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Pain. Anger. Sadness. These things are said to drive us. It is defiantly what drove a reborn Nine Tailed Fox when he appeared in Canterlot after a strange encounter with a disembodied voice,that told him he was dead. With a new name, new body and absolutely no idea what he's doing, Kurama attacks Canterlot in blind rage.
But a certain Sun Goddess has other plans, involving a guards-mare and her newborn, shimmering maned daughter.
Will the hatred Sunset develops for her monster ever fade? Or will the confused Tailed Beast be disliked forever by his prison.
Could they ever see each other as more than just prison and mindless prisoner?
First Fanfic:derpytongue2: Not a Naruto crossover as such, but uses a lot of Justu and concepts from it.

On hiatus until I can find the inspiration and time needed to complete the next chapter.
Sorry for any inconvenience

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 88 )

It's like you read my dream journal and made it reality. (You didn't actually do that, did you?):trixieshiftright:

Will there be any spoilers for the end of Naruto?

7138382 I think this is just a story with Naruto-esque elements.

7138301 'Course not. I read your mind :derpytongue2:

7138382 Probably not, unless you consider Jutsu spoilers
But I do have plans for the other Tailed Beasts to make appearances.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Nope Naruto is the property of Kishimoto

Looks good so far lets see where this goes from here

Actually no If this is still based on the same Kurama then he would still dwarf the castle

He was shown Dwarfing entire mountains while CROUCHING DOWN ON ALL FOURS

Humans who are mind you most full grown adults would have to be Celestia's size have been shown to be so tiny in comparison to him that they can't even be seen anymore

So yeah he would still be taller than the mountain....even more so when he stands on his hind legs rather than crouching

Meh was good enough but a Biju Dama from a VERY SMALL in comparison to Kurama in size Naruto did way more damage

You do realize that at his size that would have easily wiped out said mountain instead of just blasting it's top off right?

You have watched the Biju fight right?

They were shown easily obliterating mountains on contact and on detonation....and those where from the weaker tailed beast and not Kuruma himself

Other than this and my other reviews i have nothing to say but this!

Hope this updates soon:pinkiehappy: !


Thanks for telling me who owns Naruto.
Now, in response to the issue of Kurama's height, it is all about what the voice wanted. Seeing all this as the beginning of a game, it was not their intent to destroy Canterlot. Their only goal was to test the capabilities of Celestia. So, since this is an omnipotent cosmic being we're talking about it is well within their capabilities to choose the size at which Kurama first appeared.

On the note of the Tailed Beast Bomb that is just a matter of experience. Kurama didn't even know he could use it and Kyuubi, being a monster of pure rage, pretty much stumbled across the Jutsu while trying to infuse chakra with a roar. This lack of knowledge on how the Tailed Beast Bomb works lead to it being severely under-powered.

Hope this clears some things up:pinkiehappy:

7143544 Something i have to correct is the Biju Dama even though it's listed as a Ninjutsu isn't really a Ninjutsu

Don't always believe what the Wiki says as sometimes even the ones who manage it tend to get arrogant and like to claim things that aren't true

Simply because last i checked it was used originally by the Juubi....which mind you DIDN'T use Ninjutsu during it's time as it did not exist yet

Heck they used NINSHU during it's Era not Ninjutsu

The Biju Dama is more like a instinctual thing than a technique.....kinda like a Dragons fire breath

It doesn't have to learn or know about it it's more something that is already hardwired to there mind

And another minor thing is there is a difference between Rage and Hate......Kurama isn't a monster of Rage

They are actually a monster of HATE instead

Rage is what you feel when you get too mad or enraged when you are either get hurt physically or emotionally or insulted or a myriad of other things

Kurama is simply put ....very hateful....of humans specifically

Contrary to popular belief Kurama isn't a being that will destroy you as soon as it sees you it's not actually that hard that to believe he is more calm whenever you first encounter them ( It's more proper to actually call the tailed beast either IT or in a more respectful way THEY or THEM rather than HIM or HER They are genderless to begin with and where born from something genderless too )

If they were a rage filled monster then how come the Ninja world wasn't in Ruins?

