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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.



This story is a sequel to Detective jakkid166 save Tha World

After so long of jakkid166 being in Equestria, he find himself in a new pickle and his worst yet: There was assassination, and he is framed for it! Now he must traverse the land of Equestira, come across frends old and new as he try to prove his innocence while on the run from the wrath of Twilight and her friends. And they are REALLY mad yo. Will jakkid166 prove his innocence? Will he survive? Will he die? Will he survive and die at the same time?

FIND OUT in the FINAL instalment of the Detective jakkid166 trilogy!

This story is rated T cause it has som violence gore in it but not a lot just one part kind of. And there is no sex but ther is still some weird stuff so I keep the tag. Cool

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I haven’t cried that hard since the end of The Bounty Hunter starring Gerard Butler and Golden Globe-nominated actress Jennifer Aniston.

Author Interviewer

The final installment? :O We've come a long way...

(Theres nothing wrong with guys crying dont be stupid this isent the 1860s, where I always got made fun of for crying.)

Undeniable proof that jakkid is a timeless entity who was around long before we were born and will remain long after the planet has fallen into the sun.

I t i s b a c k



I am so sad :(

All good things must come to an end... But Detective jakkid116 (the best detective in the world) is eternal.



guys this is a troll, right?

I put all me plates and silverware in the trash and put "buy more plates and sivlerware" on my shoping list.

It’s moments like these where the deliberateness of the humor really shines through. Though suddenly I feel a hankerin’ for cucumbers and Makers Mark. :pinkiecrazy:

Nah, homie. This is pure pottery.

teenage wildlife

This was the moment I totally lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

"I live in heaven not hell," said Dick.

I’m constantly in stitches with this stuff. I love the escape, too. :rainbowlaugh:

If Twilight just launches her friends out of the catapults eventually one of them has to be able to tackle detective dikkid ameri166 out of the air before they hit the ground and die of sudden ground

The immaculate writing in this chapter alone was so powerful that it got me high as well. Quality work as usual, jakkid!

"Alright come on jakkid lets go catch a flight to Manehattan quick."

Or you could just buy some coke. For the cause, of course.

Oof, jakkid don't you know cocaine is a gateway drug to things like heroin and meth and pepsi? You gotta be careful with that shit!

"CURSE YOOOOU JAKKIIIIIIIID!" said Twilight as she flew into the distance.

"Looks like Team Friendship is blasting off again!"

"NO!" said Twilight. she RAN at me to charge up her magic attack, but then I stuck my mouth on her horn and sucked a ton of magic out of her and I was Fully Charged

Jakkid plz you can't just give a mare the >succ without asking for permission, you'll go to double jail for that!

ok sorry it was desprate times

Twilight Parkle was in her house doin the paperwork for my arrest when her cell phone rung! She dance to her ringtone (which was Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads) and answered it really hard.

Best bit of headcanon I've found in years. "It just works!" -Todd Howard

I call foul on Tirek's age. That's like 8 orders of magnitude older the universe is. Other than that, though, I find no issues with this chapter whatsoever.

Jakkid's gonna pawn off the sword to fuel his cocaine habit, just you wait, and then he'll defeat DEAD CELESTIA WITH A BRICK OF COCAINE TO THE FACE

"This is a MAGIC lamp." I said. "Watch"

and I threw the lamp at the window and it broke the window and we climbed out.

I mean, what are we mortals to make of this otherworldly mastery?

"It is the risk we must take," said me. "The arms dealer live in the everfree forest. Next to the legs dealer."

Very clever.

ok so since this story have 166 views now, nobody is allow to look at it anymore

Oh my fucking god. Out of all the stories I never expected to see introspective in, it was your stories, jakkid.

I'm actually tearing up, you glorious bastard. I wish you a good rest, and I wish you the best, jakkid. I hope you find what you're looking for out there, and that you come back someday. God. Fucking. Speed.

Goodbye, my friend, until we meet again.

And so, the timeless saga of jakkid comes to an incredible close.

When can we expect the spin off slice of life series featuring Zombie Celestia?


Thank you for bringing your beautiful real life stories to fimfic to share with us jakkid. You truly is world's greatest detective.

See you later, space detective...


That's like 8 orders of magnitude older the universe is

Maybe Equestria’s universe is way older than ours? :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

"Damm!" I said while I was playing the PS4 they gave me in my cage. "This sucks on butt."

My reaction when I find out this is the last Detective jakkid166 story D:

Author Interviewer

woah how did i do that

This is incredible, one of the funniest lines I have ever seen, entirely because of context and prior knowledge, jakkid166 you are a gift from the heaven.

Author Interviewer

"Table for two please," I said to the front door man.

Just the audacity of such a pulse-pounding, death-defying action sequence ending in such a calm, polite request. I can't even.

If your ass is really big that mean your butt cheeks have too much poop in them.

This is true.

"Where did everyone go? This is not Fallout Equestria yet."

Oh my god

Also Applejack was amazing.

Author Interviewer

(please do not steal this guys money he is poor)

oh fuck I almost did that thanks Detective jakkid166 for keepin me on the straight an arrow.

Author Interviewer

"Anything as long as it is not the Kanye West album called Jesus is King," said Satan.

I agree with Satan, that album was crap.

and the sun wasnt falling onto the planet anymore.

Now that's fridge horror!

"You go Detective jakkid," said Twilight. "We all poop for you!"

I uh

I am a tear in my face for the great Detective jakkid166, the greatest detective who is named Detective jakkid166.

What a saga!

If there is a heaven for good characters, Detective Jakkid166 would not be in it, because he would be investing why all the good characters died and went to heaven, and he would solve the mystery since he’s is the greatest detective in the world and also Cincinnati.

Which is also why he wouldn’t be in good character heaven, because heaven is not the world. Maybe it’s Cincinnati.

this is too sad wil, jakkid166 greatast detective in the world really be okay cant wait for this thrilling conclusion or can I

"Swing your arm from side to side"

"Come on its time to go, do the mario"

I love you~

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