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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.


It is the christmas season right now and everyone know that Christmas is the most christmas day of the year. BUT! Detective jakkid only likes christmas, and wil not accept the pony's version of Hearths Warming Day... so he is like Ebaneezer Scrooge. A little bit

Will Detective jakkid learn how to get the hearth warming spirit, or will he die of heart failure and get forgotten by centuries of ponies forever? Find out in the Detective jakkid TWO-PART christmas special of whatever year this is

Chapters (2)
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Congrats! You get a like.

This was great :pinkiehappy:

"Yeah," said Rainbow. "It sucks that he never came here and we never met him or found out about him. Now we will never know about Detective jakkid166. If we did know about him he would probably be a good friend though."
"Wow," I said. "They think I am a good friend?"

Ponies are the best at friends


Detective Jakkid166 best pony who isn't really a pony.

Darn it! I wasn't ready for Christmas in April. Now I'm going to have to buy ghost David Bowie a stack of mismatching plates at the thrift store next door, and gift wrap it with the local weekly newspaper, and pretend I spent weeks thinking of the perfect present when I hand it to him and wish him happy holidays. Then dodge all the green Starbucks cups being thrown at me by the Christmas soldiers upset at what I said, and not shoot back because of the spirit of Christmas.

You are really ruining my week, you know that.

Fuck, I completely forgot to buy ham!


I hope Jakkid and Zecora get some good healthcare for Christmas

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Apr 17th, 2019

Nigga it's April, what the fuck?

You know what, I thought your comment was just pure random absurdity before I read the chapter, but now I’m INVESTED in this question!

Can jakkid166 solve the parabola?

Will David Bowie fistfight Zecora’s brain tumor?!

Won’ Somepony Think Of The Childhood?!?!?!


This reminded me to sort out my Christmas shopping.

I was having a horrible Christmas.

Then Jakkid166 told me the meaning of Christmas.

I'm still having a horrible Christmas, but now I have a small bit of pointless information to hold on to. Thanks, Jakkid166!

I'm never sure if I should downvote detective Jakkid166 for being awful, or upvote Detective jakkid166 for being awful.

"Who cares" I said. "You dont need to break the law to be arrested. Havent you ever been to America?"

Shots fired.


Tempted to delete for racism.

Oh yes! A two-parter Christmas special!

Perfection. Since I can't double-favorite this, you get a prestigious spot on my userpage. I laughed out loud like five times reading this.

I haven't even read the story, but I'm already laughing because of comments. Holy shit, I'm retarded. :pinkiesmile:

If only they had some snow organs for Frosty to save him from his untimely desnowment

Author Interviewer

This is christdiculous

When you cannot possibly sum up a story better than the author already did.

Fuckin' served by David Bowie, you have fallen far, Detective Jakkid166.

Author Interviewer

That was a hell of a heck.

Comment posted by Fug Chugson deleted Oct 28th, 2019

This kept goin on a whole bunch of times until eventually the whole town was fighting me


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