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Still Writing, folks! · 2:18am Sep 16th, 2014

Argh, I am sorry about this guys. I'm still writing, but it's kind of giving me fits right now, you know? Story just doesn't want to cooperate. Doesn't feel right... doesn't flow... etc. etc. but I'll break through! As long as I've got material typed, then I have material I can improve on, right?!

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Still Alive · 7:34pm Oct 29th, 2013

Long time no post, eh?

Sorry about that, guys! Hopefully I'll have a new chapter up soon, maybe by this weekend! Things have been busy on my end (...and Pokemon X and Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies are NOT helping matters at all, either!), but I AM still working on my stories, rest assured! I've got most of the plotting issues leading into the final chapters of Cauldron Club figured out now, so it should be smooth sailing on the writing end of things (hopefully).

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