A three headed family

by valexto

Special: Nightmare Night

Twilight was preparing herself for Nightmare Night, putting on a costume of Star Swirl the Bearded of the highest quality with a long dark blue cape with stars and moons as well as a long pointy hat of the same color. Small bells were attached on the edge of both the cape and the hat and a long grey beard was completing the costume, attached with a single grey noose.

She was putting the final touch when a little angry voice came from downstairs.

"Come on, Twilight! We're gonna be late for the Nightmare Night festival." Spike groaned angrily.

She got down the stairs with a proud smile on her face, happy that her costume was an exact replica of how Star Swirl was depicted in her books. Twilight moved her hat in front of Spike, trying to impress him.

"Huh? Are you that one kooky grandpa from Ponyville retirement village?" He asked confused.

"I'm Star Swirl the Bearded." She replied annoyed.

He only gave her a sheepish look.

"Father of the amniomorphic spell?" She tried.

It didn't changed much.

"Did you even read that book I gave you about obscure unicorn history?"


Two knocks on the door interrupted their little conversation, for Spike greatest relief.

"That sounds important." He said running for the door, passing by Twilight who gave him a bored look.

The little dragon rushed at the door and open it wide, ready to welcome any visitor.

"NIGHTMARE NIGHT!" A loud scream demolished his ears and made him jump of fright.

"Ah! A chimera!" He screamed even louder.

A day earlier

"Nightmare Night?" Wondered Sage.

"Yes. It's an old tradition for little foals. It's supposed to be funny but... I don't really like it, it's a bit scary." Replied Fluttershy.

"Scary? That looks interesting." Said Skaly.

"Well little foals are supposed to disguised themselves and go collect candy. By scaring other ponies." She explained a bit uncomfortable with the concept, even if she was well aware of how happy little foals were at this time of the year.

"Oh! That sounds similar to...to..." Started Rex.

"Yeah I know, I'm sure I already heard of something like this." Added Skaly trying hard to remember.

"Can we disguise too?" Asked Sage.

"Oh I'm sure if you ask Rarity she would be happy to make you a nice costume." Assured Fluttershy.

"I think we should be something scary, like a lion or... or a wolf!" Skaly said already excited.

"Why not a superhero?" Suggested Sage.

"Aw, I want something cuter." Rex said sadly.

"Mom said it was supposed to be scary, not cute." Opposed Skaly.

"Hum, why not do a mix of the three? If it's okay with you." Offered Fluttershy as a mediator.

"What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!" A wolf, a superhero and a... unicorn asked from Spike.

Each head was wearing a costume, very cautiously and precisely sewed that made it perfect and all the necks joined at the costume of a hairy suit, making Unified look like something of a construction of multiple creatures and ponies mixed together.

"Oh! I almost didn't recognized you." Said spike before disappearing behind the door.

"Hi Unified. Great costumes." Congratulate them Twilight, coming to the door.

"We are terrifying!" Skaly screamed again.

"Yes you are!" Agreed Twilight.

"And cute!" Added Rex.

"Indeed. Hum, where is Fluttershy?"

"She stayed at home, she don't really like Nightmare Night. Can we have candies?" Sage said.

"Of course. And I can't say that I'm not surprised by Fluttershy." Twilight replied as Spike arrived with a bowl of candy.

Using her magic, she grabbed three candies and flew them into a little bag hanging on the neck of each head. All heads looked at the candies flying with wide smiles on their faces before turning to Twilight.

"Thank you!"

They walked away, crossing a pink chicken giggling with a candy bag around her torso. Happily going around town, they kept receiving a few looks from some inhabitants still not very used to see the three-headed dragon even if some just agreed to see them as a new Spike.

"We already got six candies each!" Rejoiced Sage.

"I'm sure we can have way more! Come on, walk faster!" Skaly energetically said, shacking his neck to try to force his brother to go faster.

"We have the time, it's just the beginning of the night." Sage groaned.

"I want to play games!" Rex said looking far forward.

The two other heads looked in front to see Applejack dressed as a scarecrow with big wooden water tanks filled with apples and some ponies diving their heads inside to catch apples with their mouths. Skaly let out an annoyed groan as Sage walked to the farmer mare, to the greatest pleasure of Rex.

"Hello Applejack!" Greeted Rex.

"Oh howdy Unified! Are you enjoying Nightmare Night?" Applejack asked turning toward the little dragon.

"Yes, there is a lot of candies and it's so fun!" Replied Sage.

"Can we play a game?" Asked Rex.

"Sure! Foals usually play to throw-the-spider, you can give it a try, just ask to Red Tulip." Applejack said pointing to a pink mare wearing a bee costume.

They walked to the mare who was giving a spider to a stallion dressed as a dog.

"Hello Ms.Red Tulip! Can we play?" Asked Rex.

"Just one throw." Skaly warned grumpily.

"Or two." Added Sage.

"Of course but can you throw anything?" The mare said with a small smile.

"Can we use our teeth?" Rex said.

"Hum sure."

Sage walked to the bowl of fake spiders and both him and Rex grabbed one before walking in front of the big spiderweb installed in near the stand.

Rex went first, shacking his head from left to right quickly for a few seconds before opening his mouth, releasing the spider that flew through the air to land right in front of the spiderweb in a small 'pompf'.

