulfill her promise, going through the streets and whispering tons of apologies on the way.

"Sorry!" "Please don't mind me!" "My apologize!"

Fluttershy rushed toward the library and stopped right in front of the door before knocking very gently. Her call was answered by Spike not looking very awaken yet.

"Oh hi Fluttershy, is everything alright?" The little dragon asked not used to see her like that.

"Twilight... egg... hatching." Said the yellow pegasus between two breath.

"Oh. Twilight! The egg is hatching!" He called going toward the stairs.

Fluttershy waited for a few seconds before a scream almost send her to the ceiling.


Twilight rushed down and grabbed her saddlebags already packed with every thing ready for the hatching along with Spike's lunch, placed Spike on her back and levitate Fluttershy with her as they left the library, all of that in less than three seconds.

"Come on Fluttershy! There's not a second to loose!" She yelled with both joy and excitement.

They got out of Ponyville and Twilight galloped for a few minutes, hanging Fluttershy in the air as Spike was trying his best not to fall with his tiny arms tightly hugging Twilight's neck. She almost burst through the door and stopped right in front of it, opening it just to see that the egg was shaking on it's cushion, the numerous animals of the cottage all looking at it while staying a few meters away.

"This is it!" She said overexcited, dropping Spike and Fluttershy before opening her saddlebags to take her quill and some scrolls of parchment.

Sage woke up with a brand new feeling. It was like if something he had waited for a long time was finally complete, he didn't know how or why but deep down he knew that if he tried, he could get out of his prison. With not much more than his head since he was too restricted to use his limbs, he tried to break the walls containing him.

Surprisingly there was no pain. It was like trying to break something resilient but at the same time very fragile. He tried a second time and he heard someone outside leaving very quickly before the silence resumed.

For a few minutes he tried to break the wall when a lot of noise alerted him that he wasn't alone anymore, with one voice looking far too excited to be a good sign. Pushing a little harder, he finally managed to break his prison and a flash of light entered as he heard distinctly the voices outside for the first time.

"Look! It's breaking the shell!" Said a feminine voice out of his sight.

Happy to finally getting out of here, Sage pushed harder and his head broke through the wall that was apparently his shell. He turned his head around to try to see someone, blinking his eyes a few times as everything was blurry and he felt like he just left a very sticky pool.

"It is a dragon! The head is a bit small though." Said a voice on his right, a purple blur that soon turned out to be some kind of pony with a horn, taking notes at an incredibly fast rate.

"It is, and a very cute one" Added another voice on his right.

He looked to the other side to see a yellow pony with wings and a light pink mane and tail, smiling at him. Just by the few words she said, he knew it was the voice he heard most of the time. Maybe it was his mom?

"Was I like that when I hatched?" Asked a third voice that he didn't recognized.

His head spin around again to see a small purple and green dragon looking at him with wide eyes. He also noticed dozens of animals surrounding him, of all colors and appearances spread in the room.

Sage tried to speak only to realise he never breathed before, taking one deep breath that seemed to burn his lungs as he coughed some kind of liquid.

"You can do it, just a bit more." Encouraged him the yellow pony.

He was about to reply when a shock through the shell stopped him. The three in front of him did the same with wide eyes, waiting for anything to happen until a second crack appeared right next to him with a small red muzzle pointing out.

"There's more than one! You see that Fluttershy?" Exulted the purple pony.

"Yes Twilight. I didn't know that there could be more than one dragon in a single egg" Replied the yellow pony apparently named Fluttershy.

The second crack was pierced wide open as a second head reached the air, gasping and coughing which made Sage cough at the same time.

And then for his biggest surprise, a third crack appeared on his right and the head of a third little dragon appeared in one single push, leaving all of them agape.

"Is this... an hydra?" Asked Spike that couldn't see three dragons fit in one egg.

At this time, the shell started to crack everywhere and crumbled with a tiny bit of liquid and the three heads fell forward like one. This got another gasp from everyone else and it took Sage a few seconds before he realized what happened.

