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"What's with the ALLCAPS, Gale Maze?" and other questions that may not ever be asked but I'm gonna answer them here to push my Bravely Second review off my page [severely outdated don't read] · 8:40am Feb 4th, 2017

Whew. Say that title five times fast, I dare you.
also don't read this, I need to update this

Q. So. Yeah. Answer the title.
A. It's based off this work of art. Set aside half an hour. Thank me later.

Q. What's with your username?
A. I switched the first two letters of the popular buzzwords(buzzphrase?), "male gaze." I was inspired by this guy I played with in Dota 2 named Phiggle Jysics or something among those lines.

Q. You gave me a scathing review. Why?
A. Because if I can steer someone on the right path by critiquing their work in my asshole way, then I'll feel good about myself. I'm insulting not because I'm some troll, but I'm probably hostile by default these days. I'll try to cool it if you want me to. If nothing else, I want to try my best to be reasonable.

Q. Will you ever write anything?
A. Slowly but surely working on two one-shot parodies, both of popular genres on the site, and a comedy series. The "it hurts" kind of comedy. Less The Three Stooges and more Watamote. If you're not a dirty weeaboo, "cringe comedy" is the best way to describe what I'm going for, despite how meaningless cringe has become. I'm also pondering a crossover(read: I really like this one character and I want to do something with him so let's put him in horseland), as well as an adventure series(read: I thought of a really cool name for it, and that's literally it).

I might update this with things I want to clarify later. Or if someone actually asks me things!

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