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This group will be epic! To California every pony!
Well, I'm not gonna be real strict, if you aren't from California whatever, just join. I just wanted my group to be unique.
So!! If you have a story you'd like to add, any kind of story I will accept up to teen:)
If it isn't kid friendly I'm sorry I won't be accepting it. I'm 15 years old so this group won't be getting real nasty.
Let the brony ness begin!

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I'm actually from Florida; the page says that I can join in spite of that.

360211 I know this is a SUPER old comment, but I live in Fresnoooo

Greeting from Southern California! (This is as specific as I get, though.)

360517 yeah for sure!

You know what? That would be a cool idea; let`s see if we can make it happen.:pinkiehappy:

360487 yeah I live in the city a little better than eagle ranch but eagle ranch has a nice park now you should check it out when you come maybe us Cali bros could even meet up there

It's sad really; I went to school at Eagle Ranch Elementary school, and back in the day it was a cool school to go to. We also used to play outside on the streets till night time, and sometimes even after; but now a day, from what I have heard; Eagle Ranch is run down, and you wouldn't catch a kid dead playing on the streets. Kind of sad to be honest.:fluttercry: I miss the good old days.

360484 good in go don't live int he ghetoo:rainbowdetermined2:

360482 yeah I don't really like the ghetto ness either

Yea; to be honest, I kind of miss it out there lol. I mean sure it has become a gang infested place, and the mall is as small as a shoe box lol; but it was nice being able to just leave the property on my quad and just ride free out in the dessert.

360470 oh yeah I know that area

360470 oh yeah I know that area

Phelan area; By the ampm off of 395. Not Eagle Ranch, but other side of 395

360418 oh cool! Haha what part of victorville?

EEEEYUP; in fact I`m going to be up there for a few weeks next month to house sit for them.

360337 oh cool! Yeah no one knows and I remember that storm. Your parents live In victorville? That's awesome and yes we need more cool days. I just went a whole entire year with temperatures above 60 except for a few days it's the desert though

Victorville huh? Most people don`t even know it exists lol. I actually have family there lol; Need more cool days in summer. Thunder storms are cool though when they blow through. and that snow storm back in 2009; 4 feet in one night, at least where my parents live.

360307 oh cool me too! My whole entire life has been spent in California:P
And people are gonna love your stories!

Hope people like them lol. Sorry; on my xbox, can`t actually reply lol.:derpyderp1: eeeeeyup; been out here going on almost 9 years; Been in cali my whole life though.

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