"Aw." He said disappointed.

"Here, you can take mine." Sage offered holding the spider between his teeth.


Readying himself, Rex looked with a very serious stare at the target before shacking his head again and soon releasing the spider. It flew for a second before landing almost at the middle of the web and sticking there. He looked at it in disbelief before turning to his brothers. Sage had a smile on his face while Skaly just looked a little less grumpy, actually proud of his brother but not really okay to show it plainly.

"You did very well!" Congratulate him Red Tulip.

"Thanks! It's a funny game!"

"You played and you won so now can we go get more candies?" Asked Skaly.

Before Unified even had the chance to move further, they got surprised by a smoke of green dust appearing on a little scene installed in the middle of Ponyville, not far from them. Curious, they got closer to see Twilight and an overfed Spike listening in the middle of a crowd to a zebra inviting the foals to follow her with rhymes. Naturally Unified followed too.

They walked for a few minutes out of town before arriving in front of a big statue of a scary pony, the scariest one any of his head ever saw. Even if Skaly found it rather amusing to look at.

The zebra, apparently named Zecora, started to tell the tale of this scary pony with a heavy support of her magic dust that took the form of the mare depicted on the statue and scared most of the foals as well as Rex. Named Nightmare Moon, this mare was the very reason they all dressed with costumes in the first place. And there was also a price to pay to avoid her wrath, in the form of a few candies. Which didn't really matched Skaly intentions to devour all of the candies he got.

Nevertheless, he left one candy in front of the statue while his brothers left two, enlarging a bit the small pile of candies already left by the group of foals that ran away with a scared Pinkie Pie.

They were about to ask a question to Zecora and Twilight, the only ones that remained here, when thunder blew up above them. Sage immediately lowered himself to the ground in terror as Rex did the same. Skaly and the two mares were the only ones to see a large cart being pulled by batponies come out of the storm and go over Ponyville.

Looking at each other for a second, they all went back to town. Twilight and Zecora leaving him behind as his short limbs were not good enough to ran at the same speed and for the same time.

"What is the matter with you?" A tall dark blue pony with a horn and a pair of wings and an ethereal mane filled with stars asked as she pointed her foot to several ponies lying on the ground.

"It's Nightmare Moon!" Squealed a pony as Unified arrived in town, exhausted after this long run.

"Very well then. Be that-" Started the big blue pony as she turned away.

"You're tall for a pony." A voice said beneath her, interrupting her speech.

The big mare looked down toward a little amalgamation of three creatures that she didn't managed to see coming in front of her before her eyes managed to discern the little faces of three dragons. All belonging to the same body.

"We... hum, we are royalty. It is why we are taller than other ponies but pray tell, who are you little dragon? Or maybe dragons?" The mare asked slightly confused by this strange dragon.

"I'm Sage."

"I'm Rex."

"And I'm Skaly. Who are you? A princess?" Asked the impetuous head.

"Why of course! We are Princess Luna, rightful ruler of the night!" Proclaimed the now named Luna.

"Do you know why all those ponies are like that?" Asked Sage.

The question seemed to inconfort her a bit as her gaze turned away a bit before focusing on the little dragon again, with a clear pain in her eyes that the dragon barely managed to catch.

"They are afraid of us, they believe that we are still... the nightmare."

"The statue?!" Rex asked shocked.

"Not you too." She complained with a heavy sigh.

"That's so cool!" Skaly exclaimed with stars in his eyes.

"What?" Luna said dumbfounded.

"You can look that scary? It's awesome! And at the end you even have all the sweets!"

"I... have all the sweets?" She said not sure to follow everything. 'Is this dragon even aware of what really is the nightmare?' She wondered.

"Princess Luna." Called Twilight who had quit bowing. "I think that what Unified is talking about is the legend of Nightmare Moon, not your past."

"And what do I have to do with candies?" Asked Luna.

"If you allow me."

Twilight took some time to explain everything to Luna, what was the legend of Nightmare Moon for the young foals and all the activities around it. Unified followed them as they went through town, got to see a few more games and Luna got a bit more jovial while the ponies relaxed around the night princess.

"We must admit, this festival in our honor is of great matter. And this fun! Tis better for our subject to know us as such compare to the monster of before." Luna proclaimed with great delight as she talked with Twilight.

"Glad that you think so too. I mean, not many knows of what really happened to you and it seems wiser to let them forget." Replied the purple unicorn.

"Hum, Miss... Princess Luna?" Asked Sage that remained close all the time.

"Yes little subject?" Said the night princess.

"Well we were wondering, what are you?" He said bluntly to Twilight's horror. She couldn't believe that one could be so rude toward the princess and ask such a question.

"We beg thee pardon?" Luna asked shocked.

"Well you are both a unicorn and a pegasus." Skaly told her.

"Some kind of mix?" Suggested Rex.

"We are not both a unicorn and a pegasus. We are those as well as an earth pony. Our kind is known as Alicorn and only those can pretend to the title of royalty." She explained much more relaxed, even finding funny the rudeness of the little dragon and how innocent his question was.

"Oh okay. And you won't take our sweets right?" Asked Skaly looking with suspicion at the princess.

"No. While we do enjoy sweets, in that domaine, tis our sister that... takes the cake."