His eyes looked down on his body, first a long neck that reached his red chest. Covered from muzzle to the tip of his tail were hundreds of tiny scales with a crimson color with the exception of under his chin reaching under his belly, a deep blue line was following his entire body until his tail. Two small looking wings were placed on his back and four little legs were supporting the rest of his body even if he couldn't stand up along with four claws on each foot, for now more cute and less threatening than anything else.

But all of this was nothing compared to the two other heads attached to his body, one to his right and one to his left, leaving him at the middle. He looked at his other heads only to notice that they were doing the same, examining themselves too with the same colors and tiny horns on the back on their heads.

"That's..." Said the purple dragon that was at the same level that Sage and the other heads even if the new dragon was on a cushion placed on a little table.

"It looks like a mix between a dragon and a hydra. But it doesn't make any sense!" The horned purple pony said completely lost.

"Aren't you a cutie?" The pony called Fluttershy complimented as she got closer.

Sage turned toward her as the two other heads did the same. The one on the left was simply looking just like him but the one to his right started hissing at the yellow pegasus, making her stop her movements.

"What are you doing? She clearly is our mom!" Interrupted him Sage hissing back at the right head, shocking all the others in the room.

"Who knows? I won't let her take us!" Replied the head with aggressiveness.

"I think we should listen to mom, she seems nice" Advised the left head much calmer and nicer than the right one.

"Yeah, listen to him" Agreed Sage.

"You're both naive to trust the first face before you! It could be a predator!" Continued the right head.

"Don't speak about her like that."

"What? I only see potential predators, we should not let them come closer!"

"That's it!" Hissed Sage before attacking.

Twilight could not have been more shocked. There was three head on a single slender body, similar to a hydra, but with all the other characteristics of a dragon such as the facial expressions, the wings and the overall appearance. But what really broke her was listening to the three heads bickering each other in perfect Equish, arguing if Fluttershy was their mom or not like if it was a normal situation. She also noticed that it seemed to be a male judging by the voices, young but definitely a male.

"That's it!" Said the head of the middle biting the neck of his right head.

A little scream of pain came out of the said head that couldn't replicate, unable to bend it's head enough to attack the middle head.

"Stop guys!" Called the third head.

It has no effect as the middle head kept biting until a little trail of blood appeared. Twilight was simply too shocked to react, looking at the heads fighting. That is, before Fluttershy intervened in a rather explicit manner.

"Stop it! It's not nice to fight between brothers!" The usually calm and silent pegasus almost yelled.

It worked pretty well as all heads stopped and looked at her, looking confused except for the agressive one that was still wary of her.

"Now, apologize to each other" Commanded Fluttershy.

"Sorry mom" Said the heads except the right one.

"You heard her, apologize!" Added the middle head with a different tone, much stronger and commanding.

"I'm sorry!" Instantly said the right head.

"There. Now, I think it's time for some proper introductions. Hello, I'm Fluttershy, it's very nice to see all three of you."

"Are you our mom?" Asked the left head of the dragon.

"Well, hum, not really but right now...I think so. It's been a little while since you've been living here" She said after a short time.

"Mom!" Called the left head stretching his neck toward her before being stopped.

The body didn't moved at all, still laying there with the two other heads.

"It's obvious isn't it? I'm the one in charge" Said the middle head as the wings and legs started to move with difficulty, visibly not really used to move his body.

"Oh don't worry! You have plenty of time to learn that" Comfort them Fluttershy extending her hooves to grab the little three headed dragon.

"Fluttershy!" Twilight tried to stop her.

Too late. Fluttershy grabbed the small body of the dragon in her hooves and hugged it with a great amount of love. The dragon, now fully extended and trying to hang on to her fur without success with it's four sets of claws, wasn't very big or impressive, a bit long but nothing much.

From muzzles to the tip of the tail, he was a bit shorter than the length of Fluttershy's body and on his paws Twilight estimated him to be barely half the height of Spike.

