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Due to a new bill published by the Equestrian Senate, the latter which Princess Celestia regrets establishing every day, a weekly cliche event must happen. This week, a military brony must come to Equestria!
Meanwhile on Earth, Straw Mann is late to training the rookies due to angst. His Su-37 Terminator is therefore transmorgiportalizified into Equestria without him! This can only go uneventfully, aside from some collateral damage.
A tale of aircraft, princesses, and mild depression.

Did you know this fic is number 359999? 1 off from being a thousand Xbox 360s!

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Well before reading even begins I should point out the SU-37 is still referred to as a Flanker in NATO terminology, not a Terminator. Ace Combat's fun but not always accurate

> 359999

Those... quads!

This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I. Loved. This. So much!!!

Aside from all of the references I had to look up, it was funny:rainbowlaugh: Good job on your first fic!

"Celes, you're drunk." Princess Luna placed a hoof on Princess Celestia's shoulder, trying to be as polite as possible. "You should go home. I'll walk you."

I think Celly would work better here. That's just my head canon. Also, the last sentence should be in past tense.:pinkiehappy:

This story is hilarious! An upvote and a fave!

You have some weird spacing.

Hats were thrown in the air for some reason. Some would say this was tradition, but that's a big fat lie. And I don't mean "thick" lie, I mean it's a big, fat, Wal-Mart shopping, McDonalds inhaling, Flubber-looking, Cabbage Patch Kid-faced, griling a steak just to drink the grease, beached whale-resembling LIE. This was quite literally the tenth bill they debated over in
their existence. Well, I guess that's enough time to establish tradition, so you know what? Disregard literally all of that.

This guy has less typos than you. :rainbowwild:

What references went over your head?
Gotta respectfully disagree on Celly, by the way. But hey, better than Tia. Plus it's a Final Fantasy VI reference

Coming from you, that means a lot.

Pardon the doublepost, but it's how they recommended to space it. Doublespace, you see. Otherwise it'd interpret it as paragraphs. It bugs me too, believe me.

Who recommended you space it like that? And did they actually mean that, or something different?

Not who, the site itself. Lemme get a screencap.

Oh wait, you mean just for that line? Yeah that's an error, sorry. But the paragraph count I'm talking about is shown here:
and here:

Yeah, putting a space between paragraphs is how I do it. That wasn't what was bugging me, it was that the sentence was continued on the next line.

Ah, okay. Then yes, I screwed that up. Sorry!

Just fix it and we can call it even.:yay:

8390721 eh, I write my stories on a phone. If I did it on a computer, it'd no doubt be less awful. ;)

I do my writing and editing on an iPad mini. The screen is only about twice as large as a phone screen.

8392492 Oh, it isn't the screen..it's the fact that my fingers often hit the wrong letter. >:(

Fat fingers, small screen.

An Ace Combat reference in the chapter title?
me like.
I am now done reading. I don't know what to do anymore. I guess I'll go search up aircraft names in the search bar until something comes up worth reading.

Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Welp, that happened. :facehoof:

Good or bad happened?

I have reviewed this here.

If I had to point out every funny thing in this story, I would be here a long time. Every sentence was hand-crafted, like an artisan bagel, or something.

This is the first fic I legitimately want to reread that I've came across in a while. This is a bastion in my Favorites folder.

Wow, this is the nicest comment I ever received. Thank you.

Why am I here again. Guess I better post something.

What am I looking at

Something that I think is funny, and I hope you do as well.

Yeah I found a meme online about SU-27, nice story by the way.

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