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In the forest near Ponyville, somepony stirs. Dazed, he tries to remember himself and comes up short.

He knows should remember something, but it's all hidden behind some sort of mental barrier. There are so many questions, but so little answers. The only thing for him to do is try and find somepony else who can help him. But who would help some random stranger wandering in from the forest? And is his past worth remembering?

This is the story of Ink Blot.

This story takes place after the end of Season 9, but before the future seen in the finale.

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How long do you think you can keep a human at bay with white noise?

Humans...they believe memories are propriety, if he should have a heart memory like that again, well, humans pick at things."No! This is mine!" he will say and he'll pull and pull and pull at it, until you break him.In the right mood Ink Blot will keep at till he is screaming.

I realize that breaking ponies is a common thing, but he isn't that kind of pony and a thing with a mind shouldn't have that done.

But...this isn't a horror story so I look forward to how you put it together.

Is Ink Blot a human? If he is, then there should be a human tag.

i feel like adding the human tag if he is one would just spoil the entire thing like he doesnt know who he is so why would we?

i'm procrastinating on the next chapter

shhh don't tell anyone


Ah Yes. Demonstrations of Friendship. Makes sense.

Looks like Starlight has completly replaced Twilight, including acting as an unlicenced medical doctor.

Fun story so far, it's off on a good start, even if it's pretty standard at the moment. I am at chapter 3 at the moment, I will post a more complete comment on it soon.

Normally I read what is already posted before making the offer but I am always a sucker HiE and I am a cover art artist and if you are interested to know, I am open for commissions. Here are the link to my art content.


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I hope to hear from you in the near future and wish you good luck on your story.:twilightsmile:

Finally read all the chapter so far. Interesting story, the development at the moment is rather slow with no clear goal for the main character sense he has amnesia, which doesn't really help matter, keeping him undefined other that this implies that he was a soldier and has PTS. The set of OC's is interesting they do have interesting personalities. Looking forward to see where this will lead to.

Well Discord was as helpful as usual, but at least Ink is starting to remember this. I wonder what was that deal he did to be in Equestria?

When he remembers what sent him here, Spilled Ink will end and the next story will begin

oh this was a fun chapter loved the OC's in it a lot.

Well we got a changeling here folks now I would wonder what a reformed changeling will think of a non-reformed one still running around like that and I would wonder why Quil wouldn't want to be free of the hunger for love that was plaguing their existence like that.

Interesting chapter, it sounded more as two stories in in one with not much linking each other. the part with the changeling explaining how he views the situation with Thorax did sort of explained the situation in their paranoid reasoning. I was surprised that the parasite was taken out so soon but the tension was interesting. Looking forward to the next chapter.

These really should have been separate chapters, but I decided to leave them together because the flying part would be too short on its own. And I'm running out of verbs.

I wonder if this is a crossover.

I don't like the fact he got forced into a magic contract.

well this was interesting seeing Luna around in Ink's dream and being held capture by Lyra and Bon Bon which was a funny scene in itself and is starting to lead to something that resembles a plot or goal now.

are the last two chapters out of order?

Is Ink Blot related at all to Disney's the Phantom Blot? Because that'd be really cool.

Thats the end? It seems rather abrupt. I can understand leaving some mysteries and unanswered questions around. But it didn't feel like a resolution. Ink might have gotten his answers, but the other characters, especially Quill, got tossed aside. Also, while the cult can be left to mystery, I think the origins of the parasite needs to be addressed. Are you setting up a sequel? This story had a lot of cool plot points thag are begging to be expanded, please. And Quill and Ink are great characters that I want to see more of.

RIP story. It died with many answers left.

The ending feels rushed because it is.

I think I might rewrite this in the future, but for now I want to continue the story. There's a whole bunch of other stuff that just wouldn't work within the current format that I really want to do. IE other perspectives, because doing this in first person was probably a bad move on the creativity side.

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