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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Discord grifts Celestia into agreeing to a wager and then proceeds to do the unthinkable, releasing an unspeakable horror into Equestria.

Are Celestia's ponies as virtuous as she believes? Can any of them love a monster? Or is her faith in them misguided? Her faith in them will be put to the test as Anomie has been released into Equestria.

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that comment about the last time Celestia brought a Human makes me think of The Man With Two Names


It was Discord, not Celestia, who was responsible for the last time.

4207053 oh, I mixed up my pronouns I guess. It still made me think of it though


No worries mang.

Looking at your avatar pic, imagine a coked out Rainbow Dash. :rainbowderp:

There's a story idea. She goes mach 30 and ends up in the past. :rainbowkiss: Causes the downfall of Equestria by being a filthy coked out whorse. :rainbowhuh:

And then I dunno what happens. Meh.

4207072 you ever see the movie Flight? The moral is cocaine fixes everything

4207053 last time? what do you mean?


The last time a human was summoned to Equestria. Don't worry, it'll be in the story.

4219437 oh, so it wasn't a reference to another story or something? alright


Naw, this one is entirely stand alone.

4219450 ok, I look forward to it! :pinkiecrazy:

what story was the last guy from?


None. But don't worry, he will be revealed later.

This has my curiosity.

This has my curiosity.


The curiousity has been doubled! Huzzah!

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, when she enters the teething stage, that the parents might encourage her biting a bit too much, and she ends up with a habit of biting random ponies/objects?


Who? Squeaker? Squeaker is a he. And he has teeth. Anomie is too little and weak to bite anything.

4260277 no, I meant when Anomie gets into the teething age...y'know how it is.

I see now.
Discord is using this bet to learn how to tell if he is loved after everything he has done and through the actions he does now.

Very interesting. I like this fic.

This just furthers my theory.

If Discord were any more transparent, he would have had to have shapechanged into a pane of glass.

I can't tell if Celestia is totally clueless, and is troubled by Discord's behavior because she doesn't understand it, or if she sees exactly where he's going with this and is dreading having to give him the "I like you as a friend" speech, or what. One would think that Discord would have been reassured by Anomie's circumstances rather than depressed, because her experience suggests that it's possible for a pony to love something they think of as monstrous, but then again, Anomie herself has never actually done anything to make anypony hate her, and Discord has.

I hesitated to read this story because I misinterpreted the description. I thought Discord would be imposing an artificial state of anomie in pony society, and I didn't want to read several thousand words about ponies being horrible to one another. Thus, this has been a very pleasant surprise. I look forward to more.


I sorta figured that would be the general reaction.

If it is any consolation, I am sorry. :heart:

Perhaps I should have went with my first instinct and simply cancelled the story.

4435002 Probably, but I'm not arrogant enough to not tell you what you did wrong.
While it WOULD have been a god end to the fic, this is not the sort of end you just drop on the readers.
You need to build up to it slowly, over 5 to 15 chapters, each getting a bit more ominous and/or darker than the last.


I dunno, I thought the troll face was pretty telling.

But then again, this story was never actually about Anomie.

She is merely a proxy.

This story is all about Discord.

While I didn't see it coming, in retrospect it does seem obvious. She who lives by the sword, etc.

He made sure she had a better, longer life than she'd have had on Earth. That's not nothing, after all.

I am not displeased with this. Saddened, but I knew all along it wasn't really her story.


Thanks. I don't have any other fancy words, but thanks. :heart:

4435028 That does not make my point any less valid.


Your point is fair, and you were right to make it.

My point is fair, and I have a right to express it.

We're both right, for different reasons. :heart:

I hope we can remain civil towards one another after this conflict of viewpoints. :twilightsmile:

the taste of her own blood and feces rising up into her mouth.

feces? really? I could understand bile, but feces is a little too far down the gastrointestinal track for me to believe


Try having your intestinal loop ruptured.

You taste feces. Trust me, I know.

