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Commissioned and conceptualized by Venerable Ro
Cover art by Jowybean

In another time, in another world, a dragon's egg is a rare treasure, one that can shape the fate of nations. In a desperate bid for possession of one, two opposing powers send it tumbling through worlds, where it inadvertently lands in the possession of a young filly named Twilight Sparkle. Now, rather than being raised at the center of a war, a dragon named Saphira gets the chance to grow up as the youngest member of the Sparkle family, with all the privileges that come from being directly under Princess Celestia's tutelage... and all the challenges, as well.

What kind of place will a dragon from another world make for herself in Equestria? Only time will tell.

A crossover with the Inheritance Cycle, specifically Eragon.

(For commission info and prices, check here, check out Patreon, or contact me directly via DM!)

Chapters (7)

Graduation was supposed to be a happy day for the Rainbooms. Sunset and Princess Twilight had both agreed to temporarily shut the portal to Equestria so they could leave CHS safe and sound while they went on a post-graduation band tour. However, instead of SHUTTING the portal, they somehow made it explode, shattering the multiverse and scattering the Rainbooms across countless different universes. Now, Sunset Shimmer finds herself face-to-face with creatures straight out of dreams and nightmares, from the pages of legend to the screen of cinema.

Her best chance to reunite with her friends and get home: a self-proclaimed "Giant Nerd" and his old jalopy of a car, both of which are native to a world of silent observers of the multiverse, including her own life with the Rainbooms. Between his guidance and her courage, the two of them are determined to reunite the Rainbooms and get them back home...

Even if that means facing ink demons, xenomorphs, genocidal time-looping children, or even Egyptian god cards.

((The most blatant of self-insert fics. I am 100% aware of that. This is just a project to help me unwind.))

Chapters (112)

This story is a sequel to "You Do NOT Pass!"

The Terram Lenticularis: An ancient and powerful artifact capable of creating entire cloud cities... or destroying them. This is the item Tempest Shadow has been tasked with finding for her first mission as a field-agent-in-training at the New Lunar Republic, with the help of her new friend, Moonstone, and the supervision of her instructor, a "retired" adventurer named Pennington Inkwell.

But when Inkwell's old rival comes looking for revenge, the situation escalates. The stakes grow higher and higher until not only their lives, but the lives of all of Cloudsdale are on the line. Can "Field Agent Tempest" save the day? What secrets will she unearth about the strange pony who's supposed to be teaching her? And most importantly, can she survive the wrath of Full Sails, her mentor's arch rival?

Well, surviving has always been what Tempest Shadow was best at.

((Cover art by the fantastic PC012, go give them some love!))

Chapters (3)

Tempest Shadow had been surprised when Princess Twilight had offered her friendship. She had been even more surprised when Twilight stood up for her in her trial, helping her gain legal absolution from her past.

Now, she is trying to start with a clean slate, turning to the familiar military structure of Equestria's Night Guard. Upon arriving at the New Lunar Republic for her training, however, she finds that legal forgiveness does not mean Equestria has forgotten her past. Now, winning one instructor's good word is all that stands between her and moving forward with her life.

But why oh WHY did Princess Twilight have to send her to a pony so STUBBORN?

Chapters (10)

Deserted by her adoring fans and powerless, Adagio Dazzle sits alone in a cafe. Abandoned by her fellow sirens and coming to the realization of everything she's lost, she finds herself losing hope...

Until she is joined by a complete stranger. One who claims that he has heard her sing... and adores her, almost as if her spell were still holding sway over him. Impossible? Yes. But at this point of desperation, Adagio is willing to believe in miracles.

Could he be her last chance to regain her powers?

*Spoilers in the comments, enter at your own risk*

Chapters (3)

Sometimes, I have a brilliant or hilarious idea that I need to write out immediately. Sometimes, a particularly potent holiday comes around that I feel the need to celebrate.

Sometimes, I just get bored.

Thus, the genre of short stories known as "Bonus Chapters" emerged. Not canon to the show or the rest of my stories, written either on a whim, out of inspired comedy, or even as dictated by a vote from my followers.

Now, for the sake of tone, pacing, and the sanity of my readers, I have removed those chapters from their native habitat and placed them all here. This is where they can be safely observed as they were meant to be: from a distance, with little to no context, and purely at the whim of the reader.

Let those who enter beware: canon and fanon mean nothing here. Precedent is unprecedented.

*In all seriousness, the only context you might need here is some knowledge of the OC's identities and backgrounds, which you can get from reading the other assorted stories. Aside from this, don't worry. If you're confused, that is perfectly normal. But these bonus chapters were beginning to seriously detract from my other stories.*

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Happy Adventuring, Twilight!

Two months after bringing the changelings to Canterlot, Princess Luna calls Pennington Inkwell and his assistant back to Equestria. A new threat has come to Equestria: a deranged dragon with the ability to control the weather. Taking the opportunity to atone for his past actions, Penn and Moonstone leap into action, setting out to find the attacker and stop them. Little do they know that they'll be delving into secrets far more dangerous than wandering unprotected through dragon country.

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle and Calalily Curl meet a strange pony who seems to know more than he ought to about Pennington's past. On his word, the three set out to save Pennington from an unknown traitor waiting to spring a trap on him. But is Delta Raider to be trusted?

A Sequel to "Happy Adventuring, Twilight!" and Part 2 of the Happy Adventuring Saga.

Chapters (43)

After a long day of thankless work, Rarity questions her place in the world and her talent's worth. When it comes down to the most basic truth, Rarity knows that sewing and creating fashionable designs is her talent... But she feels as if it's taking her nowhere fast. Is her one talent enough to follow her dreams?

Partially inspired by MictheMicrophoneZero and JackleApp's song of the same title. I may continue with other ponies depending on readers' reaction to this first installment.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Happy Adventuring, Twilight!

After storming out of Ponyville in a fury, aggravated with those who refuse to understand why he does what he does, Pennington Inkwell decides to blow off steam in one of his favorite haunts: the Everfree forest.

As he travels deeper into the forest than he has dared in past times, Pennington discovers what appears to be an abandoned, run-down carnival. Abandoned, that is, with the exception of a mysterious pony who insists upon calling herself a cat. Crazy? Maybe. But as he is lured deeper and deeper into the mystery, the spirit of the carnival begins to take hold, bidding him to stay a little longer... Will he ever make it home?

((Carnival Cat is used with permission from Sand Josieph on youtube. The original video, "Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville, can be found on youtube. This is a tie-in to my other story, "Happy Adventuring, Twilight!", which I would highly suggest you read for a better understanding. However, the story will be able to stand on its own, so if you only came for the Carnival Cat, ENJOY!))

Chapters (7)

On a night of storms, when the winds were whipping and the rain was pounding against his window, Pennington never expected to have anypony come knocking at his door. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined it to be a shivering, waterlogged blue-and-silver mare, in need of a roof over her head and a way of earning a few bits.

To Pennington, taking in Trixie as a tenant in his home seemed like nothing, but as the two of them worked with one another more and more, something seemed to grow between the two of them... Something blossomed in their hearts that neither of them had ever felt before.

Until the day Pennington's world came to a stop. Until the day his life seemed to shatter.

((A prequel to "Happy Adventuring, Twilight!" The inspiration for this came to mind on Hearts and Hooves Day. Personally, I always thought that Trixie had a lot more to her than was ever shown in her episodes, and this is an effort on my part to show a little bit of her story.))

Chapters (8)