The heads were hugging back Fluttershy even if the right one still looked wary and a bit tense. It suddenly seemed much safer than Twilight thought so she let the hug take it's time until Fluttershy let down the dragon back on the pillow, the body moving without much coordination and the heads all moving at their own will.

It was truly a wonderful creature. A new dragon, possibly from a new species judging it's unusual characteristics. The colors weren't bad, same disposition as Spike but different, no fluffy ears, two very small horns on each head, wings that seemed a bit little and weak to fly. The six eyes were all the sames, golden with slit pupils, again similar to Spike but with a different set of colors.

But what was definitely uncommon was the ability to talk, recognize and to listen just moments after birth. That was a sign of great intelligence even if it seemed the reactions and personalities of the three heads were different for some reason, with the only common point being some childish reactions more appropriate to it's age.

"Hi, I'm Spike" Introduced himself the purple dragon.

"What are you?" Asked the right head still with a bit of venom in his voice.

"Chill. I'm a dragon just like you, a bit older and with one head though."

"Are you our brother?" Asked the left head.

"Huh... more like a cousin I guess?" Replied Spike.

"And I'm Twilight Sparkle, Spike's employer and family" Finally added Twilight, getting the attention of all three heads.

"More family!" Said the central head looking very happy.

From the few moments she spent to observe the strange dragon, Twilight noticed that the main head was indeed the one responsible for the movements of the body and also seemed to have a some degree of control over the other heads.

"Now, It's time to find you a name" Smiled Fluttershy already starting to think about that.

"Better think about three names" Reminded her Spike.

"My name is Sage" Interrupted them the middle head.

"What? You already know you names?" Asked Twilight shocked again.

"No, I just know that my name is Sage."

"He's right, his name is Sage" Added the left head.

"So... only Sage, the middle one, have a name?" Asked Twilight a bit confused.

"That's right" Repeated Sage.

"Finding a name for the right and left head. What about Meanie and Nicey?" Suggested Spike.

"You're not going to call me like that!" Instantly replied the right head.

"He's right Spike, it's not a very nice name. What about, Skaly and..." Suggested Fluttershy.

"I take that!"


"Skaly. I'm sure it's hard to find a better name than that" Explained the right head.

"Oh alright. So we have Skaly at the right, Sage at the middle and..." Continued Fluttershy.

"Maybe Rex?" Said Spike.

"Oh I like that!" Agreed the left head.

"Wait what? It's way better than mine!" Complained Skaly.

"I think you have a pretty name" Said Fluttershy.

"Well... since it's our mom saying it, I guess it's not too bad" Agreed Skaly.

"I like those names" Added Sage.

Just as he said that a low rumbled came from the little dragon's stomach, the three heads looking toward their belly before looking at Fluttershy with three pairs of eyes that said everything.

"I guess it's time to eat" Fluttershy smiled, making the three headed dragon smile too.

"That's a great idea Fluttershy but do you have anything to feed a dragon?" Asked Twilight.

"I can share some gems" Generously offered Spike.

"Gems?" Suddenly asked Sage, visibly concerned.

"Well yeah, that's what dragons eat."

"It seems wrong" Said Rex

"Indeed, eating rocks doesn't sound very appealing" Added Skaly, agreeing with his brothers.

"Well what would you like to eat?" Asked Fluttershy.

After a few seconds of consideration, Sage replied unsure "I feel like it should be... milk?"

The two ponies and the little dragon froze, not really certain of what to do. The little dragon seemed to have a certain degree of knowledge of what was good for him or not but it seemed too close to a little pony.

"Excuse-me?" Twilight spoke.

"Milk?" Asked Rex looking at Fluttershy with insistence.

"Oh my." Blushed Fluttershy understanding what the dragon was expecting from her.

"Huh Twilight? What did you gave me when I was born?" Asked Spike thinking that taking his past would be a good idea.

"If I remember right, Spike was able to eat small gems just fine. What makes you think milk is what you need?" Asked Twilight turning to the newborn dragon.

"Don't know" Replied Sage.


"We don't know. Kinda like a memory but different."

