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Life is a funny thing. One day we are living our lives, unsure when it is to end, and before we know it its over. We are born with a uncertain future, bright eyed before life jades and snuffs it out, just to give birth to more light. And so the cycle continues. However, death is just as fickle. What happens when we die is a question many have questioned. Some believe in a abyss, nothingness, the end of existence. Some believe in a heaven, or hell, with many names and prerequisites for each, unique to each culture. From Valhalla to the Pearl Gates, to Hell and well.... Hel. But then there are those who believe in a cycle. Of a wheel in constant motion, one all life, no matter how small, are beholden to. Being born again, the soul unchanging, but the mind fresh and new.

I can firmly say, that all are true. It just depends on what you wish for.

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Seems like a fairly solid start, I wish you luck ^^

Thanks! Any suggestions between anthro or pony for this? It's the one part I can't decide on.

Honestly to me it is more an aesthetic choice than anything. Whichever you prefer is probably for the best ^^

👀 Oh shoot new story

Yeah I was in a bit of a bad mood and decided to do something new instead of possibly ruining a existing story due to being pissy

is this another story where someone is reborn as Nightmare Moon?
Usually all these stories do not live up to their end, having released a maximum of 4 chapters.
At least I like that they explained here "why is it that some mortal gets the body of a demigod?".
I do not like it when someone is given everything just like that without explanation.

Usually I'm not a fan of genderswap stories, but I'll give this a chance and see were it goes.

Ah don't worry, not nightmare moon. They are linked to them, but they are not them.

The nightmare connection is also mainly there for a teacher on how to use their powers, and not be Sombra

Thanks! And don't worry, it was mainly since I find it easier to write for females, yet wanted to take inspiration from my own life for the beginning

then the question arises where did our character come from? Rebirth should be justified, and not the appearance of someone somewhere already in clothes just like that. It doesn't work that way. 🤔

I prefer pony over antro my self but whatever works best for you.

A answer that will be made clear later. Let's just say it's not as happy and simple as 'I just appeared here one day

Usually same, but for the ideas I have some I couldn't make sense of as pony. Possible, but didn't sound right

ya i get it sometimes its hard to forget that they have hooves not hands how do the shoot guns and hold swords

Or for once scene in mind, Hide under another's cloak

Great start love it alreadý :)

Looks interesting so far though the choice of going with feet rather than hooves, while having an equine head, is odd in my opinion

*shrug* not that strange honestly but I accept your opinion XD

This is interesting, I wonder what will happen next?

Working on it. Hopefully a chapter before end of the year

Oooh nice!!! Looking forward to more!

Lol I like it's gonna be week one of new year but glad you looking forward to it

Why can't I escape seeing you in the comments?
Also I agree with The Radiance, I need more of this!

Because I take the time to reply to (almost) every comment

Great chapter.
Waiting for more.

No.... Why do authors keep going double soul body share. It's shit.

I like the story thank you for writing this story and have a nice day.

so far so good . hopefully Nighmare remain asbelevolent mother no mater how she looksnd i not welcomed at lest in fear .
if she acts not agresive wehn she comes she should be at leastsen as new citizen than scary nation danger . but it is hope

Dang that sucks
They won't be able to do what they want in life.

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