Especially during it's earlier years you know after the death's of Ashura and Indra and before the births of Hashirama and Madara?

Where the number of people who can stop it were absolutely zero

They didn't because they both knew they shouldn't and wasn't really interested in doing it :rainbowwild:

Any ways as i was saying simply put if you are human they will hate you and won't trust you unless you actually manage to gain they're trust......or outright kill you since they know what you're kind can do when given the right incentive :rainbowlaugh:

What i am trying to say is.... to sum up all i have said above well him suddenly going into a blind rage is completely out of character

I at least hope there was a reason as to why they were so mad when both it and mysterious human spirit number one where trapped in the same body all of a sudden.....and no that doesn't count they would have realized early on that the could probably just kill the other spirit inside they're mind or something rather than go into a blind rage...again they were a HATEFUL being not a RAGE filled one

And thus the series begins:


Will Sunset learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu?

I think you've misunderstood. This isn't a human in Kurama's body, this is a human who has been turned into the Nine Tails, has been given the name Kurama and has had all of his negative emotions manifested as another consciousness. The Kurama from Naruto is not in this story, I'm using his/its form and concepts not his/its mind. I also used rage instead of hate because, well, they don't remember anyone, so they don't really have anyone whom they can aim any hate at . Sure there is the human's killer, but it's hard to hate someone when you can't put a face to that person. So I choose rage because that doesn't require a face or person to aim your anger at, if that makes sense.

I understand that the Talied Beast Bomb isn't as such a jutsu, but it's the closest and most accurate way to describe it.

Finally I'm not going to get into a massive argument or prolonged discussion over this. If you have suggestions to help the story run more smoothly or if you have ideas for plot lines or characters, I'm all ears. But (and don't take this the wrong way) I don't have the patience to hold up an argument about this stuff with you. Call it a fault in my character:twilightblush:

7143985 so when can we expect the next chapter?

Don't worry, I ain't givin' up.
Some time this week, I need to figure out exactly where to start from.
When Sunset arrives in EG world or when Twilight does

7143985 How about the Rasengan? And it's more powerful version Rasenshuriken?

How could I claim to have a Naurto basis and not include those jutsu?

7144336 I know. Just giving you a hard time.:trollestia:

7143975 Okay that at least cleared up anything i was wondering about if this was indeed Kurama....doesn't really bother me so all is still good! :scootangel:

And don't worry that's actually a fault that many would admire....it's the type of personality fault that puts a stop to arguments before they even start!.....wish there where more people like that....the world would be a lot more peaceful that way:fluttershysad:

Forgetting about that for now

And don't worry even if we did continue that line and and path i wasn't planning to turn it into a argument anytime soon....or even going near it anytime soon....or like at all :trollestia:

Though i am gonna have to agree with the other reviewer....we wan't Rasengan we want Rasengan we want RASENGAN:flutterrage:!!??!?!

Though should we also be expecting Golden God mode in the future :pinkiehappy:?

Or possibly even FULL SIZED Kurama mode going Bucking Mad on a tiny in comparison Ursa Major:raritystarry:?

As and added thought i would recommend during EG AFTER Twillight helps her instead

Have it so that we see a Flashback of her realizing her mistakes and suddenly noticing that all throughout her tiny episode of being a power hungry bitch ( Excuse my Cursing! ) she finally notices that they're has been a third party that has been guiding her to her path and being well....a bitch (Again excuse me!).....and then when that realization finally sets in.....have Kurama enter in a true Kurama from Naruto fashion.....suddenly forcibly drag her into her mindscape to say "Hello"....in his own special way i guess

While that is a good idea, and would be hilarious if Kurama just kinda went "Hi..., I want their meeting to have a more serious tone and for Kurama to help Sunset to fight off the demon she becomes.

Also no need to worry, You will get Rasengan:pinkiecrazy:

And finally, thank you for the complement and for understanding how my brain works:twilightsmile:

Trust me, I'm used to it. My friends are douchebags:twilightsheepish:

Maybe the Dazzlings could each be a Jinchuuriki? :applejackunsure:

Also, seeing as Naruto was hated by his village just by being Kurama's prison, I think you should go that angle on why Sunset never tried making friends. It would make even more drama between her and Kurama (and maybe even the humane 5:ajsmug:). The potential is there, USE IT!!!