"Like a feeling" Completed Rex.

"Spike, can you share some of your smallest gems please?"

"Sure. Hum, emeralds might be a bit too bitter for now, rubis a bit too hot, a sapphire should be a good introduction" Selected Spike taking a ruby for himself before putting a small sapphire in his claws, right in front of the three heads.

What he didn't expected was for the three heads going for the small gemstone at the same time, resulting in all of them to hit each other before even reaching the sapphire. They let out a small cry of pain before hissing at each other.

"Oh you didn't hurt yourselves didn't you?" Asked Fluttershy petting the head of Rex.

"It's okay, I should have seen it coming" Apologized Spike who took out two other sapphires in his claws.

The three heads all went for their respective treat, catching the gemstones in their tiny teeth. Under the curious eyes of everyone else, they tried to eat the tough gems for a few seconds without success. It almost seemed like it didn't worked until Skaly, getting angry with his sapphire, clenched his teeth with enough strength to break it to finally chew on the gem with more ease.

"Huh. That's actually not bad, quite sweet actually" He said with tiny pieces of gem in his teeth, his brothers trying harder to achieve the same success.

"Now Skaly you shouldn't speak while eating, that's a bit rude" Scold him Fluttershy nicely.

"Sorry mom."

Both Sage and Rex managed to break and eat their sapphires but all three heads, without even sharing a word, felt like something was missing and all looked at Fluttershy.

The shy yellow pegasus didn't know how to react, not particularly shy but not sure of what the dragon was expecting. "Do you want something else?"

"We are thirsty" Simply responded Rex.

The message didn't took more than two seconds to get pass and Fluttershy blushed again at the desire of the young dragon for milk, something that she couldn't provide. At least not like that. "Oh my...hum, that's a bit embarrassing. I'll get you some fresh milk, I have some in my fridge."

Twilight looked at her shy friend go in the kitchen prepare a baby bottle that she probably used for some other animals. It was really lucky for them that Fluttershy was equipped to face any situation for her little animals as well as any that wanted her help.
But she was still concerned about the dragon. There was definitely something off, she couldn't explain it but the fact that he was able to talk at birth was a pretty big hint. To her knowledge, there wasn't a single species where the newborn was as voluble as an adult, she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't witnessed it. She would have to send a letter to Princess Celestia about him. 'Him or them? Its a single dragon with three heads, so it should be them but we can't call all of them or only one at the same time to get all their attention' She thought.

"What would you think about another name?" Twilight suggested.

"Why?" Wondered Sage not ready to change his name.

"It would be a name for all of you, sort of a common name. For exemple, if I want to talk to all of you I'm not going to call all of your three names all the time right? So a more unique name would make that a bit easier."

"That's a very nice idea Twilight. Do you have any suggestions?" Asked Fluttershy from the kitchen, still listening to the conversation.

"It can't be a lame name" Immediately interjected Skaly.

"What about Dreg?" Suggested Rex.

"That's lame."


"I think it should be a name that symbolise all three of you, one that is both easy to associate with you and easy to remember" Explained Twilight.

"What about Together?" Recommended Spike.

"No" Replied all of the heads.

"Something of the same type... maybe something like All-for-one?" Offered Twilight.

Rex seemed interested for some reason but the two other heads shook in disapproval.

"Hum... what do you think about Unified?" Wondered Fluttershy coming back with three baby bottles filled with milk.

"That's... not too bad" Agreed Skaly.

"I agree, it fits us" Added Sage.

"If my brothers are happy with it then it's good for me!" Joyfully accepted Rex.

"Then Unified it is. So, Unified, would you like some milk?" Fluttershy said with a smile, the three bottles in her right foreleg.

"Yes!" They answered.

"Alright. Spike, would you mind warming up these?" She asked to the purple dragon.

"Sure!" He said grabbing all three of them in his claws before letting a small breath of green flames run on the bottles for a few seconds. With an expert knowledge of his flames and cooking, he stopped right before it became too hot for Unified and handled the bottles back to Fluttershy. "Here you go."

