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The book doesn't look like much. It's ancient, but the craft is simple, hoof-made. The ink is faded to near-illegibility. There is nothing on the cover, save the name of its one-time owner.

Twilight almost passes it by. Next to ancient, massive tomes with impressive gold leaf and jewel studded covers on the shelves of the deepest section of the Canterlot archives, it is so unassuming. But on a whim, she opens it. Inside, Twilight is surprised to discover, is one of the most complete records of the life of Starswirl the Bearded, her personal hero. It is recorded in his own words, by a pegasus who has been forgotten to history, save for this humble, remarkable record.

This is Twilight's transposition of the contents.

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This ought to be interesting, can't wait to see more!

I loved this story! Kickball's and Star Swirl's interactions definitely made me laugh. I certainly hope you continue it, but if not, it's also great just as it is. Thanks for some awesome hilarity!

The crossed out writing was pretty cool, especially this part...

Startle? Really? I don’t think she’s going to keel over from shock! Quiet, Idiot! Wait... why am I writing this down?!

And the story was great!

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