• Published 4th Oct 2020
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Dream Requiem - FieryRecovery2

Sunset Shimmer thought that becoming the Canterlot High School pariah was the lowest point of her life. But a Wendigo attack lands her in a hospital in another person's body. It will take every ounce of willpower to survive in this world.

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Extra: Pinkie Takes a Stand

Pinkie sighed as she sat inside the Sweet Shoppe, a hot chocolate in her hand. Sipping the warm beverage, she glanced over to the counter where Mrs. Cake was wiping the countertop. After Sunset left in tears, Mrs. Cake was very angry at the scene, scolding them to high heaven. Then, Pinkie Pie was taken to the back of the room where she was suspended with pay with a strong reminder to never create a scene like that when she came back to work in the new year. Their anger dissipated in the next day, but their slight disappointment did not and the punishment was still acted upon.

Pinkie's eyes then concentrated on a small spot in the wall. At first, she was upset and vowed to concentrate all of her anger on Sunset. But after she saw Sunset in the condition that she was in, it was honestly a miracle that the Cakes were lenient at her as they were. After all, creating a scene like that was bad for business and would scare potential customers away. It was, to be frank, something that she would regret going forward. Why didn't she listen to her Pinkie Sense when it screamed and yelled at her to look at the situation differently?

Her hair bounced as she turned to see her friends enter the bakery. She swallowed her saliva nervously. She knew that with Anon-a-Miss going on, just even uttering Sunset's name would be a hot-button issue. And yet, she had to challenge them. At this point, every single lead on Sunset was exhausted and they were willing to beat a dead horse into the ground. Pinkie just bristled as she thought that last point. Twilight wouldn't be happy with that analogy.

"Pinkie," Fluttershy's soft voice broke her out of her trance. "Pinkie, are you okay?"

"...Yeah," Pinkie forced a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine, Fluttershy. I'm just thinking about things right now." She honestly couldn't be more amazed at how this shy girl was the same girl who glared at Sunset like a basilisk threatening its prey.

"Aren't we all, darling," Rarity grumbled. "It's gotten worse." She pulled out her phone and showed it for the girls to see. "It's horrible what she's doing to Canterlot High! Look, somebody posted this on the Anon-a-Miss blog about Lyra and Bon Bon!" Her dainty fingers clenched the phone tightly. "Did she learn nothing during the Fall Formal or even afterwards, when we've given her a place in our family?!"

"Honestly, sugarcube," Applejack growled. "We should've let the police deal with her the moment she fell on the Fall Formal! That way, she would never hurt anybody else ever again! But it just goes ta show that a leopard never changes its spots that easily!"

"Next time I see her," Rainbow slammed her fist into her hand. "I'll teach her a lesson that she'll never forget!"

The more they talked, the more Pinkie was starting to get uncomfortable. It was quite surreal, to see her friends who were a group of friendly girls being so vindictive and vengeance obsessed. Just yesterday, she was the same way, being angry and a revenge-obsessed girl towards Sunset. Would she still be revenge-obsessed if she didn't find out about Sunset, she thought, or would her Pinkie Sense eventually win out in the end?

"Pinkie," Fluttershy asked again, frowning at the girl. "You've been real quiet right now. Are you sure that everything's okay?"

"I've been thinking about this whole Anon-a-Miss thing," Pinkie finally said. "And I've been wondering on whether we're a bit too eager to pin this on her. I mean, she wasn't the only one at the sleepovers. We all were there, so it's a little too easy." It's risky for her to plant this seed of doubt in their minds, considering everything, but she had to try. "I'm just thinking. Maybe a different person could've started this whole thing."

"Pinkie, I know that you still want to see Sunset as a good person," Fluttershy softly spoke, putting a hand on hers. "But I can honestly say that she has crossed the line of no return with this. We thought that we could trust her, but who else could this profile be but hers? After all, she said it to us herself. She didn't lose her phone that day."

"And because of that, we're immediately declaring her guilty of Anon-a-Miss?"

Wow. Twilight was right. When it was said aloud just like that, it sounded really dumb and too convenient an excuse. Pinkie's eyes widened in disbelief. How could she be so foolish? Why was she so foolish? She was the Element of Laughter, yes, but a closer inspection should tell people that she wasn't dumb! And yet, here they were, playing the fool for all the world to see.

