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As seen on EqD, copied here so all my stories are in one place.

This was cute. It was well written and interesting, and the fact that you got me thinking it was a ship fic was clever. I would suggest, however, you label this as an AU, as Twilight has a real <spoiler>.

Loved this! You got Spike down really well. I also liked the idea of the Princess secretly liking romance novels.

:fluttercry: That was... bootiful... :raritycry:

I remembered coming across this on EqD, and saving it to my nook. So I'm quite happy to see thins here, finally I can tell you what I think of this. This is well written, and while I did think it was a shipfic in the beginning I am not disappointed at all at the ending. You did a damn good job at capturing all three of them perfectly. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty,
Celestia's Paladin: For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

:fluttercry: dammnit...THESE ARE HAPPY TEARS!

hmm don't see many fics that have Celestia as Twilights mother, assuming she didn't mean it in a "you're LIKE a mother to me" way.
But i got to admit, before i watched the show and i heard about their relationship as mentor and montored i thought Twilight was Celestia's secret child.

Not needing to be told twice, Spike skipped excitedly over to the display of gemstones and began to hum and haw over the selection like a child trying to pick a flavour of ice-cream.

It's already been said, but I think it merits being said again. You definitely did get Spike's personality down perfectly here :moustache: .

~ ~ ~

I must also admit, Celestia's love of trashy romance novels is quite alluring, especially considering her position. Imagine how much it must pressure her, to think such things whilst also being forced to present an image of perfection for her subjects? :rainbowderp: Given the same situation, I'd definitely seek some solace every once in a great while.

~ ~ ~

Before she could react, Spike inhaled deeply and breathed a huge gout of green flame over the box, which evaporated into a plume of smoke that flowed through the air and under Celestia's door.

Okay, admittedly, I've been drinking, so this was a bit more emotional than it should have been :fluttercry: . Still, this move, on Spike's part, really touched me. While bold of him (not to mention mischievous), it was also damn considerate of him. Kudos for making me tear up ahead of time :rainbowdetermined2: .

~ ~ ~

Alrighty, next up is the fact that Twilight is familiar with Celestia's secret passion for "trashy romance novels". Because she knows about this, I was immediately forced to wonder what this story, from Celestia's perspective, would be like :trollestia: .

~ ~ ~

Lastly, while I'm already a ravenous Twilestia shipper, the end of this story made me D'awwwwww harder than most ever have. Damn, this was a cute story :heart: . I don't care if they weren't a couple in the end, this is awesome :yay: .

Every bit as powerful as when I read it a few months ago.:rainbowkiss:

thought i reconised this.

This is beautiful. I've always loved the idea of Celestia being a surrogate mother to Twilight more than any sort of shipping relationship. Very well told.

Awwww that was SWEET!!!!!!

Honestly, this was the fic that made it my headcanon that Celly is Twilight's mom(unless it's Twilestia or Eternal, obviously). I just think it's so sweet! I just pretend that the cutie mark story went a little differently or that her parents died soon after Twilight was accepted into the academy. Awful, I know.


I'll admit, i started reading this out of boredome, I left favoriting, and about to now look at everything you have ever written. Maternal Celestia is probably my new favorite celestia. 5 'staches for you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Was thinking this was a ship until the ending went I went D'awwwww. A tip of my hat to you good sir. :twilightsmile:

Yes, yes, and more yes to the ending, so cute! :rainbowkiss:

That's sweet. It really is. I'm a hopeless Twilestia shipper myself, to be honest, but it's still VERY sweet.

Awwww, that was sweet and I liked it a lot!

This was on EqD? And I missed it? :raritydespair:

...on second thought, I'm not all that fond of Google Docs anyway. *Tracks and reads*

Not going to lie, this made me smile like a loon and cry at the same time. Very, very well done.
Nothing left to say.

Dang! Great story. Absolutely loved the ending even if it was relatively un-canon (you had me thinking it would be another damn shipfic... boy was I wrong).

Aside from me talking about the idea, I wish to state you did a brilliant job capturing the personality of all the characters, and the apparent lack of errors in terms of grammar.

tl;dr this made me feel warm and fuzzy inside

7 spoken words...
Hundreds of manly tears.

That was adorable...

This is lovely! I was really enjoying it as a story about Twilight having a teacher crush on Celestia, but this just makes it so much sweeter, especially since Celestia obviously returns the sentiment. Very sweet.

Great ending to a great story.

I'm P.M. Of Equestria and I approve this fic! :twilightsmile: :trollestia:

(P.M. stands for the term in my user name.)

For such a short and simple story (no offence), it's really good. The concept is convincing, and you portrayed the characters quite well. I loved how you made the reader think this was a shipping, for that alone I take my metaphorical hat off.

All in all, bravo to you good sir.

Hundashters journal, 9:05 am, 3/3/2012. Saw featured story at top of page, thought i'd give it a look. Had 84 like's, 0 dislikes. Thought impossible, must investigate further. Will track story for read at later date.

Short, sweet, and to the point, as good fan-fics should be. I even had to look up a few words since I didn't know what "tawny" meant, but that made it all the more adventurous! I thought it was cute that the princess had an all-too-mortal weakness for the cheap novels, hahaha...

Mother's Day was not what I was expecting, but still a perfectly cute ending to such a nervous mare's efforts to express her love. :heart:

Maybe she's just lucky enough to have two spoilers in her life. :twilightsmile:

Ponying under the influence can over-exert your cheerfulness and cause muscle damage from overly wide smiles. Please, drink and pony in moderation.

:raritydespair: Poor Twilight's parents! Why would you do that, you monster? There's enough room in TS's heart for everypony.
But seriously, I'm glad you and so many others enjoyed it.

This is the best bait-and-switch ever.

well, that fact it didn't had a Romance tag is an oviious indecater that it ain't a ship-fic. but, nice and desent work.

Docter whooves watches over Twilights parents, Celestia is Twilights mom

Whoa, that was a twist, i thought it was shipping

over 100 thumbs up and 0 dislikes? nice!

Awesome. I knew right away it was a mother's day sort of thing, and I enjoyed looking at all the supposed shipping hints. It was adorable. And I was really hoping Spike was going to do something like he did. Even if it was just walk her back over to the door, and then knock before running away. But this was ever better. Way to go, Spike!

Aww... I read this months ago, If I recall correctly. It was great then, it's great now. Short, cute, heartwarming and endearing to no end. Just like the show. Sweet and simple has its charms, and this is some quality headcanon.

I hope above all else that one day an episode will have a scene just like this to some extent. (that, and that Big Mac will get SOME DAMN LINES THAT AREN'T "EEYUP" AND "NNOPE"!)

I love how you made this sound like it was shipping, and the end was very surprising.

I loved it till the start to the end. It was so adorable!!!:twilightsmile:

This is such a great story. Short and simple, yet quite powerful. :twilightsmile:

I got to say, I'm not a fan of clopfics, or anything of the sort. So the entire time, I was almost dreading the ending, but when I reached it I loved it! :pinkiesad2: Such a sweet (and innocent) ending! *sigh* back to writing and reading depressing mind fuck thrillers about teenage protagonists dying. :applejackunsure:

Why is it such a twist?

Anyway, very short and sweet story... and very humorous with Spike!

281892 I remember reading this one a while back. Thanks for putting it here!


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