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Darkened Paradise


Sunset Shimmer, the most hated student after everyone at CHS believe she is Anon-a-Miss. During an awful day for her, she meets another girl.

However, that girl claims she finally found her...

Follow Sunset as she tries to answer a question:

Who is that girl?

(Co-written with Discord the Narrator)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

Too much expose but I'm willing to let it slide so long as it doesn't cramp up in the next chapters. I've an interest in Cardfight Vanguard but please don't rush to introduce your characters. Also... Where's a place I should start looking to know about Anon-a-miss.


The best source would be the original IDW comic. It's the 2014 Holiday special.

...I support this crossover. I heavily support this crossover.

I like it, hope it continue.

I admit, a little intrigued by Cardfight Vanguard crossover but immediately turned off by Anon-a-miss.

That's fine. And thank you for reading!

Admittedly, the Anon-A-Miss situation was used as a framing device. There will be a few allusions fo it here and there, but it will mainly focus on Sunset and Cardfight Vanguard

I'm very confused by the latest chapter, there two Sunsets or what is going on.

two never heard of this game before so very confusing, so got to ask since Anon A Miss is backseat tot his story will you just get it over with, have the CMC caught or so already?

...did you not read the chapter? It was made pretty clear that Rainbow mistook Ardent for Sunset.

Err Like i said it very confusing and such. doesn;t help never heard of this game, i was reading it because of Anon A Miss was part of it.

Again since Amon A Miss is a backseat to the main story, will you have it resolved quickly or stretch it out to the Point the Rainbooms could shove their heads up their asses, and still won't be enough on how stupid they feel?

First things first, thank you for taking the time to read through and leave a comment! Its appreciated.

Now, to answer your questions, there is only one Sunset. The scene with Rainbow accosting another "Shimmer" is based on the fact of the physical similarities between Sunser and the character Ardent Blaze (then again, it's hard to really point that out without a visual). In regards to AAM, the 'mysterious culprits' are still going at it, as this is set early on during those events.

I hope this answered your questions.

Ok. So will the story be taken down and re-written?

I'm was just going leave this one here, on the off chance someone wants to continue it.

Okay so this will get continued

Only if someone else decides to do so.

SO a new version is getting up

Yes, its up now with the first two chapters.

what made you come to that decision?

just curious

Well, it started when someone I considered a friend stole my decks and sold them off to get into the new meta, my general disinterest in the current meta, and faded interest in the game overall.

Honestly that's just sad. Tho the current meta isn't for me either what with Standard cards being overall underwhelming as shit I generally liked the concept of Vanguard especially the concept of the Aqua Force clan and the strategic Vanguard/Rear Guard nature of the game.

How would this story have ended?

Comment posted by Darkened Paradise deleted Jan 20th, 2019

It would most likely ended during the Friendship games, where i had planned for Anon-A-Miss is to be exposed and Sunset, with the character development I had planned (and has been moved to the Buddyfight story), would have the choice of leaving them to be Deleted by Sci-Twi or saving them from her, ultimately ending in a match between the two of them. Afterwards, if I were so inclined, an semi-continuation/alternate continuity with Sunset as the villain again, using Link Jokers Star-Vaders.

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