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Oakville. Doesn't seem like much of a place, really, way out on the edge of Equestria. But when Princess Twilight Sparkle's royal visit to the Acorn Festival goes wrong, and she and her friends disappear, it falls on Zecora to recruit some help from the town's most able citizens.

That turns out to be the local weather captain, a magician, and a couple of inventors.

Unfortunately, they happen to be named Lightning Dust, Trixie, Flim, and Flam.

Ho boy.

This takes place after my other story, Cauldron Club, but you won't have to have read that to read this one, though it might be a fun time, who knows!

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The question of "What is True Love?" has stumped philosophers for thousands of years, but Twilight has figured it out. With math. It was easier than she thought it would be. Why isn't Rarity excited about this?

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The book doesn't look like much. It's ancient, but the craft is simple, hoof-made. The ink is faded to near-illegibility. There is nothing on the cover, save the name of its one-time owner.

Twilight almost passes it by. Next to ancient, massive tomes with impressive gold leaf and jewel studded covers on the shelves of the deepest section of the Canterlot archives, it is so unassuming. But on a whim, she opens it. Inside, Twilight is surprised to discover, is one of the most complete records of the life of Starswirl the Bearded, her personal hero. It is recorded in his own words, by a pegasus who has been forgotten to history, save for this humble, remarkable record.

This is Twilight's transposition of the contents.

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The boredom of Thursday evenings gets to Twilight Sparkle, and she decides to create a fun meet-at-home club.

The problem is that she doesn't create a book club. Seriously Twilight. You're a librarian. I mean, come on. Book club didn't occur to you?

Sigh... no. Twilight's idea is Cauldron Club! Yes, Cauldron Club! Cute name for a potentially catastrophic alchemical disaster, isn't it? Now anyone with a desire to dabble in the arcane and... disturbingly reactive world of potion-making can gather in a single place to celebrate their mad science harmless hobby!

Potion-making can be a dangerous hobby, Twilight. More-so if that hobby is shared. What could go wrong?

Oh, and... bring your own cauldron.

This story takes place between "Keep Calm and Flutter On," and "Magical Mystery Cure," and so features unicorn Twilight.

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