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My little pedagogue


Carl Lee is new to his job.
In spite of his inexperience, along with coursework deadline induced bouts of sleep deprivation, and a serious caffeine reliance, Carl has made it through his first academic year as a secondary Science teacher, and his Twenty fifth birthday is on the final day of summer term to boot!

Things are looking good, but this summer break will be far from relaxing.

Contains strong language, alcohol abuse, and some mildly descriptive violence.

A side fic to Five score, divided by four. from twisted spectrum. if you haven't read it yet, go do that first! it's much more substantial that this little pet project. Now shoo! there's the link.

Five score, divided by four

Cover art by Dahtamnay

Chapters (10)
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Much wisdom shall be found at the bottom of yon bottle of booze... :twilightsmile:

May want to include in the description a link to the original, stating that this is a sidefic. It's what the rest of us are doing.

Also: Nick is funny. We need more of him. :yay:

"My name is Carl Lee, and I’m going to educate the shit out of these kids!"

Pleaaase write more! :heart:

So far? I'm loving it.


"Um, future me? Hangover incoming. Berry’s organizing the birthday again… just thought I’d let you know” "
Berry? as in berry punch?:pinkiehappy: you my freind have gained an instant "Favorited and liked" :yay:


Point taken, i've modfied the description...

also, Nick? noone in the fic called Nick, although i've just come to the relevation that having two characters called Carl, and Kyle was probably very ill advised. too similar.


I was thinking of the internet kid from class... where did the name Nick even come from? I was tired when I typed that.:unsuresweetie:

Okay, I'm on board. Daisy-butt development and all.

The dream seems a bit sudden, but I understand your thoughts of the picture of Cheerilee jarring lose latent memories.


Nick is funny. We need more of him.


Nick? noone in the fic called Nick


I was thinking of the internet kid from class... where did the name Nick even come from?

:pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp:
It's just like in the story! FrozenMasquerade is clearly becoming a pony and remembers the real name of Kyle! :twilightoops:
Kyle will become a pony named Nick! FrozenMasquerade is a pony!! It all makes sense!



That gif...

Oh sweet zombie jesus! my sides!


If I'm an earth pony, I'm hiring someone to shoot me. I can't live without some form of finger, wings I could improv with, magic would be easier.

I once broke every finger at once, trust me when I tell you it's hard to live without them.

Comment posted by Xenotype deleted May 7th, 2013

2537897 Well, check to make sure you're not in a continuity that has magnet hooves before you make any rash decisions.


Yes, I seem to be experiencing similar problems with many stories lately, even my own. (I was only checking if they went onto the list, I swear. Not tracking myself for any reason!)

:pinkiehappy:First I Love this story...
:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:also I MAY have become slightly addicted to this series...if reading one of the side stories four times today alone counts as slightly...

:ajsleepy: I only have one problem with this one: I faved it after rading it this morning; yes I know I just misspelled reading, no I'm not going to fix it it fits this story, the rading stays//dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Derpy_dealwithit.png ;... as I was saying before I interrupted myself, when I went to find this story on my favorite story list, for some reason, IT DOES NOT SHOW UP! I have unfaved and refaved 5 times in the past hour with no change and am wondering if anyone else is having that problem with a story? If so how do I fix?//dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Derpy_Hooves.png

Edit:derpytongue2: I figured it out! You seem to have not properly submited/published/whatever the story correctly because it also does not show up on you userpage at all. you might want to do that soon, because I am unsure whether the sight will notify us of any new chapters otherwise...:unsuresweetie:

2538954 I think I solved that problem! (see above)


Hmm, very odd. That might be the case, but I still say it's some glitch somewhere. I keep seeing this happen to a lot of stories. Read It Later works fine, but Faves list just picks and chooses what I put on it.

2538992 yes but with most stories you can solve that by un and then refaving the story, although that usually only works if the story shows up on your favorites list in the first place. It seems to happen a lot where a story will update, but not show up on the unread faves list, only on your "all favorites" list, and refaving fixes that for some reason//dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Derpy_Hooves.png


Only problem with that, stories I've half-read sometimes show up on unread and sometimes don't. Ahh well, how can I complain about how a marvellous series of tubes can bring me PONIES?:raritywink:

So I got around to reading the chapter, and wow, good stuff! :pinkiehappy:
You write quite well, and I'm actually really looking forward to the next chapter. (which I know wont come until later, given your schedule).

Anyway, fun stuff, I'm glad you decided to write this :rainbowwild:


In the process of getting it sorted. it failed moderation first time round, as it didn't have a strong enough link with the FiM universe. Fair enough really, The link to FiM in the prologue is tenuous.

