• Published 4th Oct 2020
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Dream Requiem - FieryRecovery2

Sunset Shimmer thought that becoming the Canterlot High School pariah was the lowest point of her life. But a Wendigo attack lands her in a hospital in another person's body. It will take every ounce of willpower to survive in this world.

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"I...I said all of that," Sunset uttered in horror. "Oh Sweet Celestia."

Sunset buried her face in his heads in embarrassment. She, Flash, and Twilight were currently at her apartment discussing a whole day's worth of events. How could she say all of that sensitive information without abandon to a teenager like that? It's unfathomable to imagine that someone like her, who was so guarded and careful with her emotions, could just lose control. She merely shook her head in mortification while Twilight and Flash looked on in awkward sympathy. Twilight sat down and, mindful of the painful shoulder, gave Sunset some comforting and encouraging pats on her back. Meanwhile, Flash sighed a short sigh while he looked around the kitchen.

"Thanks, Twilight," Sunset smiled weakly. "I needed that."

"Anytime, Sunset, anytime," Twilight replied. "Now, I know that you might not feel comfortable with talking about it with us. I know that it's hard for you to experience those feelings and those thoughts a second time, but we need to clarify if the pull's as deep as you say it is." She glanced back at Flash, who nodded. "Now, start from the beginning. You can start from either a month ago, where Anon-a-Miss started, or you can start from a couple of days ago with the Windigo wound."

Sunset decided to start at the Anon-a-Miss situation and work from there. She recounted of the hardships, the pain, and the emotional turmoil that she went through. She was surprised by how calm and serene she felt when recounting these events but maybe that was because she had nothing to fear anymore. Her head was clear of all of the negative emotions that she'd been latching on to and she was still thinking about Soleil. Even though she would be sad, she would not let that impede her for now. When she finished, Twilight was trembling in anger, her knuckles turning white from gripping her knuckles tightly.


Sunset uttered it so calmly that it got the princess to deflate and relax her hands. She took a couple of deep breaths, pacing. Finally, she turned to both students with an air of authority befitting of royalty. Flash just stared in awe while Sunset bristled as it reminded her too much of Princess Celestia to be comfortable. But she reminded herself that Twilight was standing. It's for her own safety and comfort.

"For now, we need to find someone who knows their way around computers in order to track down Anon-a-Miss. CHS won't let Sunset rest until she admits to a crime that she's never committed while the real culprits watch and laugh at us. Flash, I'll need you to find someone who knows the ins and outs of a computer. As for the Windigo wound, I'll need to talk to Princess Celestia about this. It's clear that this is no ordinary Windigo wound that you're dealing with, Sunset. It could be something a little more."

Sunset nodded. After some time of chatting and talking, Flash left reluctantly, which left the two girls together. Sunset began to pull out some comforters and pillows for Twilight to use for the night. Twilight would not hear of leaving Sunset just all on her lonesome. It was a little awkward to be doted on like this, but Sunset supposed that it was natural. After all, if Twilight or anyone else were in her position, then she would probably act the same way.

"I haven't told Flash," Sunset told Twilight as they watched a movie. "But I owe Pinkie an apology when we get back to school soon. I shouldn't have blown up at her like that." Her shoulders sagged in guilt. "I was so angry and frustrated and helpless."

"Don't apologize," Twilight replied. "If anything, Pinkie should be the one apologizing. Along with the rest of the Rainbooms." She gritted her teeth in anger. "How dare they strike you like that? Furthermore, going through your phone like that without your permission. I will never forgive them for that. When I will approach them next, I'll make sure that they'll beg for mercy."

"Twilight, please," Sunset balked. "Don't say that. Remember, you're the princess of friendship, not the princess of absolutes or whatever. Celestia knows that I shouldn't have told you that. It's just that they're hurt in this too, Twilight. It's not fair that, for all their faults, they get hurt as much as the culprits."

"True," Twilight huffed. "But that doesn't mean that they get to hurt others just because they got hurt themselves. Where do the lines end between justice and revenge?"

"I don't know."

"As it is," Twilight concluded. "Shouldn't we stop them before they go too far and hurt another person?"

"...I guess so."

It was an unsatisfactory ending, but Sunset didn't press. She didn't like that everyone was at each other's throats and things were getting vitriolic. She'd do anything to go back to the days where things were starting to look up, where everyone at her school were nice or getting along. She let the sound of the TV turn to fuzzy static and unconsciously rested her head on that faulty armrest which she'd been meaning to fix for awhile. And as the snow turned into sleet outside, she felt herself smile.

"Soleil? Honey?"

Oh. She was back here again. Opening her eyes, she sat up as if she had a nightmare. Looking around, she found that, along with Nurse Halliwell, there were three people standing nearby. Two adults and a girl around her age if not younger. Was this Soleil's family? She pursed her lips in thought as she eyed them up and down warily. It was quite jarring to see and believe a pack of complete strangers to be family. Then again, she didn't have a good relationship with the word 'family' recently, so it wasn't a surprise to be tense around supposed family members.

