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A sidestory to Seven Days In Sunny June Book V: The New Frontier

It's been a few months, but Jade Lily is finally starting to make peace with her situation. Yes, she still misses her old life in Equestria as the pupil of Starswirl the Bearded, but she's made a new life for herself on Earth studying archaeology at Michigan Tech University and is engaged to the love of her life, Braeburn.

But an unexpected murder threatens to throw all of that out the window when Jade suspects that the murderer has magical capabilities. That in mind, Jade sets out to find the killer before they strike again. But doing so may reveal a much darker, older threat....

Part of the the Berylverse

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Yay for time-displaced unicorns!

Excellent first chapter, Flynt!
Looking forward to the rest!

The best kind of unicorns in my opinion!

I hope you're more prepared for what's to come than poor Jade will be...

Let me guess Violet has feelings for Jade. I hope she can find a good partner.

I suspect it will be the POS.

:pinkiegasp: Well that is a scary turn of events.

I blame Eyeswirl the Wierded.

Indeed, and things are gonna get scarier!

Is that Starswirl the Bearded's weird emo brother? :derpytongue2:

Well I see that someone else is going to pay for messing with dark magic. I wonder how they would react if they had the sun dropped on them?

Oh shit things got worse than I thought. Why do I suspect things may play badly when in book 5?


We'll learn more about our man in the dark/eyeless man in due time, but suffice to say, he's a far older and more dangerous threat than any we've seen thus far.


If I was a gambling man my money would be on that Palpatine wanna be Sombra. It would fit his power mad personality and he could have left a small portion of his power behind in Equestria to explain his presence in the Crystal Empire.

I was kinda looking forward to seeing Sunset and Jade meet. Well I guess that is going to happen in the next story.

Literal or figurative?

the next part are the story Confession for a part at least.

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