4435142 I never intended to imply you weren't right.


While I agree that this was very sudden, and that including a chapter where Tirek actually came back first would have been better (or including that in this chapter rather than starting in media res), this entire story is told that way, in choppy snapshots that generally start in the middle of things going on. I don't think building to this ending slowly was appropriate, because I feel like the whole point was that those who live a warrior's life die young, suddenly and without warning. Anomie embraced the lifestyle she was raised in, a military, warrior's culture, and this meant that her entire life, this kind of ending was always a possibility for her. And Anomie would have known that all along, but Discord, who is not part of a warrior culture, didn't really see it coming. Despite being the avatar of chaos, he doesn't expect things to change suddenly in a way he doesn't approve of.



I only just started reading the story yesterday. The premise wasn't really anything new to me, a human being brought to Equestria from a horrible life, etc.

I think what really stuck to me was Anomie's interaction with her family and with the lunar pegasi (I really think they're batponies, so I'm just gonna call them that) I also kind of felt pissed off at Discord and Celestia, this little girl's happiness was nothing more than a bet between those two, but as the chapters went on it started becoming something more than a bet.

I'm not sure how I feel about Discord bringing in a broken human baby girl (even though he didn't know what was gonna happen to her) just to make Celestia see that he loved her, but I suppose that's the nature of these types of stories.

It wasn't bad, but I don't give it a 10/10 either. I can understand why you had to make the ending the way it is, you wouldn't be the first guy to have storylines ruined by the show's canon.

Anyways...It was a nice tale. it didn't end nicely, not in any way, shape, or form, but the short journey it was made it enjoyable, I suppose. I'll give youuuu 3/5 flutteryays. :yay::yay::yay:


No, Discord never saw this coming.

He wanted Anomie to succeed, to be married, to have a happy life. He needed her to do so to prove it was possible for him.

Like everything else he touches, this too, turned to shit.

The reverse Midas touch.


What I don't quite get is why Discord seemed to become increasingly depressed as it became more obvious he was going to lose. He obviously set this wager up to win by losing -- what he wanted was to lose the wager, and obtain proof that a monster can be loved -- so why did he seem so unhappy as more and more of Celestia's win conditions were fulfilled? Is it because Celestia didn't seem to be picking up on the real point he was trying to make? But he was putting so much plausible deniability between his true intentions and his stated ones, why would he expect her to?


Chaos. You said it perfectly.

He had his plausible deniability, but part of him really wanted for Celestia to pick up on the real reason. He knows how smart Celestia is.

The rest is left to speculation.

Does she know what is going on and just hate me?

I mean, she has to have figured it out by now... Why is she torturing me!

I really hope she doesn't figure it out too soon before I have a chance to make my point.

I was expecting this to play out much more slowly, but this turn of events ( given the fact that the 'main' turned out to be Discord and not the girl) works well enough. With its real focus hinted at and revealed at the end, the length is understandable. As such, I give this a 8.5/10. :twilightsmile:

I missed this at first, but you definitely made it work. Anomie proved herself, humanity, and Discord to all be nobler than Celestia first expected. The ending is tragic, but it works. Very well, at that. Thank you for a very touching story, and one of the best HiE fics on the site.

Short but very good. You have my gratitude sir.

Wow, that ending was a big tonal shift.
Should have stopped on the previous chapter while I still felt warm and fuzzy.
This ending seemed a little pointlessly gruesome. All previous chapters were kinda sweet and then suddenly death and misery from nowhere.
Mabey I'm just upset that there won't be any sequels or further adventures.
A good ride while it lasted.

Did you know dislestia is Canon? From the season four finale, when discord offers her flowers. Maybe this will be dislestia too

There was a lot of false advertisement with the tags: a comedy by Grecian standards may mean tragedy, but on this website, tragedy means tragedy. Not down voting, but not up voting either. I was expecting something full of jokes and pranks, something lighthearted, and most definitely not something as heavy-hearted as this.

I'm not going to downvote because it was written well in its own way, but I'm not going to upvote either because the story isn't what it says it is, so in good consciousness I can't upvote.

I'm ok with the final, You killed 'em all qick and i don't have to grief much and i can move to another story.
Discord surely takes his time apologizing.

Y'know. Obviously the story in general was finished a while ago, but I'm on this chapter and I'm gonna throw out a guess that maybe Discord was the previous human they keep alluding to. Would explain the investment he has in this and would make some parallels between him finding redemption and the child becoming loved.

Idk, just a guess.

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