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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate'

Hi--my handle's Betless, and I've got that disease, you know the one. The one where you can think up what you think are amazing stories and cinematic artworks--but somehow lose all of it when you try and put it on paper?

Then it turns out you just didn't have good ideas in the first place, and it makes a little more sense.

But enough about me: let's get into my somewhat completely fake bio!

Betless's "real" name: Esriel
Favorite color: Pink, especially #FF0060
Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts
Least favorite TV show: I literally want to burn PJ Masks to the ground
Favorite movie: Any home movie of mine
Least favorite movie: Also any home movie of mine
Guilty pleasures: This freaking site, also I have too many cacti
Hobbies: half-hearted pixel art, drinking those weird thin sodas, having too many cacti
Favorite quote: "I think the mold spores are giving you some type of psychosis." --DWK, portraying John Travolta Gummy
Favorite FimFiction story: recently overtaken by The Enchanted Library
Favorite pony: reeeallly close between Luna or Twilight, although I like reformed Diamond Tiara
Favorite non-pony: depending on what happens in season 9, Discord
Favorite background pony: North Point
Least favorite pony: that freaking argyle guy from the rarity and applejack episode
Least favorite non-pony: Chrysalis, only because I love to hate her~
Least favorite background pony: the brown one that got super popular just like that one background elf from lord of the rings
Favorite song: fluctuates...on 1/19/19, it was Fuge in D Minor (the one right after the Toccata) by Johann Sebastian Bach
General personality: Transparent, one-dimensional

most of these are true

Anyway, go look at someone else's stuff, they're a lot better at writing than I am!

Things I've Read And Really Liked Or At Least Found Interesting


Saguaro · 4:50am Sunday

Piet Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright

They're pretty good

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