This shouldn't be a problem with the addition of the second chapter. awaiting approval now.


I'll try and update whenever possible.

I hated writing fiction at school, but this doesn't feel like the chore i thought it would be... i'm actually having a lot of fun with this, so I'll make time for updates as I find an odd spare hour here and there... likely just short 2k word chapters for the forseeable future.

Any ETA on when chapter 3 will be out?


Unknown. I've got a couple spare hours tonight, so I'll see what I can do.

this will likely be quite inconsistent for the next couple of months, as summer term is a very busy time of year. expect regular updates once mid july rolls around.

june on the other hand will be a mess. I've got a great deal of commitments timetabled both in, and out of school.

Ok folks, update on chapter three. I'm going to try my best to get it posted tonight. I'm having to stay late at work for the next two evenings, and will likely get no writing done over the weekend either. the third chapter, while incomplete is proving to be really fun to write, so i'll see if i can round it off before I have to hit the hay.

Regarding moderation, The word is the story just doesn't contain enough pony to be published yet (no complaints, the mods have a point.) so taking into consideration the projected rate of transformation, it may not be able to be published for quite a few chapters yet.

I'll do my best to keep you up to date.

This style of transformation makes for some interesting scenes, as those afflicted gradually realize what's going on. Is Carl also playing the pink hair as a hallucination and his friends are just thinking he's playing it off as a joke?

Oh berries.

A most enjoyable Five Score offshoot. Looking forward to more.


Car'ls not playing the hair off as a hallucination. He's had both malcolm and Sharon reference his pink hair in this chapter.

However, sharon managed to um... 'distract' him from the issue before he could properly lose his head. You may have noticed that sharon has a rather unique way of dealing with these unusual developments...

Hmm I distinctly remember someone offhandedly mentioning "Berry" in place of a persons name...
...now there is alcohol being served in questionable proof quantities...
Now I must wonder when a trio of flower selling doomsayers will appear for this new genre...


Not sure if i'm going to add more pony than just Berry and Cheerilee... I feel too many characters to develop would really slow the pace, but I'll keep my options open for now and see what direction the story takes me.

The odd thing about five score is the sidefics are having to leave the direction open to allow for any new developments in twisted spectrum's new fic (i realise i'm already out of whack, as i've set mine at the beginning of the summer holiday. I have to think about how i'm going to retcon that).

Anyway, next chapter is getting some attention tonight, fingers crossed, and it may be up before bedtime. (I said I wouldn't be able to get this done quickly due to work, but writing this is great fun. I'm using every spare moment outside of work to write)

Ok class! next chapter up, but it's a short one.

I had this finished last night, but my internet decided to commit hara-kiri at that opportune moment.

The tandrum of the teacher reminded me of Zant from twilight princess, the point where he goes batshit insane.


That might be the single greatest piece of personification I've ever seen.


I'm writing again this evening, but may not finish the next chapter, just keep an eye out...

keep your eyes peeled, I'll have the next chapter up within the hour...

Edit: And it's up now!

I love meme-kid, Carl and this fic. Keep it up.
As an aside, you have (had) problems with capitalization.
Aside from that, this is a plate of hay fries with a side of awesomesauce. :pinkiehappy:


cheers for the feedback.

I'm aware of some gramattical errors, but haven't yet made the time to re-read and make the appropriate tweaks. it's on the to-do list.

EEEEENNTERESTING (said eeeeeeen-tres-ting)
I will read the mores

Wow, more flashback than the others gives a bit more in depth to the character involved
Kudos on that :moustache:

One thing before i continue

“You’ll be able to take comfort in that, right? Those three fillies of yours will be kept quite alive when I find them.”

It seems like these sentences are backwards. are they?

“Speak for yourself… You two are the birthday kids. I intend to partake in moderation, and wake up tomorrow feeling completely human” Malcolm slaps me on the back as he finished speaking.
“I have a feeling that’s too much to hope for as long as she’s involved” I gesture to Sharon skipping down the pavement ahead of us.


*Peels eyes*
Actually im just kidding XD

I vwant to read morez, good thing there is another chapter :D

Though i was wondering when the name changes would show up XD


Everything’s my fault today, isn’t it?

Do not know if you meant for that brain voice thing to be italicized. Other than that i see noooo errors :DDDDD
Awesome job btw
2573787 You forgot to add a winburger to that order.


Well someone likes the fic... thanks!

Yes, there is an italicised omission on the brain, good spot, thanks!

As for the quote from Discord, there was no error. If you look at his previous statement, he says he won't kill Cheerilee, because it'd be too boring. That gives context to his next sentence.

Well shit i just re read your comment and yes i derped REAAAAALLLL HARD!

Anyways, yep i do like it i do

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