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I came here at first because I wanted to read, I stayed because I wanted to write, and I came back because I wanted to re-ignite my creativity (thanks to Scribbler)

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Probably another go at this fanfic thing · 3:00pm Nov 5th, 2014

I had a concept I was working on, but the laptop I had that on screwed up, but I do have a new one for now, as well as other potential ideas for a future story.

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Where else you can find me

tumblr (where I post random tumblr stuffs)
youtube (even though I just like/fave videos now)
Cheezburger (usually on My Little Brony, but prepared for lols none-the-less)

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688625 I see:moustache::moustache:

It's ok, i've read your biogrghaph. I understand. I won't be going to college, in like, 3 to 4 years from now. I'm currently in high school, and still currently, deciding on which college to go to in the near future.

Anyways, yea, I go on Omegal from time to time. But most of the time, I either just fuck around online, as in, just be lazy and watch videos, watch movies, or write my fics. Whcih...are long over due to be posted.

677476 sorry for not getting to you sooner, but yeah, my last week's been kinda up and down, but overall good. Most of my spare time has been on Omegle, though :derpytongue2:

676490 Well, i did like the one fic that i read, and i don't mind helping those out who are in need of a watch. Anyways, yea, it was a good conversation. So then...how's life going for you?
(Got nothing else better to do.)

672879 yep, I do recall :raritywink: > "It was a lovely conversation"
And thank you for favoriting Demolition. :pinkiehappy: > "Adios 4th wall!"

Hey, it's me, that guy you talked to on Omegal.

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