I'm guessing that after Naruto died, Kurama became sealed into a random schlub and now the schlub's dead.

I'm guessing THIS Kurama is displaced?

Your not planning on stopping at The Fall Formal, are you?

Not the story.
I don't quite get what you mean though :applejackunsure:

By the way, here is a reference for Ultimate Jutsus:

No need I've played U.N.S.4.:derpytongue2:
But I still don't quite get what you meant in the last comment

7155838 Nevermind. I took a stupid pill today.

I have to make a confession: I'm new to the Naruto fanbase and I don't know a lot of stuff. :twilightsheepish:

Can I get a list of all the tailed beasts and their respective elements?

They don't all have specific elements but some do:

Shukaku-The One Tailed Tanuki-Sand-(This is not one of the main five elements)

Matatabi-Two Tailed Fire Cat-Fire

Isobu-Three Tailed Turtle-Water

Son Goku-Four Tailed Monkey-Fire

Kokuo-Five Tailed Horse
But I'm gonna change this one cause a horse...in...Equestria
(So)-Five Tailed Dog-All Elements(One for each Tail)

Saiken-Six Tailed Slug-Water/Bubbles-(Neither is 'Bubbles')
(Also Subject to Change)
Chomei-Seven Tailed Caterpillar/Beetle(Winged)-Wind

Gyuki-Eight Tailed Bull/Octopus(Thing)-Water

Kurama-Nine Tailed Fox-Wind+Fire

There is also the Ten Tails, who is a nameless tree...I'm not kiding:ajbemused:

And don't worry 'bout it, I was just curious as to what you meant-'Sides I'm always on some form of performance hindering stupid pill, I stared this story right in the middle of exam season:derpytongue2:

7156168 Great. Now, how would they all be ranked by power?


There is also the Ten Tails, who is a nameless tree...I'm not kiding

Turns out that the Ten Tails is actually the sealed form of the Violent Goddess Kaguya.

Their power (by Kurama's POV) can be determined by the number of Tails.

Well, That kind of training was fast. But, then again this isn't the real Kurama, but didn't the rasengan take a while to perfect?

It took the Forth Hokage 3 years to create and perfect it. It took Naruto 3 days :rainbowhuh:

7159177 Well... I stand corrected.:applejackconfused:

It's the same concept here, but Kurama knows way more due to spending multiple years training

7159177 I guess Naruto is a ninja prodigy. I always forget that he is a lot smarter than he looks.

7159199 by the way. What is the form Naruto takes when he uses Kurama's chakra called

Hey. I know you are trying your best, but your pacing is really out of whack. I mean, you just throw Sunset into battle already trained up. I know Naruto fans know this stuff, but Sunset doesn't know all of it. And you barely glance over major plot points. There was that bit that Sunset had pretty harsh childhood. That sounded interesting. Would have really liked to have a look at the shit she had to go through. Why did she want to become a princess? Was Princess Celestia the only pony who actually made an effort to try and be nice to her? Did she grow bitter to the world? What was her relationship with Kyuubi? Why did she help Kyuubi? SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ANSWERED! Like the idea, like the fights, not able to get invested in the story because I don't know a whole lot about what's going on.

I know my pacing is bad. I've always liked to jump to what I enjoy writing, otherwise I get bored with all of the nitty-gritty character stuff.

But I was always planning on looking back on Sunset's past in Equestria, as flashbacks from the present, displaying the social obstacles she has to over come. No she never wanted to become princess and yes Celestia was one of very few ponies who ever tried to be nice to her.

The reason she worked with Kyuubi was that he offered her power and fame, as long as she did as he said.

I'm kind of trying to leave a lot of this in the dark as these are points in her life that made her very cold and distrusting and the others have to try and get her to move on from these fears, so that she can live. Well...that's a load of the story out there.

Hey. Will Sunset return to Equestria for an arc or two? Cause that would be awesome!

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