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I would cut you, but I don't want to contract Ebola from the blood splatter.

Evil Plans and/or Booty Call List

Get a story published [ ]
Fail as a human being [X]
Be better at writing than Swimmingly [X]
Start a cult and have it be recognised as an official religion [X]
Walk the dinosaur [X]
Have hot shrex with Swimmingly [ ]
Learn to love again [ ]
Write a story which offends everyone on Fimfiction [ ]
Say things that I will regret in later life [ ]
Immortality? [ ]


Photo of Pen Stroke on a morning walk. · 7:02am Feb 21st, 2015

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Yeah faggot
p.s Knighty Smells of fear and Lutefisk
Addendum: Tau Empire is worst Faction

1717086 soyou are grandpappy?
Ps:fuck knighty

Hey dude.
We beat Knighty's IP ban, like, 3 weeks ago.
I fully expect this account to get banned, but I can just make a new one.

:eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup: :eeyup:

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  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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