The Winter Stars of Christmas

by TheShadowKnight

Chapter 5: The Return of Kindness

As she was feeding and cleaning the animals at the Canterlot Animal Shelter, Fluttershy kept on thinking about yesterday at CHS when she and the girls were spying on Sunset Shimmer and Snowdrop hanging out, then were later caught and yelled at by Sunset.

Even if the rest of the girls or everyone else wouldn't admit, but Fluttershy knew that Sunset cared for Snowdrop, in fact she even heard Sunset say that 'she loved her' when she yelled at them. This caused doubt to increase in her mind till she started to see all the facts she witnessed during when this situation began,. . . If Sunset was really returning to her old ways. . . then wouldn't she not break down after her only friends left her. . . and that she wouldn't hang out with anyone that is dysfunctional and useless like Snowdrop.

Fluttershy knew the Old Sunset Shimmer in the past and knew what she was like, but now she was unsure, for she never saw a single piece of the bully she knew inside the girl that she considered her friend. . . then her thoughts had paused for a second. . . friend. . . that was what the Sunset Shimmer today wanted ever since she was defeated at the Fall Formal. . . then came in other thought. After the Fall Formal, they had promised Twilight, before she returned to Equestria, that they would watch over Sunset and befriend her, who knows what will happen if Twilight found out they went against her word, she would be disappointed in them and would bring Sunset back to Equestria, and that would end Sunset’s friendship with Snowdrop. . . and that's when she realized that if Snowdrop trusted Sunset and Sunset loved Snowdrop. . . that's when the 'Fogs of Unperceptive' had finally cleared from her mind and she had finally realized something, that she and the girls should've had in the very beginning: Sunset was innocent.

Fluttershy then broke down into tears and fell on her knees, regretting everything she and the girls did to Sunset, she felt so much grief and guilt. Then all the animals in the shelter felt bad for her, Fluttershy later stopped crying, "What am I suppose to do now?" she said to herself, that's when a bird flew beside her, giving her a chirping reply and she pretty well understood it, "You know. . . you're right! I need to fix this. . . starting with apologizing to a friend." as she finished, she later put on her winter clothes, waved the animals goodbye, and left the shelter.

As hours passed, Sunset Shimmer lies in her bed thinking over something, she wanted to give something to Snowdrop for everything she did for her, but couldn't think of the right gift. It was frustrating, Snowdrop gave her so much happiness and acceptance, that she couldn't even think of one gift for her. . . oh the irony.

She then got up from her bed and made her way to the kitchen to get herself some coffee, then headed to her living room and later sat on her coach and turned on her TV, hoping it would relax her mind. As four minutes passed, someone knocked on her door, at first she thought she was just imagining things, but when there was knocking on her door again, she was definally sure she wasn't imaging things. "Who would bother me at this hour?" she said to herself, she then got up from her coach, walked towards the door and opened the it. . . reveling the person knocking on it, was one of her ex-friends, Fluttershy.

"Uh, H-Hi S-Sunset." Fluttershy said.

Sunset had a astonishment look on her face until her expression became sour and later bluntly asked "What are you doing here, Fluttershy?"

Even with her winter coat on, Fluttershy looked visibly stressed and shivering from her walk from the animal shelter to here, she was still shuddering from the cold outside and barely spoke because of it, but Fluttershy knew what she came here to do.

"Sunset, I-I know you don't want me here," Fluttershy replied, "But if you can please hear me out, there's something I need to tell you."

Sunset became confused and unsure, but unlike what the girls did to her. . . she decided to give Fluttershy a chance to speak, "Alright. . . but after that you get out of my sight!" She responded.

Fluttershy later took a deep breath and said "I-I don't think you Anon-a-Miss and..." Tears began to welled up in her eyes, "I-I now finally realize your innocent, Sunset. . . after when I saw you with Snowdrop, I later realized how much you cared for her, and when you said you 'loved' her, I knew that you would never harm her. . . or harm everyone, not even the girls and me! . . . I-I'm sorry, Sunset!. . . please forgive me."

As Fluttershy fell on her knees, she began to cry.

Sunset's mind became blank, she couldn't even believe that Fluttershy came all this way to her apartment. . . just to apologize. After two minutes Sunset kneed down to Fluttershy and pulled her into a hug, Fluttershy cried over her shoulder mumbling 'I'm sorry' over and over. As the two hugged for several minutes, Sunset spoked softly to her crying friend, "It's okay Fluttershy. . . I forgive you, in fact I can't blame you. . . I was a horrible person to you back then."

"But you aren't that person anymore," Fluttershy replied through her sobbing, "I just hope we can be friends again."

As the two broke their hug, Sunset looked at Fluttershy with a smile on her face and said "Back at the Fall Formal, you girls gave me a chance when no one could. . . so I'm willing to give that chance in return."

Fluttershy smiled at Sunset's response and wiped away her tears, "Thank you, Sunset" she said.

"No, Fluttershy," Sunset replied "Thank you, for finally believing in me."

Sunset then invited Fluttershy into her apartment and later the two had a small talk over hot coco, then they played video games on the TV and Sunset was shocked when Fluttershy showed her destructive side when they played a monster truck video game. And then Fluttershy asked Sunset about Snowdrop, she told her so much and didn't leave out any details, she told her of how she met Snowdrop at the Canterlot Orphanage and told her about Snowdrop's blindness and incredibly hearing. The conversation went on for minutes and until it was dark outside.

"Wow, Snowdrop sounds like a special little girl." Fluttershy said.

She is, Fluttershy. . . she is indeed." Sunset responded, with a warm smile on her face.

Fluttershy then asked Sunset something she didn't think of when she came over: "Do you think maybe it's okay for me to uhh. . . meet her?"

Sunset started thinking to herself about that question, even though it's too early for it, but now since she and Fluttershy are friends again. . . it wouldn't hurt for them to get to know each other a bit. "Well, since we're friends again Fluttershy, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt."

Fluttershy responded with "Ohhh I'm so excited, I wonder if she likes animals, maybe she would like to help out at the shelter or maybe. . .!" Then Sunset interrupted her as she stood next to front door wearing her winter clothes, "C'mon Fluttershy!, we don't have all night."

Fluttershy's face turned red in embarrassment for her little outburst off excitement, and then later got on her winter coat and later walked out the door with Sunset and the two headed towards the Canterlot Orphanage to visit Snowdrop.

As the they walked for hours along the way, they talk over on how Snowdrop will react until they had finally reached the orphanage. And then Sunset spotted Snowdrop siting on the bench where they met and as they walked closer to the girl, they halted when they heard her humming then started singing, Sunset and Fluttershy remained quiet as they listened Snowdrop sang.

The two teens listened as Snowdrop sang beautifully and it wasn't long before Sunset walked towards Snowdrop startled her a bit when she sat down next to her and sang along.

As Sunset sang along, Snowdrop smiled at her and also Fluttershy started to walk towards the two as they continued.

Fluttershy watched the two sing in perfect harmony, she believed that these two had a special connection, but now witnessing this herself. . . she couldn't help but feel like these two are meant to be together. Sunset and Snowdrop gave each other hugs and turned their heads towards the night stars and watched as a shooting star shot thought the sky.

Couldn't barely hold in the joyfulness in her heart, Fluttershy sat right next to the two and began to sing along with them.

As they finished singing, the three sat on the bench and watched the stars shine throughout the night, believing that everything was starting to become perfect after all.