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Hello, Compass Star here! You may recognize me as the founder of the My Little Fetish group. While successful, it wasn't as refined as I originally intended. The Velvet Room is designed to showcase stories than involve well written, consensual BDSM, which is selfishly my personal preference, but I doubt I'm alone. For now, all stories have to be approved by me to enter the group, to keep quality high. All suggestions are welcome though, it you think they fit the requirements!


I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend this story. Not only is it incredibly well written and engaging, but contains what I perceive as a perfect example of a consensual, safe, sexy BDSM relationship. Anyone who is interested in either of these will be delighted and... tantalized by what they find.

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378926 And I'm glad you took the time to join me here! Your fics are refreshingly unique in their perspective on pony fetishes. It's easy to forget that they have a biology and culture that would develop sexual preferences far different from our own. :twilightsmile:
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