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Pennington Inkwell


This story is a sequel to "You Do NOT Pass!"

The Terram Lenticularis: An ancient and powerful artifact capable of creating entire cloud cities... or destroying them. This is the item Tempest Shadow has been tasked with finding for her first mission as a field-agent-in-training at the New Lunar Republic, with the help of her new friend, Moonstone, and the supervision of her instructor, a "retired" adventurer named Pennington Inkwell.

But when Inkwell's old rival comes looking for revenge, the situation escalates. The stakes grow higher and higher until not only their lives, but the lives of all of Cloudsdale are on the line. Can "Field Agent Tempest" save the day? What secrets will she unearth about the strange pony who's supposed to be teaching her? And most importantly, can she survive the wrath of Full Sails, her mentor's arch rival?

Well, surviving has always been what Tempest Shadow was best at.

((Cover art by the fantastic PC012, go give them some love!))

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 15 )

Ooh, this looks interesting! Adding to Tracking...

Just got done reading these chapters. I am loving this. Inkwell's past, his relationship with Alto, and more.

Yes, soon! Sorry, I probably should have marked this story as being on hiatus. I'm maybe two or three chapters away from finishing "Penn and Stone: Dynamic Duo," an older project of mine that comes before this chronologically. Once it's finished, I'll be focusing my efforts on finishing this story ASAP!

At least you ANSWER. You anwser and apologise. FAR more than some other authors I've seen. Check my blogs. You'll see what I mean.

Just one thing, keep creating. =)

Pen, you might want to mark it as on hiatus. I'm going through staff, and yell at people, who ignore their readers. X) As in, years of ignoring. If you want more info, message me, I can drop a few links here and there.

I'm not worried about changing the status of any of my stories, and I actually took a look at your account and blog posts the first time you commented, as well. Please rest assured that I haven't been ignoring anyone, and I'm sorry if my rate and priority of updates hasn't been to your liking. Please understand that this story is still next on my list once I've finished "Penn and Stone: Dynamic Duo."

In the spirit of honesty, I must say that I find the idea behind your blog posts rather distasteful. Fanfiction creators and other content producers don't work on the schedules or requests of others, and usually receive little to no compensation. Disseminating negative reviews and promoting callout culture in these circles simply because someone was unable to finish their work (usually for very good reasons, having myself been someone known to take long breaks without warning in the past) is not going to change things for the better, only the worse. Passive-aggressively threatening authors with being yelled at or put on your "list" really demonstrates an attitude of taking their free work for granted. The work they put dozens-if-not-hundreds of hours into.

I understand that dialogue between authors and their readers is very important, but it's a two-way street. Authors don't write angry emails to people asking why they haven't read their story or demanding traffic be redirected to them. They know their readers have choices and their own lives to lead. The same applies to authors, especially fanfiction writers. This is, again, something we receive almost no compensation for and takes days and weeks or, in some cases, even years of our lives. Turning around and speaking ill of them simply because their time was needed for survival or more valued elsewhere while ignoring the work they DID give you without any kind of expectation of reward is cruel and entitled. It is exactly the kind of attitude that drives away these creators and leaves stories abandoned.

Anger tends to bring the worst. But here's the thing. There are quite a few people who did not anwser my POLITE questionts. Many times over. If you anwser and explain, I have NO PROBLEM with you. Two way street you say. You cannot expect two way, when it's actually one way. Ignoring and lying to readers tend to quickly turn any street int one way. Do you want examples? I'd rather sent them in pm's, but I can do it here also.

I'm sorry man, but no amount of politeness and pleasantries Justifies your callouts and smearing creators for simply not finishing things or taking time off. Especially ones who work for free.

So what you say that it's ok for authors to ignore readers, and not update stories or make blogs when they are online? And I START polite. I drop it if people continue to ignore or lie to me. You don't seem to understand my argument here. I REMAIN polite to authors who respond, make blogs and update the status of the story(hiatus/cancelled). I start swearing when they were online in recent weeks, but the story was left as "incomplete" for years. No blog, no update, no comment. Or lies about why or what they are doing.

If you cannot understand WHY I'm swearing and cussing, then... Well, you missed the whole point.

It's exactly that they are not SIMPLY taking time off or not finishing. They ignore or lie to my questionts.

What I'm saying is that people who provide things for you for free aren't beholden to you for anything. There's no quota for fanfiction writing, and they don't need to write to justify logging on. You're not a moderator of any kind, you're just trying to police authors because you seem to be under the impression that they owe you something. They don't owe anyone an explanation or content, and you aren't entitled to their reasons or the details of their lives. They're within their rights.

Your blog is dedicated to lashing out at the objects of your frustration when you find an unfinished fic, rather than learning to deal with disappointment in a healthy way.


You know where the door is then. Don't try to use staff as a threat to persuade users to do what you want.

Thank you, Meeester. Good to see you, btw.

Can't wait for more :) this instantly became one of my favorite stories

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