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'Oh, it's you. it's been a looooooong time. you know, since you Murdered me' oh look, cake...


It has been 800 years or so since a new layer of the dream realm formed, and in those 800 years a new visitor to Equis has been learning about the world from those inhabitants whom it can pull into it's realm.

Much to the surprise of Luna, this being is more than meets the eye and is certainly powerful, to an extent. but do they mean any harm, or dot hey have something more sinister planned? there is only one way to find out...

this story contains inspiration from bloodborne and in turn, H.P.Lovecraft with my own twists and changes to make it more my own.
spoilers for later chapters: this will be revealed as a human in equestria, though not via some kind of merchant or some such. death, gore, violence and swearing tags are for what will likely come in the future.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

This start looks really promising!! Can't wait to see what you make of it! Keep on writing :)

Thank you so much! I was worried no ine would like it. I shall keep writing as soon as i can!

Keep up the great work

Awww, thanks! I will try. I am trying to find the time to finish up the next chapter, will be out soon should all go well

Is he a draconequus or a dragon/wolf hybrid I don’t know

Dragon/wolf hybrid. I didnt want to make a draconequus, too cliché for my tastes

Could be a fun story, looking forward to seeing more of this. I hope there will be more of a mystery build up. At the moment I think you might be rushing it a bit, but nothing really bad, maybe lean in on the investigation side so more.

Also, while I am very busy at the moment, if you are ever interested in commission another cover art, let me know I hope you will consider me here is a videos of my work I hope you like it.

There are a lot of secrets left to uncover, ny friend. A lot of mystery to explore.
And yeah, i felt like i was rushing it, but i also wanted to get something more out so it didnt become stale.

And your art has definitely caught my interest. Let me know when you are a bit less busy and we can talk commission pricess, ideas etc

sure thing dude, will be looking forward to it. I just got a few big ones to finish and then I should be available for you. and in the meanwhile I hope to keep on reading this story, and on that note take your time with the story, I hope you won't make updates everyday, because I have trouble keeping up with daily updates, so you could always create backlog just in case ideas run dry for a while or that you need put more work on your chapter.

I cant update anything daily, so no need to worry about that xD it takes me a few days just to decide what i am going to do for the chapters and then i need to write them and edit them to the point i deem it at least acceotable so, at the most it would be once a week

Hmmm lots of potential with a solid start


Thank you kindly! I hope future chapters will live up to that potential

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