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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.


Twilight the Sparkle is the world's most unicorn pony. She is the elemant of friendship, and she is the best at magic out of anyone in the large, big whole wide world of Ponyville. He and her friends have killed many bad guys, and now she is really annoyeed about it because she has fought at so many bad guys that she is really tired of it. However, however, however, she is gonnea have to fight another bad guy AGAIN and this time she is REALLY angry about it! Will she beat the bad guy or will she also kill him too? And maybe say swear words

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Forget Galeem, this man is the light of the universe.

It was almost about dinner time, and she was preparing her favorite kind of soup: Soup.

Absolutely brilliant.

Man I could really use a sleep knife in my life

Blessed is this story, go forth my child and continue your work

Author Interviewer

Twilight the Sparkle is the world's most unicorn pony.

It's true, but he shouldn't say it.

That description alone is a work of art.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was pretty fukkin gud

Sparkle needs a capital letter, as it's part of Twilight's name.

"Ugh fine" said Rainbow, and she weant to turn off her Radio but then the radio also fell through the fllorr because it doesnt have wings so it cant stand on clouds.

Truly the mark of genius.

can u make an seekwul wear twilt b-com

A N G E R Y ?

Please grace us with more chapters, you beautiful soul.

Christmas came fucking early.

Hell. YES.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Omg I can't believe you totally ripped off my extremely original idea in my greatest work ever: Incept. Where Luna does things in dreams. What an honor.

This is crack that we need... and the shit we deserve.

Fuck I hate it when there's evil in my orange juice




~Skeeter The Lurker

"Woah Princes Luna!" said Twilight. "What are you here about?"
"Thou must cometh with me Twilight Sparkleth." said Luna. "We art in deep shit now."


"Now he has the elements but I dont know about it! How am I gonne find out that he has them?"

I feel like this can be applied to like 90% of all superhero and buddy cop movies.

~Skeeter The Lurker

"Wait a minute Ihave an idea!" said Twilight. When one of the missels was coming for her she grabbe it with her magic and turned it around. "OKAY GUYS GET ON!"

and then she let go of tha missile and it flew back in the direction towards my base.

Disappointed at lack of Rules of Nature!

"Also he figuredout how to use the elements. And he DRANk them! And so now hes really powerful and shit!"

With all six Elements, I can simply snap my fingers, and they would all cease to exist. I call that...mercy.

But why does jakkid need the elements if he has the far superior power of GUN

"Oh yeah good point." said Celestia and she made her horn glow and Zecora appeared next to us.

"What the fuck?" said Zecora "I was driving my truck." and we heard a crash sound and sirens in the distance

Luna gave Zecora a broom and pointe to the popcorn. "Zecora go clean up that mess you made."

"Dammit okay fine," said Zecora. "Stupid princesses always whine." and she went to go sweep up the popcorn and probably also eat it.

I am always amazed that Zecora still rhymes in these. Truly the sign of a godly author.

Ugh, really? Having the villain's doomsday weapon on a timer is extremely cliche. I expect more from an author of your caliber. Still, everything else is perfect though, no problems whatsoever.

im sorry but it is the reality of what happen. i cannot change the true facts and events

Author Interviewer

"Poop yourself on the head" said Rainbow.

This is a good line to say to someone when you want them to know you do not like them I will have to commit it to memory.

Author Interviewer

Ooh, what a twist!

"GASP" said YOU because you didnt expect that.

You're right! :rainbowderp: Amazing!

Author Interviewer

Not your best story, but it was still a trip. Thankfully, I have already read your better story or else you would be washed the heckies up!

"Thou must cometh with me Twilight Sparkleth." said Luna. "We art in deep shit now."


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