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Secrets beckon to all humans but only the foolish and ignorant search for what is not meant to be discovered. Such is the fate of men.


Lagnus the Raven is a old and very experienced hunter who was once one of the many close apprentices of Gehrman the First Hunter, but what happens when Lagnus is finally killed and ends up in Equestria? Lagnus now finds himself in a alien world filled with pastel colored ponies. Lagnus may think his hunting carrier is over now but little does he know a group of mages with evil intentions had came with him to Equestria. Now the hunt shall begin again...

Warning if you don't know Bloodborne lore or have a rough idea of its story you won't get most references in the story and be able to put together what it all means. But if you wish to continue anyways be my guest. I have also but my own twist into the lore so just be warned lore obsessers. Lore is meant to be taken differently for everyone so if its not up to what Vaati Vidia, or Silver Mont says the lore is remember all lore is interpreted differently for each person!

Anyways guys I have worked for a good month to get this first chapter and the story in general to be up and running so I hope ya'll like it, and I hope it does well!

Editor: Requiem17

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Very fascinating, give me more Good Hunter.

6997166 Oh trust me I have the next chapter written and its like 7000+ words XD

I had a lot of ideas for this story and Im afraid I'm gonna rush it which is why it took one whole month to write the first chapter, get it edited, and reviewed by three or four people.

No sweat dude, I've been trying to write my store for almost a year, and I'm still going strong. Take all the time you need, it shows that you care about the story.

6998000 May I pm you? I have some questions for you maybe you can help me and be one of my pre-readers, and tell me what you think of the chapter and what I can do better

6998033 interesting I hand a original story I am writing the concept was created from bloodborne. However the stir itself is one all its own.

Go for it, I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Also is you wish for me to pre-read your chapters, send them to my gmail, masterchief6683@gmail.com

6998043 Greetings my brother I thank you for your kind comment and finding interest in this I worked really hard on it.

No problem, be sure to check out my story, and I could really use your help when I eventually write my own Bloodborne story.

6998052 well I am a fan of the game. I need to see more of the story to decide if it is in my top favorites or not. It is off to a good start. Reading it does make me want to hunt some more might play bloodborne a bit when I get home.

Just beat the orphan of Kos, moon presence is all that's left do me to beat. Fave.

7092911 Yeah in a bit i'm just making a bunch of corrections and tweaks to the chapter before i send it to be edited. I'm actually finishing up now

7092911 If you wish I will let you view the unedited version and pm you the password and link to chapter 2

7101284 I'll Pm you the info then tell me what you think too i need opinions on it to see if I should fix anything

Awesome work so far, love Bloodborne

7106935 Thanks the second chapter should come out next week. It takes about a month per chapter because I have to proof read, edit things in and out then send it to my editor to correct the fifty trillion punctuation and grammar errors XD

7106935 If you want the link to the early access password to the unedited chapter just tell me

More BLOODBORNE on this site is always wellcome.

Lagnus smiled and got up, taking his hat off. “Long time no see Castiella my friend, or should I say Celestia. It’s nice to see you again,” Lagnus said as Twilight, her friends, and the guards looked surprised. Lagnus and Princess Celestia knew each other...

Lagnus and Princess Celestia knew each other...


You might wanna fix the summery

Lagnus may think his hunting carrier is over

I believe that you meant to say career.

Pretty good for the first chapter..... Aw screw it; IT WAS AWESOME!

Well... that was unexpected, very intriguing so far, I'll be waiting for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

7137817 My thanks to all three of you I'm finishing the editing process with my editor now but chapters and such will be delayed due to school and such but I'm glad you all like it

7139046 To be honest I'm not sure if you're trying to be funny, honest or sarcastic with that post its kinda hard to tell sarcasm over the internet and even for me in general

Very nice chapter, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

"Secrets are secrets for a reason." -Simon the Harrowed Hunter.

7147689 Thanks these take a shit load of time to write, proof read, rewrite flawed parts then edit. So your compliments mean the world to me

Awesome!! Never would've figured out Castiella was Celestia.........

7191672 Well it was kinda obvious that is just her Victorian era name I suck at it I know but i was obsessed with Castiel the angel from the show Supernatrual and thought the female equivalent of the name would work for her.

7203640 You still did great with it!! It was an awesome era name change thingamajiger!!!:pinkiehappy:

7204786 Well Bloodborne is based off the British Victorian and Elizabethan era so i simply used aspects from that time in history along with the video game's aspects and lore to create and weave a awesome story.

I smell yharnam blood, old blood, passing along...

7213474 What you smell is human wreckage around every corner my friend. Lagnus doesn't simply hunt, he obliterates his prey *Laughs maliciously*

Still waiting for that one chapter...

When will the next chapter be out?

I've been searching for a BloodBourne to the past six months! Please keep this up. It's well paced and has a near perfect blend of detail and dialogue. Also, you have a new follower!

A Darkbeast without lightning is boooring.

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