"Yes," Rainbow said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Pinkie, what's gotten into you? Why are you sticking up for that traitor?!"

"No, Rainbow Dash," Pinkie glared at the chromatic-haired girl. "A better question is why aren't you?! After all, aren't you the Element of Loyalty?!" She knew that she would get into trouble with Mrs. Cake again, but it didn't matter. "Besides, if no one, not even us, will stand up for her, who will?! Sunset's got nobody else in this world before we came along except maybe Twi! But Twi can't be here everyday, so we promised to be there for Sunny when everyone else was rightly against her! But now!"

"Land sakes, Pinkie," Applejack gaped. "What's gotten into ya?! Ya more wound up than an agitated rattler!"

"Because...Because I should be," Pinkie gasped, clenching her fists. "Why did we act this way towards her?! It's not fair! She's done a lot for us without asking anything! But all we did was turn our back on her when we did! Worse, now everyone's mad at her for something that someone else might've done! And we didn't care at all about her! We should've been there for her, but now we're lucky if we can even talk to her again when all of this is over!"

"Pinkie," Rarity stood up, alarmed. "When all of this is over, Sunset will be charged for the profile of Anon-a-Miss by Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna. So there's no reason to fret over her!"

"I can't believe it," Pinkie responded, flabbergasted. "You still want to declare her guilty of being Anon-a-Miss even after I say otherwise! It's that attitude that makes Twilight and Sunset hate us! We've become nothing but a bunch of bullies!"

"Pinkie, how could you say that?" Fluttershy gasped, tears in her eyes.

"Because it's the truth, Fluttershy! Because it's the truth! Ever since this whole thing started, we've done nothing but make a person who's supposed to be our best friend miserable! Worse, we've turned the whole school against her, both the faculty and the students! We're no better than Anon-a-Miss in that regard! Heck, we're no better than Sunset before she was good, and you know that!"

"What are you saying," Rainbow growled, seeing red. "We didn't blackmail anyone into doing things for us!"

"We isolated her, Dash! We called her names such as traitor and lying, no-good snake! Heck, I called her a meanie and a no-good secret stealer! We didn't lift a finger when the other kids were trying to push her into the lockers or spill their lunch on her! We even ganged up on her when she tried to say that she was innocent! You even slapped her, Rarity! How could you?! She didn't even lift a finger in her defense that night! We left her crying out in the cold! And now, she could be real hurt due to our actions! But you still want to accuse her of hurting people when she's the one hurting!"

"It's not like we wanted ta accuse her..." Applejack began.

"Well, you're not acting like that," Pinkie retorted, narrowing her eyes. "In fact, you want to see her hurt even more! Why is it that we want to see her guilty even when there's a good chance that she might be innocent? Do we really hate her so much? Or is it because now that the shoe's on the other foot, it's too good to see Sunset humiliated beyond all belief?! Answer me!"

Nobody replied. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were all looking at each other in disbelief while Fluttershy looked at an ornate part of her skirt, biting her lip. Pinkie felt her rage dissipate a little, but her sadness didn't. She wondered why Sunset even tried to speak with them if they didn't even want to hear her out. Maybe Sunset was too persistent or too hopeful. But, in the end, it only left her with heartbreak.

"And the fact is," Pinkie continued, echoing Twilight's words. "Nothing about this mess even looked up for us! In fact, it got a lot worse! Everyone's at each other's throats and the only thing that's uniting them is how they treat Sunset! But, other than that, everyone hates each other again!" She stood up. "I'm going to see Sunset. I'm going to apologize to her and be a friend to her again!"

"You are...?" Fluttershy whispered, eyes widening.

"Yes, I am. And I don't care if you hate me after this. Unlike Sunset, who was trying to walk on eggshells around us, you can't intimidate me with what you do from here. You can join me if you want, but I'm leaving right now. Bye, Mrs. Cake!"

With that she left, leaving the four other Rainbooms in disbelief.

Author's Note:

Well, I promised you an extra chapter! So, here is an extra chapter! Pinkie makes her move!