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Nikolai Berlinski enters Equestria after his ill-fated fight on the Moon. How will he hold up? Maybe well if he supplied with vodka.
Crossover with Call of Duty: Zombies and My Little Pony, enjoy. Rated Teen for Language, crude humor, some sensual scenes and some violent images.

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Vodka and humor. Criticism and comments are approved.
Btw, The only violence in this story, besides the intro is not zombie-related.
And chapters will be added a few times today.:yay::raritywink:

I want to see where this is going...

This is just crazy enough to work.

I'll track for now.

I'm going to track this and see what happens

I like the breaking of the 4th wall, I can't wait to see the plot develop.

Lo, an actual good CoD crossover.

So no zombies?

The fan-fiction could be named "Stereotypical Russian Goes To Equestria" and still make sense all the way through.

1326312 Maybe, but I'll let you know this will not have zombies in Equestria, that is too cliche.

1326377 But it wouldn't be the same if no one knew Nikolai was in it.

Hmm... a few questions have been raised from this, but Nikolai hating Rarity and vise-versa is more funny.

Splendid, splendid work my good chap.

1326464 but of course, after all, how hard is it to write a drunk in Equestria, pit him against Rarity and freak out 6 mares at once?


Nikolai...No Vodka?
*Jumps out window*

Pinkie Pie beamed up.

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most memorable misquotes of all time.

Nikolai took one long look and finally said, "Heh, lesbian ponies, who would have thought?"

Not awkward at all.

1326666 That was unintentional, I haven't even watched Star Trek. Don't hurt me.

S'okay. But still. Maybe try 'Beamed at him.' instead... or else I won't be the only one making the connection.

Hehe, I expected to hear, "No touchy! I have issues!"

I was refering to the last scene when Fluttershy and rarity were together. Nikolai has an inherit gag reflex towards romantic situations.

1326963 Oh, Nikolai is one to dick around when he can, that will happen next chapter.

wen is new chapter coming out?

1326989 there will be 6 chapters by the of the day, maybe 7 if I'm not lazy.


Lol, Shits going dooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!

I love this story so much. My two fav character's from COD zombies in equestria, brilliant!

Okay, this is the last pre-written chapter. Everything will happen as I wish, no commissions.


This IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

Thumbed and faved immediately

This was the most badass story with Nikolai to date.

1327266 "HAH, This drunk soviet is on fire... oh shit, I am on fire!"
*Sigh* Dumbass.

so, they will be longer from now on?

1327404 maybe, I want little of everything in this story, next chapter will be mostly action.

I thought this in a russian accent... How is that possible?

LOL... As a big fan of black ops and mlp fim this was great and i loved ever bet of it *CLAP 1 CLAP 2 CLAP 3*:derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

1327687 I did the same thing...great minds think alike perhaps?

Are you sure your not the drunk instead of Nikolai?

Seriously, no one got the reference to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' in Chapter 3.

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