"Soleil," The woman rushed forward, pulling her into a hug and covering her face with kisses. "Oh, Soleil, my baby!" Ah, she's Soleil's mother.

"Mrs. Sands, please," Nurse Halliwell gently chided. "She just woke up. She might not recognize who you are."

"I...Oh, I apologize," Mrs. Sands backed away, tears still streaming down her face. "I'm just so happy to see her again! I...I..."

Sunset could only bite her lip in apprehension while she took in the scene in front of her. She wanted to comfort the woman in front of her, but she didn't know any of these people. As such, she didn't know how to comfort them. All she could do was to dust off her pajamas and try to look as presentable as she could in such a state. She looked towards Nurse Halliwell to fill in the blanks to which the nurse obliged.

"These are your family members," Nurse Halliwell confirmed Sunset's suspicions. "This is Mr. Apollo Sands, Mrs. Misty Sands and your older twin sister Bianca Sands. They usually visit you on the weekends, but sometimes you go out with them for an occasional holiday or two, like Christmas and Thanksgiving." She smiled. "I know that there's a bit of information to take in. I think that a change of clothes is in order. It'll help you process the information."

Sunset nodded and changed slowly. It was all too much to take in but it was also easily digestible. Still, there was still a thing that was bothering her. What that thing was, she didn't know, but it was tugging at her mind. She looked at herself and gave a slight chuckle. On first assumption, she would probably be mistaken for Fluttershy's twin. A cream headband that fit nicely with her red hair, a sweater that hid her curves, some faded, baggy jeans, and slightly worn sneakers. She hummed. It was a cozy fit for sure, but not so fashion conscious.

'I wonder what Rarity would have to say about this outfit. Provided that I don't cause her to have a hissy fit.'

As she stepped out of the door, Bianca strode forward and gave her a hug. Sunset hesitated before returning the hug, but it definitely felt awkward. Not to mention off, extremely off. As if there was an interloper about. Putting this feeling in the back of her mind, she smiled gently and moved with her family members, giving a hug to Nurse Halliwell before she left. The cold and crisp air greeted her and for a moment, she stopped and inhaled deeply. She smiled to herself as she took in the sweet, refreshing ambience before moving to the family.

The car ride was uneventful, for the most part. Apollo and Misty were mostly chatting about the weather and other little talk that sounded mildly pleasant. Bianca wore a small smile on her face for the most part, but Sunset sensed something wrong. It was as if there was a heavy tension that was between them, between her and Soleil and Sunset didn't know if she wanted, if at all, to uncover the secrets behind this tension. All she needed to do was to be with her thoughts and fix things.

"Now, Soleil," Misty chirped, helping her up. "It has been a while since you've been home, so take your time exploring, okay? No need to rush anything, alright, sweetie?" Her eyes were becoming misty again and she brushed a stray hair gently out of Sunset's face. That action flashed Sunset back to Princess Celestia for a few seconds and she felt a slow burn in her eyes. "It is going to take some getting used to, so you need to take your time."

"Bianca," Apollo spoke up. "Please. Won't you show Soleil up to her room? In the meantime, it would give you ample time to catch up."

"Of course," Bianca smiled, taking Sunset by the hand. "Come on, Soleil."

Without warning, Sunset was led upstairs to a room that overlooked the front of the house. It was cute and small with a nice shade of pink overlapping the wall. In one corner stood a small desk complete with chair and drawers. Standing a little ways from the window was a bed that looked fluffy with its comforters and pillow. Opposite were a walk-in closet and a little shelf that contained small stuffed animals. She could've whistled at how intricate and neat everything was in this room. It was the room of dreams, at least for someone like Pinkie Pie. By the by, she had to apologize to her even if Twilight didn't approve.

"So," Bianca's voice answered behind her, unfriendly. "You're back here again."

Sunset turned around, eyebrow raised at the girl. Eyeing her up and down, Bianca looked to be her opposite. Pale skin, blue hair that shimmered in the pale fluorescent light, and an outfit that was definitely screamed rich, popular girl. A lovely black sweater complete with skinny jeans and knee-high black boots. Her icy-blue eyes would have been intimidating but Sunset's tolerance shot through after dealing with Canterlot High School. Sunset inwardly groaned; of course, she couldn't have easy times in this life either. But why before Christmas Break? She said nothing as Bianca approached her, glaring intensely.

"You're a loser, you know that," Bianca hissed, voice low to not alert their parents. "And it's my bad luck that I'm related." An annoyed sigh came out of her as she circled around Sunset like a predator. "You couldn't just stay there like a good girl. You just have to come here for the holidays and ruin any social life that I might have with them."

Them? Sunset said nothing as she let Bianca ramble on. The gears in her head were turning as she thoughtfully put a finger to her chin. Were they popular people that Bianca was rooting for? Were they her parents? It was a possibility that the adult Sands might have something to do with this. After all, kindness out of nowhere was deemed suspicious. She maintained the eye contact on Bianca, who had a half-smirk on her face. It was as if she couldn't help but mock the person in front of her. A slow anger coursed through Sunset, but she remained a calm exterior on her face.

