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Anon finds himself in the middle of the battle between Twilight Sparkle and Tirek. When faced with the decision that'll determine her friend's fate, you step in to challenge Tirek. Will our green rowdy hero be up for the challenge? Find out in this episode of My Little Pony.

Just a little action one-shot after watching too much action movies and anime

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Comments ( 18 )

That was hilarious. But it was also bad. You better feel bad.

"Cum inside Rainbow Dash."


For whatever reason, I felt the need to use that meme, despite how outdated it is. Anyway, I have almost nothing to say, besides, "Made me laugh. Somehow. I really need some friends."

Also, Rainbow Dash is not one to be trifled with unless you are equipped with a couple bottles a cider. Remember it well, Pinkie.

I called the Kamahamamam whatever it is.

I don't see what is bad about it. actually I really liked it.

Oh, and I maaaay have gotten out of my seat to shoot an imaginary Kamehameha at an imaginary Tirek.

May have.

This has been the most internetty thing I have ever read. And I have read through some pretty odd 4chan and reddit threads.

NICE!!!!! anon VS Tirek,god I feel good right now,I just hate him SO MUCH!!!! he's on the list of characters I would like to kill if I ever go to equestria,right next to Blue blood and caribou.

HEY! log time no see spetzaz! (I used to be ditzy hooves)

Just... wat :rainbowlaugh:

Just having the thought of Pinkie calling Anon a faggot made me read it in her voice. I think I almost died :rainbowlaugh:

People ask for the amount of fucks given that day my answer is none

That damn advice made me face palm.

This whole thing was somehow a shitpost, and it's wonderful.

Best worst thing ever.

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