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This is an interquel of 7DSJ Book I

Sunset Shimmer wants to be seen as your average teen girl. One who goes through extraordinary events rather often compared to most normal girls, but otherwise totally isn't secretly a magical unicorn from another dimension.

However, this image of normality she projects gets called into question when one of her adoptive parents happens to witness her buying...horse shampoo.

How will she get out of this hairy situation?

Based on this screenshot from Monday Blues

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I wonder if there'll be a call back to this in Book IV. It was a fun little read, though Sunset was using quite a bit of magic for taking place during the first book.

Sunset worried over nothing, Mane and Tail shampoo is used by a lot of people, due to it's high quality and lack of perfumes. Heck Rarity would easily be convinced to use it.

But does Sunset know people use the shampoo normally? She only uses it because it is a close approximation to high-end Equestriani shampoo. She's also super paranoid about anything even remotely tipping off her adoptive family that she's not really human.

That's the joke after all, she's embarrassed over something she shouldn't be due to ignorance.

no, you use cowboy magic to detangle the mane and tail and then M.T.G to strengthen it the MTG has sulfur and does stink to high heaven .

I don't think she would, honestly. Dating within your close circle of friends tends to have repercussions if a breakup occurs, especially when you're close to someone.

Then again, that's just my take on things; it's been a while since I was a teenager.

Damn it. I can't remember when Twily got sick. I know it was not the magic sickness. That was a different thing. Whatever I'll figure it out

Random funfact, I actually use Mane and Tail shampoo and body wash. I usually mix in hair conditioner with it too, though they sell their own conditioner as well. I bought it once and my mom ended up meeting me at the store, was awkward as sin.

I needed this after 7DSJ: Protection. This offered a nice laugh. :twilightsmile:

🤣You got me laughing.

Ironically, the crossover between livestock and human shampoos goes both ways. Back when I raised cattle and horses for shows, we'd actually use Ivory soap for their coats. Despite being designed for personal use, it was actually quite popular among those of us in business; being cheaper and just as safe and effective as the 'specialty' products designed for farm animals. Shame I heard it got discontinued a few years ago.

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