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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Now with 23% more sequel!

Twilight and her friends all get together for a sleepover, looking forward to some well deserved downtime. Discord arrives, standing outside in the rain, pleading for entrance and to come in out of the weather. Twilight Sparkle insists that this is a mares only sleepover, so Discord does the only thing he can do, doing the unthinkable to gain entry.

Once inside, Discord, now Eris, tries to bond with the mane six and learn the magic of friendship.

The mane six fail to take into account the magic of Discord.

Now featured on April 16th, 2014. Thank you all so very much!

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Oh SHIT! The only way to get Eris in the Maneverse! AWESOME Disco-ahem-Eris Chaos inbound!

i enjoyed this it was a good time for all involved

... If Eris hit every pony in Equestria and the Crystal Empire..

Wow. She just kicked the chaos up to 11. I can just hope theres a scene with Celestia referring to little Celestia as 'Sol Invictus'.


Yeah, about this...

Try the entire planet. :raritycry:


Oh my.

So much potential for fun! Queen Sombra! Stephany Magnet and her glorious mustache! King Chry.. Okay, the Changelings would probably be inconvenienced for all of 30 seconds.

please continue...:ajsmug:

We need Darkhorse Night,King Metamorphosis and Queen Umbra.


Nope. No name changes. Twilight Sparkle is still Twilight Sparkle. With exciting new hardware! :twilightoops:


This was scary.... :fluttercry:

Not so easy being a guy now, is it Twilight? :ajsmug:

Futa powers are a go...

"Sol Invictus has risen to power" Yes! :pinkiehappy:

The "sea of plots" has been replaced with a "sea of dicks".

Celestia help us all...

Since I couldn't have all the characters I wanted listed in the character's list, I'll toss out a few here.

I have a scene planned with Derpy and Great Scott.

Zecora will be making an appearance. Expect rhyming.

Trixie is currently in Ponyville and about to run into Twilight Sparkle.

And too many more to list. I plan to make a serious stab at the plot.

If there is a specific pony you want to see, let me know. Oh please, let me know. And I will do what I can to oblige you.

"And mine's the biggest!"

So funny!


Shining Armor and Cadence!

Also Chrysalis going "Meh."

Yes. Shining and Cadance.
"You remember that time we tired anal?"
"Oh no..."
"Bend over."

The Hunt to kill Discord about to enter the boiling point. Twilight is going to be happy to do it.

I just want doctor whooves, even if he's mentioned in passing.

I...hope this updates more! But I think all the mares are sickening. I mean they should respecting the stallions for their endurance and now they're molesting them? Only Twilight and RD are thinking straight. Of course there are instincts, but I think everything's going to far too fast I mean last chapter, with cheerilee and the birds and the bees? :unsuresweetie:


Remember... Discord is responsible. Nopony is currently behaving correctly.

Much laughing was had this day, so here's your comment.:rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious. You must update more.


You...are correct. May the golden sunglasses illuminate this story's path.:moustache:

Dear lord, my sides. I haven't read anything this funny in ages.

“I’ll be. Bigguns run in the family.” Applejack said, too hungover to be appalled.


Haiku of the nestled grove:

Scent of a female
Peering into forever
Spearing clouds and rain


Gender bent, without a lifetime of coping 'training'.

Oh my god, all the dick jokes. I'm dying. I lost it completely at the princess' scene.

Lord above, this is officially the funniest thing I have ever read. I must have more. More I say!

The Fuck? It's not that season yet, because I am sure that they have a calendar marked for that And Eris is suppose to be feeling the blunt of it now that there are WAY more males now.


Season has nothing to do with this. More like magic gone bad. All will be explained, be patient. :derpyderp2:

I hope for an ending where the males get some well deserved sorry and appreciation,
Clearly, Big Mac turns into the top female. Shining Armor needs some return appreciation from his wife After the whole fiasco, Celestia needs to at least consider more mares in the Guard... oh dear lord! Luna is having a Wet dream!?!
Discord, he needs to be raped.

I'll come with you to hell!

My first time seeing r63 Discord. And the first time seeing browser ponies. XD

My god. Why do I want to read more of this?

4243310 They're acting like it because us guys are used to it, I mean every guy gets those urges after the age of around 11 to 16, girls don't, this is why we slowly go through puberty, because we aren't prepared for an being child to man within a day like most animals, I mean look at dogs, they can satisfy themselves with a couch!! We get used to it because our balls produce testosterone in smaller amounts when we're young, girls don't produce testosterone, It's like getting a shot of adrenaline. They aren't prepared and go into a lust high or basically a stallions version of heat.

Plan to kill Discord check. I love it!

I can't go to pony hell as I am already there.:pinkiecrazy:


I'm sorry posting this late my computer was down. Here some characters I would like to see get Gender bent:
More of Zecora.:
Lyra and Bonbon:
King Sombra, I can see that now Sombra decide to make a return that wrong time just imagine Sombra's armor chafing on her/his mare parts:
Nightmare Moon as separate character from Luna.
Gilda, I can imagine her/him Raindow Dash.
Fleur Dis Lee
Queen Chrysalis
Garble and the other teenage dragons just imagine them with big boobs.:
For the uncrop version of this pic try reverse search image the pic in images google you will find the uncrop version.
Iron Will, Like the pic but without the shirt just imagine Iron Will with His/her big boobs swinging around without any support while walking around in public.:
Derpy Hooves
EDIT: Spike, I wonder what would happen to Spike if s/he become greedy like in the episode "Secret of My Excess".:trixieshiftright: I can imagine Spike looking like Godzilla but with giants boobs.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:
EDIT: More of Princess Cadence.
I can see Eris losing control to his/her girl urges if that happen talk about a plan backfiring.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh I am going to love this :pinkiehappy:

Celestia: Discord how many times have I told you no getting drunk and 63-ing Equestria?:ajbemused:

Discord: ... Twice?:twilightsheepish:

I am from pony hell so it don't matter to me. One of the advantages to being a soul reaper.:pinkiecrazy:

what these mares don't realize is that it is still gay if you kiss a girl as a girl...... not that i am complaining.


Aren't double standards delightful and riotous? :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

I want Twist to have a dick so big that she can't walk. Her stubby child legs would be too short. :twistnerd:

Where's Eris in all of this...


It's okay. You're not alone.

I want more too :twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

Man, loved the inenuendo in the last chapter, but I have to post it here for people to actually see.
:unsuresweetie: I have a big problem.
:scootangel: I have a bigger problem.
:applecry: (pretend it is a proud look) : And I have the biggest!


Earth ponies. Daaayum!

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