"Thanks Spike. Now be careful and don't go too fast" Fluttershy advised placing a baby bottle on the cushion in front of each head.

Skaly, Sage and Rex quickly went for the bottles and began to greedily suck the milk inside. Twilight had so many questions in her mind just by looking at Unified. Let it be about it's very unusual appearance or it's extremely high intelligence and who knows, maybe he knew more about dragons than Spike even if it was unlikely.

She usually wouldn't expect much from a newborn but this was too different to be ignored. How was he drinking from three mouths at the same time? Did he had a single stomach or three? She quickly got an answer when Unified stopped drinking as not even half of the bottles were empty.

"Are you alright?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Mhm" Let out Sage resting his head on the cushion.

"It was good" Said Skaly joining Sage.

*Yawn* was all that came from Rex, also mimicking his brothers and already closing his eyes.

"I guess despise Unified unusual appearance, he is still a newborn" Admitted the purple unicorn.

"The poor dear must be very tired" Giggled Fluttershy petting all three heads one after the other.

"So Fluttershy, now that we know who was inside that egg, do you still want Unified to stay here?" Had to ask Twilight.

"Of course! Hum... that is, if you don't mind" The shy yellow pegasus replied after a little outburst.

"No it's alright, I was expecting you to accept. Do you want him to sleep here or somewhere else?"

"I could prepare a better bed for him. Oh and I need to bathe him now, I don't think they'll like to be sticky in the morning because of those eggshells."

"Sure. I'll do that while with Spike and you can take care of the bath."

Twilight levitated Unified with her magic without him noticing, apparently all three heads were already asleep, and followed Fluttershy to the tub before gently placing him on the metal. She then went back to help Spike prepare the new bed and get rid of the eggshell's fragments.

With great care, Fluttershy placed the three heads on the edge of the bathtub and turned on the hot water, pouring quickly inside. A little jolt went through Unified's heads and they opened their eyes in surprise before instantly relaxing with the very pleasant feeling of warm water on their scales.

Once it was full enough to cover the whole body except the heads, Fluttershy started to brush Unified to cleaned him of all the little fragments of eggshell still stuck to him. It didn't took long but she made sure to thoroughly wash him, not forgetting any part and leaving the heads for last.

It was a bit trickier but she managed to pour a bit of water on each head and use her brush to clean them one by one, giving her the surprise to hear them purr when she was scratching behind the horns.

Once she was done, she pulled Unified out of the water and quickly dried him with a towel before going back down, the little dragon barely awake and waiting to finally be sure to be in bed to not be disturbed anymore. Thankfully Twilight and Spike made a quick job of their task and a small bed consisting of a large cushion and a blanket was nicely disposed on the couch.

"Both of you made a great job, I'm sure it will be perfect" Compliment them Fluttershy, placing the little dragon on the cushion as he tried to move around without success, his limbs not very responsive yet.

She spread the blanket nicely and all that was left was three heads asleep and breathing silently. For the two ponies and Spike, it was quite a cute sight that finished to erase all their fears of Unified.

"Well Fluttershy we won't disturb you much longer. I'm sure you have a lot to do so I'll come back tomorrow, maybe I'll ask Unified if he knows why he is so knowledgeable" Said Twilight collecting her notes and equipment.

"Are you sure? I have some tea" Offered Fluttershy.

"It's okay, I'll take it tomorrow. Have a good day!" She said putting Spike on her back.

"Bye Fluttershy!" Waved Spike.

"See you later" Replied the shy pegasus incapable to speak louder.

She returned to her cottage to see almost all her animals gathered around Unified. Fluttershy was a bit worried but she quickly noticed that there was no bad intentions toward the young dragon, only curiosity, kindness toward a newborn, and a bit of doubt.

"It is very kind from all of you to watch over him but it would be best to let him sleep. Babies needs to sleep a lot" She gently asked from her little friends who returned to their own occupations, letting Unified sleep on the couch, visibly exhausted by their short encounter.