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I'm a writer with a deep love for stories of all genres, particularly those tales with no need to conform to one standard.

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Well... Here We Go Again! · 4:02pm Apr 8th, 2013

Hello all you PVS! fans out there,

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Unfortunately, life has kept me more than busy. I keep trying to start up, but things get in the way.

As for the next episode, it is one-third written. In the meantime, one of our contributors has begun writing a Spinoff Show! I've yet to read it myself, but perhaps when I get some time.

dude, are you dead? if not where the hell is the next showing of PVS?

140131 Aye, you do what you need to do. When the show comes back up, River would love a job there! and also give Derpy this.
*Pulls out a Golden Muffin*
This is the Muffin Medal. Made only for the Muffin Queen.

Welcome to Love and Tolerate.

Writer: "Sadly, I've been feeling a bit disconnected with the fandom right at the moment. Perhaps when Season 3 hits and I get inspired again." :twilightsheepish:

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