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Sometimes, I have a brilliant or hilarious idea that I need to write out immediately. Sometimes, a particularly potent holiday comes around that I feel the need to celebrate.

Sometimes, I just get bored.

Thus, the genre of short stories known as "Bonus Chapters" emerged. Not canon to the show or the rest of my stories, written either on a whim, out of inspired comedy, or even as dictated by a vote from my followers.

Now, for the sake of tone, pacing, and the sanity of my readers, I have removed those chapters from their native habitat and placed them all here. This is where they can be safely observed as they were meant to be: from a distance, with little to no context, and purely at the whim of the reader.

Let those who enter beware: canon and fanon mean nothing here. Precedent is unprecedented.

*In all seriousness, the only context you might need here is some knowledge of the OC's identities and backgrounds, which you can get from reading the other assorted stories. Aside from this, don't worry. If you're confused, that is perfectly normal. But these bonus chapters were beginning to seriously detract from my other stories.*

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A "Bonus Chapters" only fic? Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:


Hahaha, that was brilliant! :rainbowlaugh: Definitely one of my favourite short stories! Poor Moonstone, I know exactly how she feels... :twilightoops:


You get points just for this. Meanwhile, Twilight secretly dreams of just such things...

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