"What, got nothing to say," Bianca purred. "Honestly, I'm not surprised that you'd remain silent. You've been a doormat ever since we were kids. And the fact that I get saddled with you as a sister makes me want to puke. You're trash, a loser, nothing more than everyone's punching bag."

Suddenly, Sunset chuckled. It was low, quiet, and off-putting. Bianca blinked in surprise. So, that meant that she'd never had a response like this before. Fair enough. Soleil was like Fluttershy in a way, if Bianca was to be believed. But Sunset was here and in charge. As long as she was here, nobody would put her through the wringer again, especially not an amateur like this girl here. Sunset put on her best smirk and glare like it was nobody's business. For now, she would channel Demon Sunset.

"I'm sorry," Sunset replied. "But if you're trying to intimidate me, it's not working."

"E-Excuse me," Bianca hissed. "Do you think that you can talk to me so casually like this? Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. I'm talking to an amateurish mean girl whose riding on the coattails of weak popularity." The glare, her queen bee glare, intensified. "Listen, Bianca. I don't know what history you have with me nor what kind of grudge you've been having all these years. But at the moment, I am too tired and too angry to even care. Let's get one thing straight here. I do not kowtow to amateurs like yourselves or anyone else who think that they can intimidate those they deem outcasts."

"Please," Bianca spat. "Not even the outcasts at our school would associate with you. You're that pathetic."

"Personally, I don't give a hoot, okay? I've got better things to do with my life, limited as it is, than to be intimidated. You're a rank-amateur, Bianca. A wannabe mean girl whose looking up to people who are unworthy of any time or energy by anyone who actually wants to make something of their lives. Their peak time is at high school, Bianca. Soon as they get to college, at no point will they ever better themselves and so they'll live a life of regret and pain. That's where your future is going to go."

In record time, Sunset found herself on the floor with a stinging pain in her cheek. She looked up and saw Bianca seething a horrible anger. Perhaps, in the future, she would consider that a retaliation against her remarks. But for now, she saw anger and a desire to get payback. She rubbed her cheek and felt a thin line of blood that was drawn. Well, she tried to play nice. A devilish smirk was dancing on her face. Bianca's eyes widened in fear and she stumbled back, presumably not used to Soleil acting this way. Good. More fear meant more desire for retribution.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Sunset clicked her tongue. "How awful of you, sister dearest. I just wanted to tell you how I felt in my moment of lucidity. But I guess that wasn't really uncalled for, seeing as how you wish to act this way." She leaned down and grabbed Bianca by the chin gently. Locking the door, she sat Bianca down on the chair, leaned over, and gave her a hellish glare.

"I wanted to play nice with you. To show you that I don't care how you see me and that I won't kowtow to the likes of you. I'll be frank, though, I can't get to people like you. People who show a fake personality around others only to bully other people behind their backs." She gripped Bianca's chin tighter and smiled gleefully at the other girl. "See, the thing about me is that I have time to stew, to plot, to be just as nasty as you. Possibly more so now that I've decided to become stronger. I have you, the popular people, and basically everyone else at that school to thank for my newfound vengeance high. I wonder if you're up for becoming the first one to fall, dear sister."

"Y-You wouldn't," Bianca said. "I'll tell Mom and Dad about you! They'll believe me over you! I'm the one whose gonna make it in life! I'll make sure that they know about what you did! You're a crazy person! A loony! A menace to society!"

"I don't think they would like either of us to fight nor would they want us to bully each other. But I'm sure that if they're the greatest parents in the world, they would be fair and investigate. Secrets might be secrets, but I've got nothing to hide." An eerie pallor washed over Bianca's face. "I'll stay out of your way and you promise not to antagonize me. Capiche, dear sis?"

Bianca nodded and once Sunset unlocked the door, she fled to the safety of her room. Sunset knew that this tense peace is the only goodwill that she would get out of Bianca and nor that it would last, which is why she needed something on Bianca and the whole school to give Soleil some form of justice. She sighed. She didn't want to bring out Demon Sunset, but choice was not there.


A glow filled Sunset and it was warm. A good kind of warm. She turned to the mirror and gaped. The faint glow of pony ears and a beautiful tail shone for mere moments before vanishing. Her chest carried the warm yellow glow akin to fire and then it turned to a light peach. The color of sweet and gentle timidity.

"H-Hello." A soft voice greeted.

"Who is this?" Sunset whispered.

"I-I'm Soleil Sands."

Author's Note:

So, this was a doozy! And gotta get someone that holds part of the key as to why Soleil is like this! There will be more of Sunset and Soleil conversing with each other, but as of now, gone is timid Sunset who wants everyone's goodwill. This is assertive Sunset who will not kowtow to others anymore.

And that Sunset is gonna show when she encounters the Rainbooms.