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I'm lazy and don't write stories! I do like Marowak though......so........um.........hi? (Update: if you want to talk, just comment on my user page. I usually don't bite)

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Tea or coffee?

Also, may i use your name in the day spike kinda cared?

2262087 guuuuuuuuurl u fine! *insert sassy finger wobble here* Don't u be apologizing for asking someone a question! *insert sassy black Twilight emoji that should be available to use on this site but I'm too lazy to use Google images here*

2260093 Sorry, it's just that I'm obsessed with Digimon. And Meicoomon is from Digimon Tri. It's exactly like that orange cat thing in your profile pic. Check Digimon out, it's good. The English version is kinda rubbish though. :twilightsmile:

2259096 My (current) user pic is from Dust: An Elysian Tail. Im saying it all specific because its an indie game made by one guy and its friggin amazing. Seriously, look it up.

2194178 Is that Meicoomon you have on ur user pic? From digimon?

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